May/June 2017

Let your imagination take wing with Cricket.

This month, you’ll read about an escaped parrot who flies to freedom and a legendary Persian king who became the first to fly by tying four eagles to his throne.

You’ll enjoy the final episode of “April Rose in Charge,” about a farm girl and her herding dogs who save a flock of sheep during a flash flood, and the start of a intriguing new sci-fi serial, “Boo,” about a boy who, while exploring the gigantic spaceship he lives on, discovers that an undiscovered nation of people occupies half the ship.

You’ll learn about the origins of Mother’s Day, who made the first umbrella, and the true story of Horace King, a former slave who earned his freedom building covered bridges in the Deep South.

And in Cricket Country, Ladybug learns to fly! (But not to land.)