Heyyyy, CBers! I'm

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Heyyyy, CBers! I'm

Heyyyy, CBers! I'm sure you all know that it's Cricket's 50th anniversary this year. Yay, Cricket! What does Cricket (and/or the CB) mean to you? What's been your favourite story in the mag over the years?

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(February 25, 2023 - 8:06 pm)

Yes, yay Cricket! To me it means a really nice source of stories and articles about interesting things, something to get excited about every month :) I remember reading, in the "old Cricket says" section, about some seeds that were thousands of years old but finally sprouted when some scientists coaxed them along, and that was just fascinating. I also hope to get my own stories or poems published in Cricket when I'm old enough (why why why do I have to wait until I'm eighteen), or by entering the contests :) I think my favorite story was the one of "Katerina and the Bright
Falcon," because I like a nice romantic story, and because it was one of
the best-written, I think.

As for the CB, it means soooo much to me and I could go on for paragraphs about it (okay, maybe not for paragraphs) - it's a way to exchange ideas, jokes, stories, song recs, and just have fun battling it out about zoodles. What about you, Flamie?


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oh bother did the formatting come out funny again?! oh well, top anyway

Iffy says "oooft!" Are you lifting something heavy, Iffy dear?

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Honestly, my favorite things about CB are all the little ways that the website, made in 2007 or whatever, is somewhat outdated and just the teeniest tinyest bit dysfunctional and ever so special.

Like how sometimes the comments just don't show up.

Or the mysterious reason a new comment sends it to the back pages.

Or the way it takes three tries to get the CAPTCHA right (at least it used to. I'm getting better at getting it quicker)

Or the way the paper backround texture cuts out partway down the page on the really long threads.

Also the  color scheme. It is *chef's kiss*

The way that Kyngdom is lurking there but hardly ever mentioned and impossible to understand (at least for us. I've tried like ten times to figure out how it works but I never can)

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(March 1, 2023 - 4:31 pm)

I haven't actually been getting Cricket very long. I got my first issue for Christmas last year, which was one of the best gifts ever! My Dad used to get Cricket years ago, and my siblings get Muse and Spider now too. It's so fun reading the Letterbox, and all the stories and poems, and everything! Cricket is just the best!

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(March 1, 2023 - 9:49 pm)

Cricket is a source of beatiful stories and interesting information. I almost jump on my mom when she gets the mail just to check if Cricket came yet. Also, what exactly is Kyngdom again?

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(March 3, 2023 - 10:15 am)

Hi there, Everybuggy! Gosh, I think I've gotten Cricket for five or six years now, how crazy! I've always looked forward to getting these mags in the mail and love reading the stories, especially because I love to write. I can't think of any 1-2 month period since I was seven that I didn't have a Cricket magazine to look forward to reading--even when I go to camp in the summer, my parents mail the magazines to me! I also have entered many Cricket League contests and got 3rd place in a poetry one, which really fueled my confidence and passion in writing poems and to which I am eternally grateful. As for my favorite story, it's almost impossible to choose, but I think my favorite of all time was called "Magnus." It was from 2017 or '18, I think, so a long time ago, but I remember my 8-yr-old self really enjoying it. Congrats on the anniversary, everybuggy! :)

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(March 5, 2023 - 5:57 pm)

Whew, I've been getting Cricket for about seven years now. I was an incredibly fearful nine year old back then and the first few issues I got, I was actually terrified of. I remember one had a non-fiction story and there was a picture of a knitted heart. For some reason, it terrified me. I went probably almost a year getting magazines and not reading them, until finally I started reading them and have never stopped. 

My favorite story of all time has to be "Yara and the Witch Queen". It started in the October 2019 issue, I believe. And Starry Sky, I loved "Magnus". 

As for the CB, I'm very new. I joined last month, but so far, my experience has been great! Everyone is so awesome and it's really nice to be able to talk about art and writing!

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Ever since I found that old, old copy of Cricket that used to be my dad's when he was a kid, I've always thought of it as such a neat little magazine. When my parents gave me the subscription to it for my birthday, I was so happy! I love finding the most recent issue sitting on the table in front of my chair, ready for someone to read it and enjoy the stories that lie within.

One of my favorite things to do is look through the letterbox. It amazes me every time that there are so many Cricket readers--and from all across the world, too! I love hearing everyone's stories, and I love it when one of my comments on the Chatterbox randomly appears in there! It's so much fun to read!

Someday, when I'm old enough, I hope to write a story for Cricket. I don't think the admin understand our writing potential! No one has to be 18 just to publicize their writing! Come on! Let's start a revolution! Let's riot and--

Okay, okay, I'm getting off track here.

The greatest thing about Cricket, though, is that they don't push any agendas. They don't pick sides in the political stuff, or even really publish stories that are on a certain level. The magazines aren't full of things that push America's youngest generation to a particular side of the political spectrum--in fact, they push them in a completely new direction, one of simply enjoying life and the masterpieces within, whether they be art, writing, or simply just enjoying the beautiful world around us.

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