March 2024

Discover sweet and fiery tales with Cricket!

In this Cricket, find out how a boy saves his grandparents’ maple syrup farm and how a girl brings a mechanical dragon to life. Read about a boy’s first Ramadan fast and then make your own Ramadan breakfast pancakes. Discover why a legendary king disguises himself when he roams his Persian city and what a kind young man does with the lost treasure of a fierce outlaw. Don’t miss the third episode of “Saving Frefaxi,” where a girl in medieval Iceland is forced to set aside her mystical studies to care for her father’s horse.

Plus, check out great book recommendations from fellow Cricket readers. In Cricket Country, the bugs build their own mechanical dragon to scare away Ugly Bird, but will it work or go down in flames? Complete a dragon-filled Crossbird. Then create a daring dragon drawing and send it soaring to this month’s new art contest.