September 2018

Enjoy a harvest of good stories in Cricket.

In the humorous fantasy “Toby’s Alicorn Adventure,” a girl places an ad on a magical website in order to return a lost unicorn horn—and is visited by some strange characters.

What do you do when a family of bobcats decides to live on your roof? Find out in “The Uninvited Houseguests.” 

This issue begins a new serial story, “Food from the Skies,” about how a family survives during the Berlin Airlift. And in the final episode of “The Pearl Inside,” you’ll discover whether Nami fulfills her dream of becoming an ama diver.

There’s a new story contest, a Crossbird puzzle, and Ladybug does battle with an uninvited flu bug. Achoo!

So dive into this month’s Cricket. You’ll find many pearls inside.