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CBer CensusI

CBer Census

I can't wait until the 1st SORRY



Age (optional): 



How long you've been on the CB:

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!):


I'll post mine once this comes up :) 

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Name: Thunder (used to be Emekittycon Kitten)

Pronouns: She/her

Age: 15

Appearance: Light tan skin, meduim-length brown hair, with grey eyes. I have glasses, I'm tall for my age (I'm, like, 5 foot 5 1/2 inches... doctor says I'm prob gonna be 6 feet one day), and I usually have four necklaces on, five hair ties, a watch that doesn't work, and a purple stone turtle ring on my left hand, and four bracelets and a copper ring on my right hand.

Personality: I'm usually chill unless someone brings up a topic I don't like (or if somebody insults one of my crushes. Prepare for somethin' nasty if that happens). I'm part social butterfly, but also part I'm-gonna-stay-in-the-corner person. I'm very creative, and I like makin' new friends. I talk a LOT, too.

How Long You've Been On The CB: I joined in January of 2020, so I've been on here for almost FOUR YEARS. That's a long time!

How you came to find the CB: I think I read 'bout it in a Cricket magazine (idk why I don't get those anymore...), and decided to join as Emekittycon K, then Emekittycon Kitten, and now Thunder.

Other: I have a cousin who sometimes comes on here named Moon Jelly.

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Name: Hoax

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: Early High school

Appearance: 5'3, shoulder length dark blond hair, light skin, hazel eyes w/ brown and lavender wide framed glasses

Personality: Because I took pretty much every personality test in existence this year....ENFJ, Type 8 Enneagram, and my true color is Green. Believe it or not I took all these tests for school, too

How long you've been on the CB: As of next April 3rd, four years...WHAT?!?!

How you came to find the CB: From the Cricket Mag! 

Other: I have two AEs, Glimmer and Acumen and just recently changed my name from Neverseen to Hoax :) 

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(December 28, 2023 - 1:38 pm)

Name: Amethyst

Pronouns: she/her

Age (optional): teenager

Appearance: My CB appearance is constantly changing... *digs up my latest version* On the tall side, slender, has long, wavy, loose black hair, hazel eyes, and an inspiring air; I'm wearing a knee-length fitted green dress with a silver underskirt and silver ankle boots

Personality: Friendly, caring, and full of dreams. I love being with people and having fun, as well as being out in nature, reading/writing (need I say that?) and going to new places.

How long you've been on the CB: A year! I joined on September 6th, 2022 (which is now an epic day to me).

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): I started reading Cricket magazines, and of course I loved them :) I kept seeing things like "Periwinkle, Down to Earth" in the Letterbox, and I had no idea what the Chatterbox was. Eventually I found the CB, and after a while I decided to join. My first post was actually a misguided one on an old, old MCU prep thread - I had no idea what MCUs really were :] I'm very fond of the young, clueless me who came across this wonderful place.

Other: n/a I think?

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Name: Darkvine

Pronouns: she/her

Age (optional): around 13

Appearance: varies depending on my mood, but usually black hair, bright green eyes, and shiny black horns. I wear a dark green cloak and gray sweatpants in the winter, and a black t-shirt with ripped jean shorts in the summer. I always wear a belt with a leather sword sheath on it. the sword has a black blade and gold hilt, with an emerald on it.

Personality: sometimes extroverted, sometimes introverted. optimistic, passionate, brave, creative. I'm sometimes smart and logical, but usually not.

How long you've been on the CB: around a year. I'm not really sure.

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): I got Muse magazine, heard about Cricket magazine, and then heard about the CB.

Other: I love snakes and the Legend of Zelda series

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(December 28, 2023 - 5:55 pm)

Name: Rainbow

Pronouns: she/her (but okay with they/them)

Age (optional): almost 14

Appearance: CB appearance is long on one side, shoulder-length on the other rainbow ombre hair (with indigo, purple at roots); sparkly purple glasses; purple iridescent eyes; pale-ish skin; freckles (bc I think freckles are the cutest and I desperately want them but why am I giving an explanation I didn't for anything else oh my gosh why); slightly below average height; usually wearing a suit or ballgown or sometimes jeans (my "token" outfit is a gold button-up shirt with a pink-purple-blue ombre tie, and a long, poofy yet really flowy and perfect for spinning pink-purple-blue shimmery skirt, with gold combat boots with a rainbow embroidered on them); always wearing jewelery (rings, earrings, necklace(s), etc. they always match); abt 15 bracelets on left wrist (this is true irl, too)

Personality: sometimes exuberant; very good at causing pandemonium; "fabulously weird" (to quote Alex Fierro); INTP (that's what it said every time I did the test, which was like 7 times); creative; sensitive; artsy; passionate

How long you've been on the CB: I dunno. 3 years, maybe?

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): Cricket magazine. I thought, "oh huh these people I keep reading seem cool", and then I have no recollection of joining (when, or how), I just remember I think reading some thread and then couldn't stop myself and replied to something randomly, choosing the name of my WoF oc.

Other: Even though I say I don't believe in any god(s), I still blatantly insist I am a child of Apollo and refuse to believe otherwise. I have asked on many occasions to go to 3.141 Farm Road (aka Camp Half-Blood). 

Thank you *cursties* *disappears into thing air* 

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(December 29, 2023 - 10:03 pm)

Name: Hex

Pronouns: anything's fine

Age (optional): middle teens

Appearance: shaggy black hair. A slightly too large wizard's hat and an awesome gnarled staff—Gandalf vibes, anyone? Black cargo pants, navy t-shirt, gray sweatshirt. Definitely a mysterious cloak and cape...

Personality: chaotic, nerdy, sleep-deprived

How long you've been on the CB: two years

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): I think through the mag but I can't really remember huh

Other: the plural of hummus should be homunculi XD

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(December 31, 2023 - 6:27 pm)

Name: Jaybells (aka Jay, Jayde, Bailey)

Pronouns: xe/xyr(s) or they/them

Age: Later teens... TvT

Appearance: Irl I'm fairer w/ freckles, have a mole under my left eye freckles, have curly brown hair (it's short rn), piercings, wear glasses (I just got a new pair, and they're thin round ones), usually am wearing a hat, and am pretty short/of an average size :/  On the CB I have dark skin, am tall, thin and androgynous, have eyes that change colour(usually violet/golden), and have pink or purple hair. I also have piercings and like to look mysterious/mischievous.

Personality: It's kinda hard to say. I've got a lot of contradicting traits, just ask my... *checks list* ...19 official AEs.

How long you've been on the CB: Um. A long time, I think about 6 years? Maybe more, actually. I remember when captchas where only 4 letters...

How you came to find the CB: Through my friend Jwyn

Other: meep

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(January 2, 2024 - 1:29 am)

Name: Scuttles 

Pronouns: Use whatever works. I don't care.
Age (optional): in high school 
Appearance: a humanoid with moth wings and antennae. I'll add more here later if I've got time.
Personality: silly :D
How long you've been on the CB: almost a year now. I joined sometime in February or March 
How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): I had a much older account from when I was in elementary school that was pretty much entirely inactive. CB came up in a lunch conversation once and some of my friends in my lunch group were interested and curious and joined CB. After a little while they convinced me to return, but I had outgrown my old account and felt like it didn't fit me anymore, so I just made a new one. Feel free to try to guess who my friends on here are / were and what my old account was, but I won't confirm or deny anything! ;D
Other: yeeten is the past tense of yeet
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(January 3, 2024 - 2:22 pm)

Name: Lord Entropy 

Pronouns: i am gender apathetic. basically, I don't care. default to they/them if you really want instructions i guess?
Age (optional): 16
Appearance: weirdly tall. i wear glasses. medium length curly hair. pale, brunette. i wear baggy clothes for my sensory issues. lots of hoodies, etc. i wear a smiley face pin. i space out a lot, and i talk very fast.
Personality: obsessive. fast talking. laid back mostly. sort of person who does not involve themself in drama, but rather watches it, and laughs. kind of lazy.
How long you've been on the CB: geez, three years or more. I took a long break. so maybe two years all in all.
How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): the magazine, i believe.
Other:  :>
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Name: Avara
Pronouns: she/her
Age (optional): Freshman in hs
Appearance: 5'5'', light brown wavy long hair, with blonder streaks. It sometimes looks reddish depending on the light. I have bluish eyes with purple glasses, and I usually wear a hoodie, jeans, and vans. My CB appearance is similar, with purple eyes and hair.
Personality: Type 9 enneagram and INFJ-T. I'm very quiet and musical, and it's hard for me to talk to people irl. 
How long you've been on the CB: 1 year and 10 months. But I have ghosted a lot...sorry about that.
How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): I got the Cricket magazine before covid and towards the end of it, and I always saw the CB comments in the Letterbox. I was interested, but I didn't have a chromebook that I could take home until 7th grade, so I joined. 
Other: n/a
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Name: Seadragon

Pronouns: she/her

Age (optional): twelve  (as of recently, which is sort of exciting)

Appearance: long hair, which I sometimes call auburn but is brownish with occasional places of strawberry and whitish and yellow; green eyes that are a mix of green, blue, and grey; I have a slight tan but I'm pretty fair, and I normally wear shorts and pants or occasionally dresses

Personality: INFJ-T, introverted but friendly if you start the conversation, fidgety, sometimes unshakably sad and sometimes happy. 

How long you've been on the CB: 1 3/4 years.

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): I had looked at all the things from the CB in Cricket, and one day I decided I'd join, and I typed in the IRL in the Cricket magazine and this (or the homepage) is what came up. 


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Name: Wolfy (should I change it?)

Pronouns: she/her but you can call me whatever you please

Age (optional): 14 (15 in April!)

Appearance: I still don't have a CB appearance, haha. IRL I'm about 5'7" with long, curly brown hair and brown eyes. I wear silver glasses and clothing that ranges from punk-ish to someone's grandmother. Not exactly appearance, but I also have a pretty deep voice.

Personality: I might be the least INTJ INTJ you'll ever meet. I used to be a quiet-ish loner, but now I'm very loud and chaotic, and I like people but I'm bad at socializing. Perpetually tired, and I'm procrastinating as I type. Fast walker, fast talker, fast thinker. User of many exclamation points, semicolons, parentheses and emoticons. I'm really into music and Nerd Things =)

How long you've been on the CB: Coming up on 3 years! How the time flies...

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): Cricket! I saw the featured snippets in the magazine and I wanted in.

Other: I have not given up on the HHG! I've been really busy lately but I'll have it out as soon as possible. Also, does anyone know that I exist anymore? I've gone on a lot of random hiatuses =P

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Ofc, I remember you! You were in my Time Travel Ski Lodge (which I did finally finish, btw, about a year ago) - your comments on it meant a lot to me :)

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Name: Eclipse
Pronouns: she/her
Age (optional): hs
Appearance: average height and build; dark hair in a cropped cut; various jewelry; cargo pants and a black graphic tee; fanny pack which holds mundane substances such as sunglasses and hairbands as well as other random things such as a half eaten bubble gum lollipop and the first page of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express.
Personality: quiet; loyal; sarcastic; slight anger issues
How long you've been on the CB: a little over a year
How you came to find the CB: introduced by a very special person :)
Other: in Marshalltown (IA) it is illegal for horses to eat fire hydrants
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(January 5, 2024 - 2:03 pm)



Age (optional): 13

Appearance:See image

Personality:Sarcastic, easily obsessive, normaly kinda calm.

How long you've been on the CB:2 years

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!):Through the mag!!

Other: I swear alot IRL, but I can't on here. So random fact that you now know.

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