Naming random things! 

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Naming random things! 

Naming random things! 

Does anyone out there besides me name random things? Or am I just crazy? Anyway, I made one of these threads a while ago, so I'm rebooting it bc it's on like page 20 of CaC XD

Anyway, here are some of the random things I've named:

- My current bike is called the Ebin Hawk after a spaceship from a video game (though I changed the spelling to match the name of a friend of mine). My past bikes were Spirit and Ranger.

- I had a ukulele named Perversus (Latin for "squint"... long story). The case was named Subuculi (also a long story). My current ukulele is named Poi and the case is named Borealis.

- My iPad is named Kitty... I'm actually not entirely sure how that started...

- Our cars are The Blue Spirit (ATLA reference) and Scooby/Combat Boot/Vader/Darth Subaru/Ghost Dog (it's a black Subaru, we haven't exactly decided what to name it)

- My phone is named Ace.

- My water bottle is also named Ace. I can explain.

- My favorite fineliner pen is named Michiko.

- My laptop is named Anastasia Bray.

- My headphones are named Maya Sundaresh. 

- Our laundry room is named Doctor Demagol's Waiting Room. The short version of the story is that it's from a comic. 

- My pets are Casey, Sunny, and Cosmo, though I'm not entirely sure if that counts since everyone names pets. 

Wow, that's a lot XD 

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Woah! I thought I was the only person who did that!!!

I named aloe plant Wesley after Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation because the plant pot had a little burlap wrap around it, kinda like a sweater. Wesley Crusher always wears sweaters so that became his name. 

I also used to have a scooter when I was really little and it's name was Red Flyer. It was red, hence the name.

~ Lilac 

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I have a cactus named Larry and a succulent named Ted, and a wrecked index card with "SPIKY" scrawled on it which is named Spiky, and my pencil bag is named Gershom. (Also I am his grandmother. Gershom's, that is.'s a long story...kind of...I can explain if you really want me too...)

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*looks up with starry eyes*


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I have an aloe vera plant named Allie, (short story: I was like ten) and all the bikes in the house are named whatever the logo on their side is, and we name all of our 30+ chickens, even though the odds are that we'll forget their names very quickly.

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Wow, 30+ chickens? The most we've ever had is 4 at a time (I think we've had 8 chickens total over the years). My favorite one was probably Grandpa Phil. Grandpa Phil was female, but I named her that bc my grandfather of the same name built the hen house. Rn we don't have any chickens bc they all got eaten by various wildlife. :( My friend Sarah has a bunch of chickens though! 

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I didn't know other people named everything to!

-I name all of my many, many notebooks really random names. A few on the top of my head are Wilbur and Clarisse. I have no idea how I decide on these names.

-I named my spider plant Millie.

-My one cat's name is Yoda, but no one ever calls him that because we all have weird nicknames for him. These include Flufferman and Yoder Motor (his purring is very loud). My other cat is Darthy, but we call her Doofin and Doodlebug.   




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Hey, I name my notebooks too! Here are 2: Mollusks Clams and Dragon Pearl. Sidenote: Do I post waaay too much? I'm new and excited about Chatterbox.

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No, it's fine. We like people to post often. We often think people post too little on the Chatterbox. We need as much activeness as we can get. 

ALso, I post often on things sooooo.... yeah. 

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My younger dog's name is Liberty and we call her Bert for short. It fits her perfectly, 'cause she's a mess but she's really happy and playful and literally the sweetest. She's a yellow lab/husky, and she looks like a dingo that ate a small barrel. Flipping adorable. She's always smiling, and her favorite trick is to give hugs, where she jumps up and gently leans on you with her paws around your waist. I can tell you guys more about my adorable doggo, if you'd like, and maybe I could find a picture.

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I had a plant named King once, but it died because I forgot to water it for two months.

Most of chickens (there's 67 of them, I think) have names, including but not limited to: Carlos, Pedro, Othello, Spice (but I call her Ella Fitzgerald),  and Keith.

My dog is Marcie. She's a beagle, and since Snoopy is a beagle we wanted to name her something from the Peanuts cartoons. We were at a tie between Lucy and Marcie, but we eventually decided on Marcie.

My cat is named Callie, because she's a calico.

My fish is named Fish. We couldn't decide on a name for him.

There's this clay pot I made I named Barry, it's named after Barry B. Benson from the bee movie because there's a clay bee on its side.

My flute used to be named something when I first got it,but now I call it Jeimenhart because that's it's brand.

Henri is my CAPTCHA pet. He says cutgi. Yes, you are a cutie!

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Hey, I just got a new plant. She's a mint plant and her name is being debated opon currently. The two options are Beverly or Jasimine. XD

I will let ya know when the name is finalized!!! ;D 

~ Lilac 

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Ah, yes, I do this. Mostly with my electronics. My phone is named Xylenie, my iPad is Paddy, and my MacBook Air is Aerie. The latter two are pretty straightforward, though Xylenie also has a story/meaning behind it (I’d be happy to explain if anyone’s curious). My Fitbit is unofficially named Fitz/Fitzy.

My black compound bow is Stormbreaker, and I just recently got a white one, which is as of yet unnamed. Suggestions welcome.

There was a time where my family named all of our kitchen appliances, but I don’t remember them. Except the espresso machines. My parents named the coffee grinder Rocky and the espresso maker Sylvia. The original Rocky and Sylvia are dead, but we now have Rocky and Sylvia the second (or maybe third). 

We used to have a robo vacuum named Ace, but he died. And then we had a stick vac of the same brand who had a name but whose name escapes me.  

I have a feeling there are more things I’ve named, but I can’t remember them. I should name things more often. I have several succulents currently in need of names. Oh, and then there’s my pets, of course, but I don’t think they count as ‘things’.  

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I have a bunch of things...


•My cat is named Jasper, after my mom's old horse. He acts like a dog.•

•I made a dance, it's called the wave, and it's really were you wave your arms around•

•My camouflage (white camo) is named Takane, formerly Hetzu.•

•I can sing and talk like Asuna from SAO•

•5 boys are crushing on me•

•I'm bad at dancing but I'm going to a Homeschool dance on the 13th of December•

•Can anyone walk perfectly in high heels? I can't•


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