Chatterbox: In This Month's Issue




***Oh, this is bad. ZEKE!



*Got what?

***Do you not see them prancing around the room all helter-skelter like?

*sounds of giggling intensify*

*Ah, yes. She’s in love-


*Or she’s just geeking out.

***Wait, what?

(*)Number Two!

*I assumed as much. It’s only really romance when I feel oddly full of helium.

***Never describe it like that again. Anyway, why was it so long this time? I was only commenting on it because it was so common. 

A series of events, you see!

(*)Brian David Gilbert got into ASDF 13-

**we had to do a vanity plate in STEM class for a lady who couldn’t even drive-

And the biggest of all?

*Fantastic. MCU?

(*)Oh, Right! *elegantly transforms into a silly yet pretty turkey costume*

**Ooh, that’s silly yet pretty!

*Not a very specific description.

***You’ve been lacking in those changes too.

(*)Yeah, well, shuddup.

Let us begin with the...


November: NaNoWriMo babyyyyyyy! 

Nov 1 - All Saint's Day, Day of the Dead, National Author's Day, AND World Vegan Day. (Majestic Mary or MM)

Nov 2 - Day of the dead part two: electric boogaloo! (MM and Lumi!)

Nov 3 - National Sandwich Day

Nov 4 - National Candy Day

Nov 5 -  Use Your Common Sense Day (MM)

Nov 6 - BakerBOO’s Half Birthday (BakerBoo!)

Nov 7 - National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day

Nov 8 - STEM/STEAM Day

Nov 9 - National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day

Nov 10 - Sesame Street Day

Nov 11 - Veteran’s Day

Nov 13 - National Hug A Musician Day

Nov 14 - National Pickle Day

Nov 15 - National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

Nov 16 - International Day For Tolerance

Nov 17 - National Take a Hike Day

Nov 18 - Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s Birthday!

Nov 19 - National Rural Health Day

Nov 20 - Future Teachers of America Day

Nov 21 - totalnightowl’s sister’s birthday! (tno)

Nov. 22 - Go For a Ride Day

Nov 23 - National Adoption Day

Nov 24 - Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Nov 25 - International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Nov 26 - Thanksgiving...and its HHG!

Nov 27 - Black Friday!

Nov 28 - Small Business Saturday

Nov 29 - National Lemon Cream Pie Day

Nov 30 - Cyber Monday

***So, recount.

(*)Ever since the beginning of our social injustice in China project, I had the most amazing idea-

Sing the names of the 709 crackdown victims in an eerie tune!

*Why are you excited about this then?

**Keyword: eerie. It’s not a fun topic in the slightest, and that song sounds really messed up. It would totally set the mood!

(*)We finally started out on the project after finishing the paper-

***OH! I remember this one!

(*)I’m only letting you interrupt me because your perspective might be more valuable than mine. Writers intuition.

***Ella was working so hard and creating harmonies and then I SLAMMED into her like a truck! Major wave of anxiety!

**Really sucks, Sammy…

(*)Andy was wondering if or ifn’t we could do our project with no voiceover besides singing, then you came in Zeke-

*Oh wait, I remember. Hehe.

(*)You had us ask for permission from the teacher. We worked around it and planned for our teacher to say no, But-


*Erm. Yes. mhm. Tips?


How to eat the most!

Fast beforehand, for as long as you can go without becoming grumpy or fainting. (hey, I actually had something good to offer this time!)


Just remember, slow and steady wins the race :)


 Just, eat it quickly, without even thinking, just shove it into your face, and just ignore the people staring at you like "Wha...? I'm not veen gonna talk to that person" And yes, PLEASE DO IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORE!!!

(Emekittycon K)

...Do it slowly. Also, don't think about the large quantities of food or calories that are entering your body. Distract yourself by talking to your family and continue to eat sporadically throught the whole. Day.


eat fast. Everyone says to eat slow, but then you get full faster.


1: turn into a cat. (off to a great start) Make sure it is not one of the ones who get a bowl of dry food set out and eat it any time, but instead turn into one of the ones who gets meals and then devour them. This is to make sure you have no sense of self restraint whatsoever. 

2: rip open a bag of food, maybe grow opposable thumbs so you can open cans.

3: EAT.

(Feline Fantasy)

have a pretty small breakfast and lunch, and while you are making food, DON'T take little bites of whatever you are making, although it may be tempting. And while things are baking do little exercises like squats, so you get hungrier and by the time Thanksgiving dinner comes around you will be ready to eat all the food on the table!



(*) And I said, that’s not my wife or my camel, it’s an insurance proctor!

Hehehe...that’s so dumb…

*I, for one, am extremely excited for this. The concept was quite atmospheric, and-


*unanimous groaning*

***You’re smart, but Ima say it anyway!

 **Please don’t. 

***What if we run out of time?

*We’ve already made extremely good progress even though we’ve only worked on it for a day.

***Good point! Ah, gimme a couple of seconds.

*Alright. Well, while the anxious gremlin thinks of more plots, let’s lighten the mood with a few...oh gosh, I know what’s next…

(*) That’s right, it’s the



Why couldn’t the stuffing open the door?

Because he lost Turk-key!



Thanksgiving is actually Ella’s least favorite holiday.

Corn you believe it?


What do vampire turkeys drink out of?

Silver Gobble-its!


I used to dislike potatoes. But Spuddenly...I despised them.


Okay, Ella here, so I use punpedia for these jokes, and there’s an entry for Corn-ea, nand the example sentence is “My cornea is severely damaged.” 


What is turkey's favorite dessert?

Peach gobbler! 



What kind of keys can't open doors?

A tur-key

ba dum CHEE



And finally, what do baby potatoes play on at the playground?

The tater-totter!

***I got another one!

**Right as I was getting out the drinks…


Relax, it’s just cider.


Oh yeah, that can be alcoholic too.

**warm cider. It cooks out all the alcohol.

*sigh* *It’s non-alcoholic apple cider.

(*)I don’t like how long it took for you to say that.

*I’m tired of this talk. SAMMY WHADDYA HAVE TO SAY

***what if the song doesn’t come out the best-

*-And I want to talk about the cider again.

**Sammy, we’ve been over this, sweetie.

(*)We´ve made really good progress-

*That’s a lot coming from the dream AE-

(*)-And even if it’s not the best so far, we have a whole week to practice!

***Now less than a week.



Last Month We Asked You: If you could choose any food to become a traditional Thanksgiving dinner food, what would it be?(Submitted by Majestic Mary)

tno said: Macaroni and Cheese. But homemade, because some of the boxed kinds are disgusting, in my opinion

BakerBOO! Said: I think that chicken or any meat besides turkey would be good! I find turkey to be really dry (you have to put so much gravy on!)

Luna-Starr said: Bread rolls should be a traditional food! They're delicious and easy- and also, bread is great

PygmyOwl said: I would say probably spaghetti or pasta of some sort. There aren't usually a whole lot of entrée options for me since I'm vegetarian, and most people like pasta in some form, so it seems like a pretty good choice.

Lupine said: I think that some Native American foods should be added to the tradition. (I admit that the only one I can name off the top of my head is popcorn.) I mean, Thanksgiving started as a feast between the white settlers and the Native Americans, (even though the settlers totally enslaved them and stole their land from them afterward, ugh) and I think they should get more credit.

Admin said: Other Native American foods: succotash (corn and beans cooked together) and maybe fry bread?

Majestic Mary said: Waffles. Cause why the heck not?

**Why are you so against the joke section, Zeke?

(*)One would think the smart AE would be able to appreciate a good joke.

*I would, if there were good jokes in there!

**GASP* **Zeke that’s mean to the CBers

*Their jokes are good! It’s just that it’s our least submitted section, so we have to make most of the content, and Kazmara is terrible at making jokes-


Oh great, they’re squabbling. Aaand Andrea is joining in to make peace. Or squabble along with them. Anyway it’s...was that the sound of the rocket launcher being taken out? THAT WAS THE SOUND OF THE ROCKET LAUNCHER BEING TAKEN OU-

*The following two sections will be played by the automated Floof Operator.*


Third place is…


Why: I’m a sucker for the movie Free Birds, and even though ROTTEN TOMATOES SAYS IT WAS A TRAVESTY, and I don’t remember much from it, you still get third place for hitting my comfort spots.

Second Place is…


Why: Just like our previous second placer, MAJOR CB location vibes. But so does the first one, and...well, you’ll see. Great job!

First place is…


Why: I swear I am not biased towards Luna-Starr, but this one was SO good, I knew it had to win. It’s Thanksgiving AND an HHG reference! LoVE IT!

AhHahahahahahaha.  Great job, all. As always, let’s end on a high note with the...

(Awarded by Lupine)

Our Second Actually Good Participation award: Spirit!
Why:Your content on Inkwell and Pudding’s palace is fanTABULOUS! Thanks for being you!



(*)As well as fun…

*And justice…

Neither of those words describe what just happened.

**I’ll say. 

**Anyway, make sure to comment content for the October MCU!

*Here’s what we’ll accept:

December jokes 

Location of the Month!

How to Use Excess Wrapping Paper To Help the Environment!

LMWAY (Secret Santa time! Give a gift to the LAST person who commented! For the first commenter, you give one to me :). Please wait until the most recent comment comes in to comment this one, and try not to do repeats!)

CBer awards!

Important dates!

(*)Additionally, if you have any ideas for future advice columns or LMWAYs, PLEASE tell us! 

***We’re always accepting new ideas, because making the MCU is harder than it seems!

If ya’ll have any suggestions, make sure to comment them! We appreciate it more than we can say!

 (*)Hey, why is Sammy so down?...And also just slammed that door and is therefore gone?

**Idk, mate. 

*...texting speech?

**Somthn rong?

*...No, it’s...yeah, you know what it is.

**K ill stop.

*I have a feeling you won’t

I’m just thankful that nothing bad happened. Hey! Thankful! Funny, right? Cuz, like...November?

*I don’t like the joke section.

Rude. Anyway, that’s all the time we have left for today, but always remember that you are loved and important.

‘Till next month,

Floof Industries

submitted by Floof Industries , In a Cornucopia
(November 1, 2020 - 11:27 am)

First: Haha, I didn't know my locations were very good! XD


Spookfest manager: Majestic Mary!

The Halloween Costume party is super fun and festive! Thank you for the awesome Halloween fun!

Returning Friend Who Gets an Award Cause She's Awesome: Leafy!

We missed you so much and we're so glad you've returned!! <3

LMWAY: This is my gift to you, Ella; It's a small object that takes any shape you wish and can usually fit in your pocket. Fun memories & love radiate from its softly glowing, glassy surface. It allows you to replay the best moments of your life and wards off any sadness or negativity that may come near it. It can also sense your emotions, so if you're feeling stressed, it'll remind you to breathe deeply and give you tips on how to calm down. 

It doesn't have a name... why don't you give it one? :) 

Here's a bright idea: use gift bags rather than wrap your presents, then continue to re-use the bags!

Location: Santa's Letterbox 

submitted by Luna-Starr, age 27 eons, Existential Ponderment
(November 1, 2020 - 3:50 pm)
submitted by top!
(November 1, 2020 - 6:20 pm)

I finally have some things to contribute, heh. I always forget.

December jokes: Sorry, I got nothing.

Location of the Month!: Either "In The Wrapping Paper" or "Under The Tree", I can't decide which I like better.

How to Use Excess Wrapping Paper To Help the Environment!: Basically what Luna-Starr said, although I guess then you're not using it. Funny. Maybe your could use paper bags from the store, and decorate them with things from nature! Pine cones, pine needles, fall leaves, stuff like that.

LMWAY: @Luna-Starr my gift for you is a magic gift giver. Anything you want to give to someone magically appears, and you can wrap it up and gift it! It comes in the form of a large cardboard box with a dry-erase board on the side. Close the box, write the gift on the dry-erase board, open the box, and it'll be there!

CBer awards!: Heck I dunno you're all so amazing! Maybe I can award the entire CB! Okay, for Awesome Community Award, the entire CB and all the CBers past, present, and future!

Important dates!: Christmas, d'oy! December 25! Also Saint Nicholas Day, December 6, and Christmas Eve, December 24!

submitted by Nyx, age 13 years , Earth
(November 3, 2020 - 11:51 am)

Location of the Month: In the chimney.

How to Use Excess Wrapping Paper to Help the Environment: No matter how ripped it is, save it and use pieces to wrap presents in the future. If anyone questions you, tell them it's collage wrapping paper.

LMWAY: Nyx, my gift for you is a bow that will always shoot at whatever you are trying to shoot at, and the animal will feel no pain at all.

Important dates:  National Cookie Day-December 4, National Cocoa Day-December 14, Winter Solstice-December 21, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve

submitted by totalnightowl
(November 3, 2020 - 4:35 pm)

Location of the Month: Spreading Joy! 

How to Use Excess Wrapping Paper to Help the Environment: Use it to make cards, or art, or presents!

LMWAY: totalnightowl, I’ll give you a box full of pendants, one for you, and the rest to give away. If you ask them, they will give you food, water, or medicine. They change colors to reflect the mood of the wearer. Plus, they can make more pendants, so everyone can have one! :D 

Important Dates: Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor and my aunt’s birthday; December 7, New Year’s Eve; December 31, my grandma’s birthday and Christmas; December 25. 

Thanks for doing this!! 

submitted by Dolphin, age 13, Jade Academy
(November 3, 2020 - 5:44 pm)

Location of the Month- Baking gingerbread

How to Use Excess Wrapping Paper To Help the Environment- Reuse old newspapers to wrap your presents, especially the Sunday comics section, because it's beautiful. It's creative and unique (compared to traditional wrapping paper, at least), it's better for the environment than buying new wrapping paper to use just once, and, best of all, your gift reciever will have something to read while they're waiting to open your present! It's a win-win-win scenario.

LMWAY- Dolphin, I present you with The Book of Answers, a magical book that a) lets you read any book in the universe, and b) will correctly answer any one question every day, including what gift someone else wants more than anything else. Happy holidays! (:

Important dates-

December 7th- Letter Writing Day

December 8th: National Brownie Day

December 10th: Human Rights Day 

December 13th: Saint Lucia's Day

December 21st: Crossword Puzzle Day 

December 26th: Boxing Day 

submitted by PygmyOwl
(November 4, 2020 - 4:28 pm)

Oh my heck I love that gift!!! I would totally ask for that. :)

submitted by Dolphin, age 13, Jade Academy
(November 5, 2020 - 3:20 pm)

Important Dates: 

December 11 to December 19: Hanukkah

December 26: Kwanzaa

December 25: Christmas

December 24: Christmas Eve

December 31: New Year's Eve

Location of the Month:

Eating cinnamon rolls. Because why ever not.


PygmyOwl, I hereby give you a wishing book. Sometimes it is a blank notebook, sometimes it is a copy of The Book Thief ('cause hey, why not?), and it will grant you one wish a day. Oh, and of course, you can control whether you want to read The Book Thief or write in a notebook. 

submitted by Luminescence, age 12, Atlantis
(November 7, 2020 - 1:37 pm)

CBer Award(s):

I'd like to give Nyx the kind comment award, for the "STOP. READ THIS..." thread. Link below: 

I think we can all agree she deserves it <3 

submitted by Luminescence, age 12, Atlantis
(November 7, 2020 - 3:51 pm)


Hanukkah is from December 10 to December 18.

Also, thank you so much, Lupine! 

submitted by Luminescence, age 12, Atlantis
(November 7, 2020 - 10:27 pm)

Ugh, correction #2:

Kwanzaa is from December 26 to January 1. 

Also, Kiwi said something scarily close to ilomilo.

Are you secretly a Billie Eilish fan?

Noooo. Uspek terbl CPTCA.

Oh, believe me, Kiwi, I know. You speak terrible english.

Excuse me? I am fluent in english!


submitted by Luminescence, age 12, Atlantis
(November 16, 2020 - 3:42 pm)

Yay, MCU time.

How to use excess wrapping paper to help the environment: use scraps as sticky notes, and therefore you will both reuse the wrapping paper and stop buying so many sticky notes. 

Holidays: December 1-7: national hand washing awareness day (I think that's appropriate for current times. More so than virus appreciation day anyway.) December 8: pretend to be a time traveler day. December 9: National Llama Day. December 13: National violin day! (woo!) December 16: National Chocolate Covered Anything day. And of course all of the cultural holidays, but I think someone else covered those.

Secret Santa: To Luminescence I give a never-ending muffin! It's a muffin that you can eat forever and it always replenishes itself. It's also a different flavor each time. It can also be lactose free, gluten free, or vegan, if you want. (I know it's not as exciting as some other people's but honestly who doesn't want a never-ending muffin?)

Joke: (I made this up on the spot so it's terrible): why did it rain instead of snow on Christmas? Raindeer! *wow hilarious.*

submitted by Lupine, Platform 9 and 3/4
(November 7, 2020 - 5:23 pm)

woo hoo! Let's hear it for Ella and another wonderful MCU. Now for some important dates - 

Dec 1 - eat a red apple day (unless it comes from a creepy old lady like in snow white)

Dec 3 - Roof over your head day

Dec 7 - Pearl Harbor day and national cotton candy day

Dec 8 - national eat a brownie day

Dec 9 - Christmas card day and national pastry day

Dec 12 - national ding-a-ling day

Dec 14 - international monkey day

Dec 17 - national maple syrup day

Dec 20 - go caroling day

Dec 21 - Humbug day and look on the bright side day! (those contradict each other horribly)

Dec 26 - Boxing Day (Old Cricket had a letter about this in his old cricket last year I think)

Dec 28 - card playing day

Dec 31 - make up your mind day

Advice column: You can use the wrapping paper to make a collage or as a cool background to hang in your room, if there is not enough paper to wrap something else with. 

LMWAY: Lupine, here is my gift to you. It is a magical flower. It will take the shape of whatever flower you want, and it will never die. But it can also help you find lost items, by having a petal light up that points in the direction that the object is. I hope you like it <3

Location of the month: on Christmas break (finally)

Ahhh I'm getting into the Christmas spirit but it's still november!! Help!! 

submitted by Majestic Mary, age 1 eternity, Majestopia
(November 13, 2020 - 10:06 pm)

Aw thanks for the flower! Sounds helpful. Especially because I seem to lose things...a lot. xD

submitted by Lupine, Platform 9 and 3/4
(November 14, 2020 - 7:27 pm)

I wish "rockin around the christmas tree" could fit as location, but it doesn't... 

but anyway, CBer award:

Coolest introduction: MoonHalo!

I've never seen an intro thread written in poem form before. Super cool!

Festive fun manager: The Host!

Thanks so much for throwing the merry winter ball! My AEs are really looking forward to it.



Anyway, that's it. Also Memphis says unok v. I'm NoOneKnows? What?

submitted by Majestic Mary, age 1 eternity, Majestopia
(November 22, 2020 - 9:54 am)