May/June 2024

In this Cricket, everyone has something to hide or a new place to live. A talented tortoise conceals her true form, and a dog finds some bugs that turn out to be aliens. Crafty trolls put on disguises to help a clever princess trick a mean queen. A budding actor is dishonest with her family when she doesn't get a part in the school play. A kid is embarrassed to move into a dilapidated house, so she keeps where she lives a secret from her classmates. When a girl discovers that her new home is inhabited by a ghost, she isn't too fond of the ghost's warm welcome. A young dragon realizes all that he's heard about humans might not be true when a human family moves in next door.

All this, plus a new poetry contest about hiding, a Crossbird that is truly out of this world, and a chance for Pudding to take center stage while the rest of the bugs in Cricket Country are out of control.