Nov/Dec 2009

Grab your suitcase and passport, because this month's Cricket will fly you to faraway lands and times. You'll travel with a teenage girl who visits a remote corner of Saudi Arabia, and then land in Mauritania in Africa for a special Christmas feast. Author Eric Kimmel tells an original story of Hanukkah, whose true miracle is the enduring friendship between two young warriors, one Jewish, one Greek. If you're starstruck, like Pudding, you'll love "Diokles on Stage," a story of young actor in ancient Greece. In "Abe and the Magic Lantern," you'll read about the invention of an early movie camera and the creation of the first movie star, a horse named Abe Edgington. And if you want to build your own moving picture device from the 19th century, just click the link below and you're be on your way to wowing your friends with your own phenakistoscope. All this, and part 2 of the true story about the forced relocation of the Chickasaw tribe in the 1840s, in this issue of Cricket.

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  • Fool Your Eyes!

    ABE AND THE MAGIC LANTERN - Make a phenakistoscope (a 19th century device for viewing animated images) to see a couple dancing.