CBer Intro Party!

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

CBer Intro Party!

CBer Intro Party!

Here is a place where CBers can simply introdce themselves and make friends. Basically tell your appearance, how long you've been on the Chatterbox, at least 3 of your interests, your favorite color and animal, lucky number(s), and what your favorite section of the Cricket League is, and why. Do this for any AEs as well. Using these facts, you will be able to find CBers who like the same things as you.

I'm Clovertoe, a cat with a brown, deformed paw. I started posing on Chatterbox on October 2nd this year. I'm very into the Warrior cats saga, Pokemon, and cats. My favorite color is purple, animal is cat, and my lucky numbers are 9 and 10. My favorite section of Cricket is the Inkwell, where I can practice my (to-be)profession, writing.

hiii! im luna! i hav long blak hare, pail wite skin, big parpel iys, raynbo bugers... That's not true! ...and i lik  to ware prrpel knee-dresses, and go barfut, and i lik flowrs, raynbos, and Clovrto! My favrit culer is prrpel, ammal is cat and shipmonk, and nummer is ayt! but wats a nummer? i like pudin plays, becuz i hav gud darawng!


So... enjoy, I guess! Oh, no, Luna, not AGAIN! 

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I'm Agent Winter. My CB appearance is a tall girl with a strong build, bright blue hair with an undercut, blue eyes, and a black Imagine Dragons t-shirt and ripped denim capris. Also combat boots, because they are awesome. Oh, and two wooden staffs! I'm into video games (specifically the Destiny games), drawing (tho I kinda suck lol), and dogs (specifically huskies and pit bulls/pibbles). My favorite color is teal, my favorite animal is a wolf, and my lucky number is eleven. My favorite section of Chatterbox is probably Pudding's Place because I love drawing and seeing other people's art.  

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Nice to meet you, Agent Winter! (Can I call you AW for short, or maybe just Agent or Winter? Agent Winter is kida long.) I like to draw, too! Do you like to read?

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@Clovertoe AW, Agent, Winter, or Win are all acceptable. I like to read, though I'm not reading anything at the moment--do you have any book suggestions for me? I like dystopic/sci-fi stories, and books with good worldbuilding. (Yes, I have read the Hobbit and some of the Lord of the rings series. They are awesome.)

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Hmmm... Have you tried Artemis Fowl?

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Hmmm... Have you tried Artemis Fowl?

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Hi! I'm Elementgirl, or EG.

My CB appearance is a somewhat short girl with long, wavy, orange-red hair, pale skin, and stormy grey eyes. I'm usually wearing jeans and a navy-blue hoodie with an image of a white sailboat on the front.

I've been on and off the Chatterbox for nearly 3 years (whaaat? where has the time gone?).

I love to sing, act, sail, play the piano, and write. 

My favorite color is pink or navy blue, my favorite animal is a penguin, and my lucky number is 7 or 54. 

I love all the sections of CB, but my favorites are probably CaC (because it's random and amazing) or Inkwell (because I love writing and reading everyone else's work).



<3 EG 

P.S. Connie says zmeow. That's right, Connie, you're a cat! 

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Sailing? Wow, that's cool!

I love to write too! I've always wanted to play piano, but I've never learned how...


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Hello, lovelies! My name's Starseeker, but feel free to call me Star for short. There have been many Stars throughout the years I've been here (3-5 ish) but I'm the current holder of the name. I'm a tall, slim girl with loosely curled dark purple/magenta hair that's shoulder length in front and chin length in the back, pale skin, gold constellation freckles, and a dark purple embroidered constellation cloak. I like astronomy, astrophysics/aerospace engineering, old British TV shows, Marvel, writing, and so much more. My favourite colour is (you guessed it) purple, and I'd have to agree with Win that my favourite section of the CB is Pudding's Place because I enjoy the art. My lucky number is 288. And as for a random fact about me, I love giving people nicknames!

My name is Zoelaira Estebelle Griffon, but just call me Zoey. I'm Star's only AE. I'm around 5' 5'', and I have choppy raven-black hair, pale skin, and icy blue eyes. I tend to wear a lot of black and blue, with things like oversized sweaters and shoes that I can run in. I've been Star's AE for... well, almost as long as she's been on the CB! I'm the main character in her novel, This Dark Night. I like running, fencing, and reading, as well as talking to Jasak, Vy's AE. My favourite section of the CB is Down to Earth, since that's usually where AE stuff pops up. My lucky number is... probably 3!

~Starseeker & Zoey 

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Name: Nyx

Appearance: Very tall, long ginger-gold hair in a ponytail, ice blue eyes, huge white-feathered wings, black skintight bodysuit with long sleeves and legs, white hawk emblem on chest.

LOTIBOTCB(Length Of Time I've Been On The CB): Since May 29, 2019

Intrests: Lists, drawing, writing, swimming, ga-ga ball, and basketball

Fave color: Green

Fave animal: Either black panther or falcon

Lucky Number: 13 bc reasons best know to me and my AEs

Fave CL section: Either Chirp at Cricket or Inkwell


I will do my AEs later 

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I'm coroline! I've been inactive for a while, but I guess I'm back now. I like to check in every once in a while even though I'm super busy with school and soccer and all that. My hobbies include singing, theatre, sport of any kind and music. And of course reading. My favourite colour is yellow, I love dogs, rabbits and all animals and I'm a vegetarian. Anyone else? I can't wait to get to know you all! 

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(November 5, 2019 - 1:57 am)

Heyo, it's Luna-Starr, formerly Soren Infinty and, for about a month, Soren P. I've been here for about a year and a half, my favorite place is either DtE or PP, and I like to sing, write, read, and play percussion. My favorite color is a light-ish blue, my favorite numbers are 27 and 53, and my CB appearance is dragonesque, with a blue pixie cut and pale skin, as well as blue eyes.

@Coroline, OH MY GOSH HIII!!! *tackle hugs* I can't believe you're here! I missed you so much! 

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SOREN/LUNAR STAR! (I love the new name), it's so good to see you! I missed you heaps. *tackle hugs back*

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Hola! I'm Leafy, but I used to go by Leafpool. I don't really have a CB appearance, so I'll tell you my real-life appearance: I'm really short, I have kind of wide shoulders and a tiny waist, I have brown hair that goes almost down to the bottoms of my shoulder blades, and has the bottom third or so bleached, and I have brown eyes. I'm usually wearing some sort of makeup, like concealer, mascara, and light eyeshadow. I've been on the CB for about four years--I've set my official CBversary for December 1st, but that's only because I don't know the exact date I joined the CB. I'm pretty sure I first came on here in October 2015, but I didn't start really getting involved until maybe January or February of 2016, so I have a bit of a median date there. Interests...? I like music, free verse poetry, art, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fashion, video games (I play Skyrim and Minecraft usually), Star Wars, beauty stuff, dance, the Books of Bayern series by Shannon Hale (read it! It's really good!) and a bunch of other things. I don't pick favorites, and definitely not favorite colors, but I like cats and otters. I have no idea what my lucky number is. I've never really thought about which section of the CB is my favorite, and I think it varies depending on who is posting, how much content there is somewhere, and other stuff, but I generally like Pudding's Place and DtE.

Omigosh, that was so long--I'm sorry I couldn't find anywhere to put paragraph breaks in there. I guess I could do this again for my Æs, but 1) that was too long and 2) I haven't pulled my Æs out and done something with them in so long I don't know what I would even do there. 

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Name: Vivian

Appearance: Very very tall, very long ginger-gold hair kept in a braid that reaches my ankles, hazel eyes, very thin and lithe, I like snug tank tops, short jean shorts, and knee-high lace-up boots.

LOTIBOTCB(Length Of Time I've Been On The CB): Since Nyx created me, shortly after she joined the CB. I was created first out of all my siblings.

Intrests: Swimming, ziplining, high ropes courses, musicals, my sister Rhaksha and I are very close

Fave color: Bright yellow

Fave animal: Goldfinch. I mean they're sooooo cute, right? Right?

Lucky Number: 17

Fave CL section: Oh, I don't know. Maybe Down to Earth, bc that's where the AE ball is?


Name: Rhaksha

Appearance: Slightly shorter than Nyx and Vivian, straight black hair that goes just past my chin, black eyes, black lipstick, and pale skin. I always wear a skintight bodysuit with long sleeves and legs and vine patterns on it, black hiking boots, and skintight gloves. Typically my suit is black with white vines, but recently it's been silver with white vines, and white with black vines.

LOTIBOTCB: Since Nyx created me, shortly after Vivian.

Intrests: Combat, sharp objects, and all right, I'll admit that Vivian and I are in fact close.

Fave color: I'm relatively colorblind, so grays and blacks mostly.

Fave animal: Definately black panther.

Lucky Number: Dunno. I don't really believe in luck, but maybe if I did it would be 17.

Fave CL section: Pudding's Place. That's where all the Ski Lodges are, right?


Name: Khione

Appearance: I am SHORTER than EVERYONE ELSE. I have shoulder-length dark blond curly hair, green eyes, freckles ALL OVER my FACE. I like shirts with fun logos on them, my siblings call them weird, and blue jean shorts that go to my knees. 

LOTIBOTCB: Since Nyx made me! Rhaksha and me were made at the same time.

Intrests: Uh.... fun stuff? That doesn't include cleaning my room?

Fave color: NEON ORANGE!!!

Fave animal: Maybe a CHCKEN!!

Lucky Number: 11? 15?

Fave CL section: I dunno. They're all pretty good.


N4m3: Apollo. Nyx w0n't l3t m3 us3 numb3rs 1n my n4m3, sh3 s4ys 1t's c0nfus1ng.

4pp34r4nc3: Sp1ky pl4t1num bl0nd h41r, t4ll3r th4n Kh10n3, but sh0rt3r th4n 3v3ry0n3 3ls3. 1 l1k3 t0 w34r bl4ck t-sh1rts, bl4ck j34ns, and bl4ck m0t0rcycl1ng j4ck3ts.

You never told me it was a mototcycling jacket, Apollo.

Y0u n3v3r 4sk3d. 

L0T1B0TCB: S1nc3 Nyx cr34t3d m3, 4r0und th3 t1m3 th4t th3 AE b4ll w4s st4rt3d.

1ntr3sts: Um, m0stly th3 s4m3 4s V1v14n 4nd Rh4ksh4.

F4v3 c0l0r: 1 c4n't r3m3mb3r. Blu3?

F4v3 4n1m4l: D3f1n4t3ly 4 b4rn 0wl, or 4 d1ff3r4nt k1nd 0f 0wl.

Lucky Numb3r: 15.

F4v3 CL s3ct10n: Hmm. 1'v3 n3v3r r34lly th0ught 4b0ut th1s b3f0r3......

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I'm cerinthe, aka spiffycat (either is fine).

appearance: tall, wavy shortish blonde hair, glasses, silver blue eyes, pale 

how long: Since January approx? I'm not really sure

Interests: minecraft, drawing, writing, acting (though I've done barely any), worldbuilding.


Colors: Cerulean and hot pink

Animals: I have SO MANY. Sea lions, dragons, cats, rabbits, octopuses, dogs, tardigrades....... 

Lucky Number? I don't know. I always make a wish when it's 11:11...does that count?

Favorite Section: Um. DtE? Sometimes Inkwell. It kind of goes back and forth between stuff I enjoy and stuff I don't.

So! Yes! I have AEs too...though I'm kinda trying to kill them right now, hehe, so..... 

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