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October Group

October Group

Hello! It appears we have been paired on the Make a Friend thread. Because I am bad at starting conversations...how do you feel about October?

(My CAPTCHA says "cbkff"! Chatterbox cough!)

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(May 13, 2023 - 10:56 pm)
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Hey! Thanks for making the thread, I have a curse of sorts when it comes to these things. They like to hide from me on the back pages. I'm a little overly pumped that I could find it, haha...

As for my feelings on October... they are completely and totally positive. October rules, because I love Halloween, and also all the other fall jazz but mostly Halloween. I'm already bursting with annoying Halloweeny spirit as soon as September starts.

So uh *fishes around for conversation topics* on your form-thing you mentioned you liked languages? What languages are you learning, perchance? 

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(May 17, 2023 - 10:14 pm)

Hello! Sorry it took me a while to respond, I keep going on the CB on my phone and I hate typing more than a few sentences at a time with my thumbs but here we are.

Halloween is the best. 2022 might have sadly been my last year of trick-or-treating because even though I am wildly devoted to it, my friend who I go with has decided we're too old for it. I will, however, be dressing up forever. I will be a dorky adult with an elaborate costume and no one can stop me. Last year I was Hel, the goddess of the underworld, with a half-skeleton face and a black-and-white wig. Do you have any favorite costumes from previous years? 

As for languages, I just finished my fourth year of Spanish and next year I'm hopefully going to be taking Japanese. Are you taking any language classes?

You mentioned on your form that you play the guitar--how long have you been playing? I started last year and I definitely don't practice enough xD but it's fun. 

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(May 27, 2023 - 8:09 pm)