Chatterbox: In This Month's Issue

Hello everybody!

Hey, she didn’t blast my ears off!
Apologies. HELLOOOOO-

ANDREA! We’ve talked about this!

Anyway, it’s now time for our brand-new, Super cool, first of 2020…


Woah, Zeke can scream? Weird…

This MCU, we promise tons and tons of New Year fun! This includes tips on making the most of the New Year, awful jokes from yours truly, and a look inside our offices-according to you all! Without further ado, let us begin with this decade’s very first...


Jan. 1 - The birthday of Paul Revere AND Betty Ross, designer of the first American flag

Jan. 2 - Georgia’s Statehood Anniversary AND National Science Fiction Day

Jan. 3 - Alaska’s Statehood Anniversary AND J.R.R Tolkiens’ birthday

Jan. 4 - Utah’s Statehood Anniversary AND National Missouri Day...hmm.

Jan. 5 - National Bird Day

Jan. 6 - New Mexico’s Statehood Anniversary

Jan. 7 - Nic Cage’s birthday

Jan. 8 - National Bubble Bath Day

Jan. 9 - Connecticut’s Statehood Anniversary

Jan. 10 - National Save The Eagles Day

Jan. 11 - National Jump In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day

Jan. 12 - Kiss A Ginger Day (Luna-Starr)

Jan. 13 - National Clean Off Your Desk Day? Y’know, how about we don’t wake up today...

Jan. 14 - National Hot Pastrami Day

Jan. 15 - Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday!

Jan. 16 - National Religious Freedom day! Also, sorry guys, but it’s National Without A Scalpel Day.

Jan. 17 - The Release of the Dolittle movie

Jan. 18 - A.A Milne’s birthday, creator of Winnie the Pooh

Jan. 19 - Edgar Allen Poe’s birthday

Jan. 20 - Martin Luther King Jr. day!

Jan. 21 - Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s birthday

Jan. 22 - Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! (Luna-Starr)

Jan. 23 - John Hancock’s birthday AND National Handwriting Day (made in the madlad’s honor)

Jan 24 - National Beer Can Appreciation Day~

Jan. 25 - Alicia Keys’ birthday!

Jan. 26 - Michigan’s statehood anniversary

Jan 27 - The release of In Search Of Mozart

Jan 28 - nAtiOnAl kAzOo dAy

Jan 29 - Kansas’s statehood anniversary

Jan 30 - Franklin D. Roosevelt’s birthday

Jan 31 - The release of Gretel & Hansel

Note to self: book a flight to Dubai for the 28th.

Look, just be glad Ella illegalized recorders.

Oh gosh, don’t remind me of those. My poor art teacher...her room was right next to the music room…

Really! There was a door between the rooms!

Let’s move on from those memories and move on too...


(Last Month We Asked You)

Last Month We Asked You: What do you think happens behind the scenes at Floof?

Here are your wonderful answers!

Sybill said: I'm imagining stacks of papers being set on fire and total pandemonium as Ella quietly types at a computer while sipping tea from a fancy cup.

Luna-Starr said:  Hmm... I kind of imagine Ella slouching at a computer, with the artificial light glowing on her in a kind of unhealthy way, typing tiredly while Zeke, Andrea and Sammy Witch cause pandemonium in her imagination.

Summer said: I kind of imagine you all on the roof of a skyscraper at night with Andrea, Zeke, and Sammy tearing around and Ella trying to calm them down.

Nyx said:  always kind of imagine my house, with Ella sitting on the couch typing, while her AEs are elsewhere causing havoc like my siblings do.

Cerinthe said: Hmm. Basically the AEs running around with a bunch of important-looking papers shouting at each other and Ella on the couch with a laptop shaking her head and wondering why the heck she is living this life, but secretly enjoying it.

All of those were pretty accurate.

Yeah. Are they watching us?

...You know what? Let’s do these jokes.



What do you call snow that’s not real?



Why did the snowman cross the road?

Because white not?


When storing fat for the winter, it’s best to Alp yourself to whatever you can find.


Have you ever seen a snowman insult a snowman? You haven’t, because they’re smart. Whatever they call the other man, they know that it applies to them too, because it takes one to snow one!


I was going to make a snowman, but I stayed inside in-sled.


What’s a snowman’s favorite weapon?



~Deep thoughts with Ella Starburst~

Why is it called Chili if it’s hot?

Get it? ‘Cause Chili is Chilly so this is technically a winter...joke…

Just go, Ella.





HAHA! Never gets old!

Easy for you to say. Anyway, let’s get on with the Advice. *gasp* the ADVICE! 

Right you are buddy! This month’s advice is all about...


here's a tip for keeping New Year's Resolutions which I have found helpful: If you have glasses which you wear every day, and you keep them in a case, write down your resolution(s) and put them in the glasses case. It is VERY helpful.

If you do not have glasses, find a place where you're sure to look every day. Like on your bedroom door maybe?

Also, Think About: What is your goal to improve yourself in 2020?

(Submitted by cerinthe)

Watch a movie you've never seen before with family/friends, and have a special dinner that you don't usually have! My family does this every year on New Year's Eve.

(Submitted by Nyx)

 Take a breath and set yourself up for... kind of looking up, and trying to keep going through hardship. :)

(Submitted By Luna-Starr)

When making your resolutions, don’t feel pressured to do something extreme! Focus on the realism, not the size, of the resolution.  


Don’t be pressured to do something amazingly astoundly awesome the first day! Take life as it is, and remember: the small moments are the most memorable!


And finally, remember that “New Year, New Me” is completely meaningless because time is just a concept. Instead of trying to completely recreate yourself, focus on small goals that can help you, like learning to type or getting in exercise! 

*click* noice.


dOn’T rUiN mY aDvIcE wItH dEaD mEmEs anDrEa

gEeZ oK

Oh gosh, they’re at it again. Oh, well, let’s just continue with


Third Place: Toasting Marshmallows

Why: Although this does give a nice feeling, we don’t really know how it relates to January. We’d love those marshmallows when you’re done though! Why can I smell them...

Second Place: Shivering in a Snowglobe

Why: We would have chose this one, but Zeke screams a lot and is sensitive to cold. Great job though!


In first place, we have…


Why: Despite our disbelief in the whole “New Year, New Me,” thing, we do want to “start anew”. We have been looking at our mistakes this year and really, truly want to do better this year. Great job on the awesome location!

Nice job everyone! Any finally, let’s finish this o-ANDREA ZEKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!




(Awarded by Luna-Starr)

Most in the giving spirit of Christmas: Nyx!

Why: I love getting on and seeing your Christmas Gift thread. It's so awesome and kind of you to offer this cool gift to all of us! Great job at being in the Christmas spirit (even though Christmas is over)! 


Most unique/intriguing new poll: Kitten! 

Why: Kitten, you always have the most unique/creative ideas, and I just thought that your poll is so unique that I wanted to include it. Thank you for bringing such creative thoughts and ideas to the CB! 


Best CBer Return: Porcelain! 

Why: Porcelain! I've noticed your slight absence. It's great to see you back. You also make a good point; you guys, it's been so boring around here lately! Let's see some more action from now on!

(awarded by cerinthe)

Award of Upliftingness: Hope the Dove!

Why: Your messages of positivity are widely appreciated by all of the CB! Thank you for your never-ending and contagious joy!



And that’s all for the first MCU of the new year - and decade!

Make sure to comment content for next month! Here’s what we’ll accept:

Important dates

February jokes 

Location of the Month

What’s a good way to approach someone you like?

LMWAY (How should we celebrate our anniversary? Whether dumb things employees do or posts we should make, let us know!)

CBer awards!

Than you GREATLY for reading our MCU and continuing to support us!

This new year, are there any things YOU would like us to do?

Although we can’t do everything, please know that we are always open to suggestions!

Although 2019 will be hard to top, we think this will be our best year yet!

I can definitely see that happening *snnrk* with my…


2020 VISION!

Well, they’re at it again. The most recent year has been a really good one for me, though. I started Floof, created new personalities, furthered my career as an author, actress, AND singer, and made tons of new friends along the way! I hope that your year was just as good, if not better than mine. If not? Well, maybe this one will be better! As Evan Hansen’s mom once sang, “Maybe this year, we decide / we’re not giving up before we’ve tried!” So remember: You are loved and important by so many people and God, and nothing will ever change that.

Buh-bye for now,

Floof Industries

submitted by Floof Industries, Starting Anew
(January 1, 2020 - 1:41 pm)

February 1rst: National Freedom day!

February 4th: National Thank a Mailman/woman/person day!

February 5th: National Girls & Women in Sports day!

February 11th: National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk day!

Februray 16th: National Do a Grouch a Favor day!

February 17th: National Random Acts of Kindness day AND President's day!

February 19th: National Veteran Girls ROCK day!!

February 25th: National Chocolate Covered Nut day!

February 26th: National Tell a Fairy Tale day!!

Hmm, how to approach someone you like... if you just kinda want to have fun and be in the same place as your crush, I would suggest casually joining a conversation that they're in with a number of people who also know who you are... if you want to have like a more serious conversation with them I honestly can't help you there.

The anniversary? Like, of Floof becoming Floof? I might suggest posting a fun game-type thraed to celebrate and also throw pies/post riddles/share memories/whatever else you would like. 


submitted by Luna-Starr, age 27 eons, Existential Ponderment
(January 4, 2020 - 2:46 pm)


submitted by Topping!, age Topville, in
(January 4, 2020 - 5:12 pm)

Whaddya know, I'm weird too!

We'll change that. Just...bibitty...bobbity...


submitted by Floof Industries , Starting Anew
(January 4, 2020 - 6:53 pm)

*Smiling* Thank you, Ella. *Hugs* I've really missed being here. :)

submitted by Porcelain Dragon
(January 4, 2020 - 10:47 pm)

HUUUUGGGGG! *Hugs you so hard that I may or may not be choking you* Oh gosh, you should really be thanking Luna-Starr, but I like hugs too and no one here gives me them :(

ANYway, I wasn't here when you were around, but I'm still happy to have you here! 

submitted by Ella Starburst, Starting Anew
(January 6, 2020 - 1:49 pm)

Oh, well thank you, Luna! :P

Yes, you were. I'm Rogue Wildling, remember? We used to talk so much lol 

submitted by Porcelain Dragon
(January 7, 2020 - 6:18 pm)

OH *clap* MY *clap* GOSH *clap* I *clap* AM *clap* SO *clap* SOR *clap* RY *clap* I *clap* AM *clap* EM *clap* BARR *clap* ESSED

submitted by Ella Starburst, Starting Anew
(January 10, 2020 - 10:09 am)

XD You're good. *Hugs* It's very very good to be back from ghosting.

submitted by Porcelain Dragon
(January 15, 2020 - 1:02 am)

*gasp* No way! January 28th is national KAZOO day? I just got one of those!

Well, now I am sure to let EVERYONE know of this glorious fact when the day does come. Definetly bringing my kazoo to school. And humming the ears off of everyone in my near vicinity. 

submitted by possibly wiser, definitely older
(January 14, 2020 - 10:22 am)