February 2016

Love blooms in this month’s mythical Cricket.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a friend who became a Hollywood movie star? Find out the real story in “California Lee and Me.”

Two people in love should have something in common. And in the myth “Echo and Narcissus,” they do. Both love . . . Narcissus!

When is playing with words fun and when is it playing with the truth? Judge for yourself in the poem “The Rut on the Road to Truth,” and the story “Little Green Lies.” 

In the new two-part serial “The Ghost Train,” a boy helps his grandfather remember the time he met President Lincoln—and later saw the ghost of his funeral train. And in “Grandma Roan,” an aging horse gets a new lease on life.

There’s the conclusion of the quirky sci-fi adventure “The Intergalactic Collection of Knowledge and Records,” the next episode of  “The Forty Thieves,” a new poetry contest, and the bugs treat Ugly to a host of palindromes. Sup not on pus!