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It's my CBversary! I've been here for three years!

So I don't want to write a huge rant-y thing but I am super grateful for this place. Since 2021 I have become so much better at writing! I have roleplayed, participated in poetry contests, started a ski lodge, and more. Thank you all for supporting me along the way.

This place has also helped me grow as a person. I've discovered new interests, made a whole of friends, and gained some perspective on what kind of person I want to be. It's so great to be able to connect to people with similar interests to me! Love you all <3

Okay, if you guys want we can do the Q&A thing. You can also take a vote because I want to do something fun to celebrate. Which would you most want to see:

- CB Ball

- Little Lost Library revival (I've tried to revive it like twice but we have yet to finish it and make it a complete, finished story. I think I'll create a vibe similar to Daydreams Cafe so it can still happen even if I'm not super active)

- Written Picturings 

- Music Club (anyone can join and we take turns recommending an album, then everyone listens to it and says what they think) 

And that's it! Churros and chocolate milkshakes for everyone!

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Happy CBversary, Peri!! I for one am really glad you're on the CB. Ever since I joined I've fervently admired your writing and poetry and personality. You have so many great ideas and you're amazing at making people feel better <3 Hope you stay for many more years to come!

My question is, what's your favorite flower? 

My vote goes for the LLL revival or Written Picturings, whichever one you'd like to do, but maybe slightly more in favor of Written Picturings. I think your writing is beautiful and so evocative/vivid/[insert 999 more adjectives here] and I would love to have another written picturing from you (I still remember the one you gave me way back in like September 2022 I think?) anyway, point is, Ig I'll vote for the WPs :) And again, happy CBversary! *throws confetti*

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Thank you so much, Poinsettia! You are such a kind, thoughtful person with a unique perspective on life. I also just really admire your general word choice when writing like a regular post? It's often easy to recognize a post you've written as your words.

Oh, that's such a hard question! I do, of course, like periwinkles, but I also love peonies (I get beautiful peonies in my yard for a brief time in the spring each year) and poppies. I also have rhododendrons all over my front yard each spring, and I love that they attract adorable bumblebees. Jacarandas, though I've never had a chance to see them in person, look gorgeous in pictures. Ooh, and there's lavender, and water lilies, and forget-me-nots… Well, you get the idea XD
Okay! One vote for Written Picturings, then :D 
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Happy CBversary, Peri!!! It's so cool that you've been on here for 3 years! (throws confetti)

For Q&A, what was the inspiration for your CB name?

I'll vote for the Little Lost Library. It sounds interesting! 

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Thank you! You are a fun, creative person, and it's always nice to talk to you!

So at the time I came up with the name I'd read a few posts in the Letterbox from CBers. I think their names were Blue and Lilac? And I took inspiration from the color-names and called myself Periwinkle!

Okay! One vote for Little Lost Library.

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hey, happy CBversary! I'm so glad you're on here :D

for Q & A: least favorite book? 

I vote for Little Lost Library!! I remember participating in the first one and reading the second and I loved the plot and everything about it. The first one was one of the first RP-ish things I did on the CB :) it'd be awesome to bring it back! 

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Thanks! I'm glad to be here, and I'm glad you're here too :D

My least favorite book is If This Were a Story by Beth Turley, probably. Idk, I don't read very many books I completely didn't like. I didn't hate this book but it moved a kind of slow and it just wasn't for me. 

Okay! Two votes to Little Lost Library, then. Hmm, I think it was the second you participated in and the third you read. The very first Little Lost Library is from January 2021: http://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/inkwell/node/469530

The second, from a year later: http://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/inkwell/node/505115 

And the third!: http://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/inkwell/node/527556

Sorry ik there's so many it's hard to differentiate, I just didn't want to confuse you. I really need to start and finish this story so there stops being so many versions to deal with…

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ohhh yeah that makes sense lol I'd forgotten about the earliest one, although I think I've read that one too at some point

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Ooh Happy CBversery!!! I'm so happy that you are part of the Chatterbox. You make it a wonderful place, and you are so kind (forever big sister of the CB!) 

If you could have ANY animal in the world as a friend/pet, what would it be?

And I vote for Little Lost Library (it sounds super cool!) but Written Picturings are forever amazing and Music Club sounds super cool!  

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Peri!!!!!! Happy CBversary!!! *churros and chocolate milkshakes to you too* 3 years, wow! You're such a kind and thoughtful and caring person, and you always give the best advice and know the right thing to say to make someone feel better, which constantly amazes me. I read the... second?? Third?? Idk, the one with.. uhh.. Moonkitten and Star Princess?? of the LLLs and your writing absolutely astounds me too!! You also recommended some of/my most favorite songs to me, as well as The Missing Piece of Charlie O'Reilly (I'm a few pages from finishing, it's so good!!! And woah all the plot twists... absolutely love it!), so tysm for that too!! Love RPing with you, Kyngdom forever!! And for clarification, realize I forgot to answer, I just wanted to confirm that you got my post about Cress and Lee/Zia and Cress bc after I posted it sort of got buried under a bunch of other comments and was the last one on the previous page (it seems to have gotten moved up now though?). But all good now, sorry, thanks! :)

for the Q&A... umm... well, in the spirit of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, do you have any pets? If not, do you want any? And if you do/did, what would you dress them up as (pretending the dress won't be uncomfortable for them, no matter what it is)?

And the vote... arghh this is so hard!! For one, I've been wanting the LLL to revive, and it's already in the lead I think, so might as well vote for that. For another, the music club sounds so cool the CB has introduced me to like half of my favorite/most relatable songs, for more, gtg! LLL then :)

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Thank you! It means a lot <3 You're a really nice person and I love to hear your ideas. I'm so happy you're reading it! It is my favorite book and I really think everyone should give it a try. Let me know your thoughts when you finish :] Yes RPing with you is so fun! Are you doing the Travler's RP (I can't remember if you are, sorry)? If so, let's rp on there, too! And okay, sounds good.

Yes, I have a puppy! I think it would be very fun to dress him up in a cute pink sweater.

Okay, four votes to Little Lost Library! Btw, it sounds like you read the original version :]

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Thank you so much, Hawkstar! You are so sweet and kind, and I'm really enjoying your ski lodge so far.

Ooh, that's hard! I think maybe a little bumblebee. They're so cute :D

Sounds good! Three votes for Little Lost Library, then :]

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Thank YOU! I'm glad you're enjoying the ski lodge :DDD 

I was kinda wondering if we could do Music Club regardless of the votes? cause it sounds cool- same with LLL? 

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Yeah, probably. I'll see what I can do ;)

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Peri yayyy happy CBversary *throws eco-friendly confetti* *gives you churros and chocolate milkshakes too* You're a truly sweet, inspiring, wonderful person, and we're privileged to have you among us :)))) Congratulations on three years! You've helped us in so many ways--love you too (/p ofc) <333 Here's to many more CBversaries!

For Q&A, how did you choose your location? It's so beautiful :) All your celebration ideas are tantalizing, but probably I vote for written picturings - your writing is incredible.

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