CBer Appearance thread!!!

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CBer Appearance thread!!!

CBer Appearance thread!!!


This is just what it sounds like! post your (CB) appearance. I'm always curious about what you guys look like. I can imagine, but it's definitely not always accurate (at all).

I have shoulder length dark brown hair with faint bleached highlights (I'm going to try and dye it purple soon.) I'm not sure what to call my skin tone, not fair but not quite medium. I'm half vietnamese and half mixed caucasian. I have brown eyes and pale-ish freckles. I'm right at average height for my age. And on the CB, I have black wings. ;D


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Cool idea!

I'm a girl with very fair skin with light freckles splashed on my nose and shoulders (They're not super prominent, though. You have look hard to see them usually), curly brownish-gold hair that falls about halfway down my upper arms, but I nearly always have it tied up. I also have hazelish-grey eyes, am slightly short (always have been :')) and a little chubbier than I like, although everyone assures me that's normal. I've got plain ear piercings, but prefer to wear anything but studs(dangling earrings, clippy ones, ones that you twist without securing with a back). 

My envisioned CBer appearance is more flexible, although sometimes I just use my regular in-person details: Jaybells(female) has medium-long, wavy cotton-candy-pink and baby-blue hair, fair/slightly olive skintone, is thin/willow'y for peak agility and is an average height. Her eyes change colour, but she usually is still heterochromic and she tends to wear either long flowy elegant things, or very practical things, depending on the setting, and always has hidden pocket, plus an amulet/pendant necklace around her neck.

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Periwinkle has had periwinkle-colored hair when I imagine her for a very long time, but I did not always imagine her like that. Her hair is usually up in a big bun with tendrils coming down on her face, she has dark purple eyes with stars in them, and little black stars on her cheeks, like freckles. She also has a lot of pink blush on that contrasts with her pale skin. Her outfits tend to be something she can move around in, like shorts and a t-shirt or overalls. Uh yeah that's kinda it lots of blue and purple and stars ;)

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well, in real life I have chin length brown straight hair, slightly tanned skin, lots of freckles, hazel eyes, average height, and have one bang.

In CB, I am a purple Among Us character with a crown. 

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I mean, my CB appearance is just my IRL appearance, but I do imagine Red Starlight differently than me irl.

irl im 5'6 and I think I'm kinda chubby (but people say im not) I usually wear fitted shirts or crop tops and jeans, and my hair is curly blond and down to my mid-back. I love wearing it in a ponytail with tendrils but I don't always. I do always wear black combat boots tho. I have ice blue eyes and long eyelashes and apparently big lips and I have braces.

So here's how I imagine red starlight:

red hair that seems to be glowing with a yellow aura and the front part is blonde. She's tall and skinny and wears dangly star earrings and a star necklace, and a sundress that is made of pure starlight. 5 star shaped freckles on each cheek and dark brown eyes. She looks about 17. Her shoes are flip flops or red combat boots, and she years her hair up in a ponytail with tendrils or in double buns with tendrils. That's for some reason how I've always imagined Red Starlight. 

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In real life, I have some-what tan skin (especially in summer), dirty blond/light brown hair barely curly that is a couple inches longer than my shoulders (I almost always wear it down), and I am in the 60th percentile for my height in my age range, last time I checked. My eyes are hazel (though a lot of my friends say they look green) and I wear large-ish dark turqoise glasses. 

Neverseen is taller than I am, probably closer to 5 '5, and always wears a dark hooded cloak, though I image that I rarely wears the hood here. My hair is a strange combination of blond and black, and I wear navy colored gloves and boots and an eye necklace. 

I actually dressed up as my CB persona (as best as I could) for Halloween this year!


Snipe says <fcham>

Do you want some fake ham, Snipe?  

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This sounds cool! I'm pretty new to the CB, so it's cool to get to know what everyone looks like too!

I have short, thick dark brown hair. My skin is sort of tanned. My physique is slightly muscular and short. I have big brown eyes, thick eyebrows, and a long-ish nose. I'm full Iranian. I don't really know what I'd like to add to myself for the CB. I'll update if I think of something. 

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Drawn by Wren.

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Drawn by Wren

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Drawn by Wren.

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wow Wren you are such a good artist!!!

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Drawn by Wren

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Ok so getting right into it I'll give 2 appearances :D



Height: 4'10.5 (Yes I am short for my age, my best friend is 5.5 inches taller than me XD)

Hair: Blonde, wavy, and almost halfway down my back.

Clothes: Usually I dress in a t-shirt and jeans, the colors kind of depend on how I'm feeling that day.

Eyes: Dark blue, and a tiny bit of greenish too


That's all I can think of really :P



Height: Maybe like 5'3?

Hair: Strawberry blonde, kind of orange-y

Clothes: Usually a sundress with a transparent red robe, orange-red-brown color theme, when you inspect my clothes closely they appear to be woven out of petals... 

Other: Has small orange wings, and has an orange-red glowing aura like a sunset, appears to be around my age irl 


Yeh :P 

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I imagined you as a fire fairy above a pond with lily pads.

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:0 I really like that description for some reason


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