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so, if people want to do this, this is just to congratulate people who got in the magazine because I know some people don't get Cricket so if you get in, you'll know, and also just cuz YAYY if you're in the letterbox (or something else, I always think that's really cool, also when it happens I'm like, "I KNOW THIS PERSON!!!" which is also awesome)! I know some people like to make threads themselves if they get in sometimes, but you can also use this if you get in. Also, I think the Cricket editors or whoever pick people to publish like 6 months in advance btw, so just fyi (I don't know if that's right or wrong though, so don't trust it)

ANYWAYS, for the Cricket September 2023 issue, I recognize a few names (and so sorry if you're here and I left you out, feel free always to shout if someone didn't put you!), congratulations to:

DARKVINE!!! I love that joke. So much. I'm glad it got published cause that's awesome (I'll leave this open in case you want to put it in or whatever if you know what I'm talking about cause you deserve to say the punchline)! I shall use this joke often, thank you :)

FerventWriter/LYRIC!!! You got in by your other name (if you didn't know and were wondering why I put it, that's why), YAYY!! And, woah, cool fact, really?! That's cool that it's only in a tower above Niagara Falls (truly, I LOVE random facts! To an almost unhealthy degree! :) which isn't even the tallest waterfall, and wait there's a tower above it? It kinda does make sense though, what if you built a tower above the tallest one (is it Angel Falls? I don't remember), would you be able to see one from there? How about Mount Everest (the HIGHEST mountain, NOT tallest, everyone! Mauna Kea is the tallest by a good distance, I get kinda touchy on this subject (and people say I got that Kahoot wrong! *huff*))! I think we saw full double rainbows once from an airplane (in the atmosphere, as you said), it was really cool! But, thanks for sharing!! :)

POINSETTIA!!! You got in at Cricket Readers Recommend, which I don't think I've ever seen a CBer (at least not one under an alias) get in before (though there probably have been others), that's awesome!! And, I've been wanting to read Momo for a while (whyy can't I findd itttt), and your review is really well written and made me want to read it even more (evidently, the Cricket editors or whoever does this thought so too)! What a great hook (assuming that's the hook), and great conclusion! I will persevere in my search for Momo until I find it, thank you!! :)

So, yep. Congrats to everyone who got in and all in the Chatterbox also because you're wonderful amazing people and make my world so much brighter each and every day, thank you!!

Yes, we pick letters for Letterbox about six months in advance of each issue. January 2024 has been selected. We'll be working on February soon.


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Congrats, lizards! It's always fun to see your name in print (even if it's just your CB name)!

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Oh, ok, thank you admins! :)

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