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CBer CensusI

CBer Census

I can't wait until the 1st SORRY



Age (optional): 



How long you've been on the CB:

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!):


I'll post mine once this comes up :) 

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Name: Periwinkle "Peri"

Pronouns: she/her

Age (optional): almost 14

Appearance: I have periwinkle hair, though it varies in length - sometimes I have a pixie cut, other times I have enough hair to have a bun on my head. I have dark, starry eyes and freckled, rosy cheeks. I usually appear in casual clothes and sneakers.

Personality: I like to think I'm kind and considerate, and I love helping people. 

How long you've been on the CB: almost three years (since January 13, 2021)

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): I was getting Cricket magazine and every night I'd read it, see the info about the CB, think "I should check that out tomorrow," and forget the next day. One day I remembered, looked around for a bit before posting an introduction, and woke up the next day to see I'd received some replies! I've been here ever since :]

Other: love you all <3

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Name: Wafflecat

Pronouns: she/her

Age: middle school

Appearance: I'm still trying to figure out my CB appearance, but here's what I think it might be-- I have a light-ish complexion, dark green-blue eyes, pointed ears and chin, and very light blonde hair that seems to be tinted different colors depending on how the light hits it. It comes down to a bit below my shoulder blades, and I'm wearing black heeled ankle boots, a navy blue collared jacket over a white t-shirt, white jeans, and sometimes a messenger bag.

Personality: with people I don't know very well, I'm quiet and mostly smile and nod instead of saying anything, but with my friends, I'm sarcastic and joke around a lot, but I care about people and try to be kind. I feel like I'm the peacemaker sometimes :)

How long you've been on the CB: ah, yes, the great question. I'm honestly not quite sure -- I keep a log of my posts but I'm pretty sure it has some holes in it. Anyway. I think I technically joined in November 2022, but didn't post much and kinda forgot about the CB, so I would say I officially joined in August 2023, when I made my intro thread and started going on here more frequently.

How you came to find the CB: I get Cricket magazine and read one comment describing Kyngdom in the Letterbox. I decided to try it, but got bored reading the backstory, so I just switched to the CB instead lol

Other: I love being here :) 

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wait what the heck i swear i posted on this?? guess not. huh. anyway, thanks for making this, Hawkstar :] I'll add the results of this to my Very Official CB Population Graph™ later, ig? 

Name: pangolin (Pangolin if you’re fancy, Pholidota if you’re fancier)

Pronouns: she/they

Age (optional): 14

Appearance: my CB one, or my IRL one? they're quite similar, but one has antlers, armor, and shorter hair, and one doesn't (guess which one is which, i dare you). anyway, i'm taller than average with light freckled skin and eyes i don't quite know the color of (it might be green, or blue, or gray, it's anyone's guess). my hair is a copper color, with ginger and auburn streaks in it. it's half wavy, half curly, and wholly the bane of my existence. irl, i almost exclusively wear sweaters, jeans, and beat up black converse, and i carry an old canvas yellow-brownish messenger bag. 

Personality: i don't even know. IRL I'm the rather quiet, socially anxious, hard-working, always-tired teacher's pet sort of person. i don't think i'm very mature or responsible, but the people around me seem to think otherwise. i'm creative and passionate about the things i believe in. i find getting angry to be a lot of effort, but if you do manage to make me angry, that's probably not a good thing for you. i like to wander around my neighborhood in search of adventure, though it seems to be in short supply. 

How long you've been on the CB: three years and change (joined December 9th, 2020)

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): my very boring and cliche villain's origin story (wait, what?) is that, in the middle of the pandemic when i had nothing else to do, i saw the link in the corner of the Letterbox in the mag, and found this place and decided to stick around. i've been sticking around for a couple years now, and i think i might be permanently stuck. there's no getting rid of me now. 

Other: love you guys <3

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Name: Lemondrop

Pronouns: she/her

Age (optional): teenager

Appearance: My appearance on the CB is: tall, with light skin, freckles across my cheeks, and brown eyes with long lashes. I have blonde hair that's slightly longer than chin length and brown at the roots. I have tiny horns, a pair of wings, and I typically wear lots of jewlery and elegant gowns. 

Personality: I'm energetic, athletic, and a generally a pretty upbeat person. I try to always be honest and genuine, and speak my mind about the things I care about! 

How long you've been on the CB: like, ten minutes! I literally just joined today. 

How you came to find the CB (completly optional, but it would be interesting to hear how y'all found this!): I just saw the link in the Cricket Magazine and thought I'd check it out! I've been kind of lurking around this website for a month, working on my AEs as I procrastinated posting my introduction post. But I'm here now :D

Other: :D

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