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Chat thread! :D

Chat thread! :D

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Just a quick update: I'm now working on finishing up the Bach and starting the Accolay concerto. It seems easier than the Bach, but I could be wrong - I have only played most of it through and it might be way harder at tempo. My teacher says it's a good gateway to harder concertos, so I'm going to try to get through it as fast as I can so I can move onto those. 

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Aah, I'm so sorry I haven't been posting! I kind of feel stressed about violin right now because my orchestra music is very hard and I'm now principal second so I'm a bit terrified :') and if I'm the best in my section that means that nobody else has any idea what's going on half the time--

Anyway, besides that, I've been running the book club at my school. Right now we're reading Six of Crows, which I hadn't read even though it's like the most popular YA book right now. Have you read it? It's okay so far, a bit violent...I like more chill books most of the time, but it seems well written. *I have to finish it by Tuesday and am in chapter 3*

What else is going on with y'all?

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Oh no, I'm sorry Lupine! Hey, though, fellow principal second :D I'm really having the opposite problem - the music we're playing is all too easy. We're playing part of Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherezade, which is kind of hard, in CICO, but the Youth Symphony music is really easy, even though it's supposed to be the harder orchestra. There's just more music. Um, I don't really know what else to say... sorry. Hope you get through it :P When's your concert? 

And oh wait, did I tell you? Well, after my viola seating hearing (on the Telemann viola concerto. The freaking Telemann viola concerto, which is so incredibly easy, especially considering that the scales you do go up really high. And then you never use those high notes, as far as I can tell... *sigh*) my orchestra was like "hey, you should be in YS on viola" so yeah. Now I'm in the Youth Symphony and CICO. Only I am so bad at managing all the pieces because ADHD, especially because a lot of the pieces are easy and like... if it's something like Bach, there's intonation challenges in the easy parts at least to an extent. There's not really here, so I either forget to work on them or can't make myself play through because they're boring. It's annoying. Also I like the CICO conductor way better than the YS conductor. The YS conductor isn't bad at all, he's just not as fun as the CICO conductor. 

I haven't read Six of Crows, but I've heard about it. In general I don't read YA... I like darker stuff sometimes, especially if it's more character-based (like trauma or stuff, my books have plenty of that even though they're MG) but in YA it just... often seems gratuitous. Plus there's so much romance. I'm sure there are some that don't have it, but I just... don't... like romance... at all... 

I honestly haven't been practicing as much as I should be... The stress of basically having to be playing, like, at the very, very least Mendelssohn's violin concerto soon (well, years, but kind of soon) is kind of getting to me a bit. I'm just on Bach's first violin concerto. If I even want to be an orchestra musician, I'm going to have to be doing at least that well. And I really want to be a soloist if it's at all possible. I know it's not very likely, though... 

And honestly, at this point I'm questioning if I even want to be in orchestra any more. Because I need to focus on solos if I'm going to get to that level, probably, and doing a lot of easy orchestra music isn't going to be helping me much. But at the same time, doing orchestra is probably teaching me stuff, and I need a chance to perform... on which note I also really want to find somewhere to play solo stuff, which I should ask my teacher about now that I think about it. Anyway, I have to stay in orchestra until next summer, so that gives me lots of time to think about it.

Anyway, I am definitely getting a "much easier than the Bach" feeling from the Accolay... but that probably means I can get through it quick and then work on something harder? But if I could go straight to that something harder that might be better... at least I'm still mostly working on the Bach right now.

Oh wow, this is really long. Sorry Admins! I'll stop here... and go practice XD

I don't mind the length, BB. I'm interested because I play violin and played in school orchestras from 5th grade on through high school. I didn't play in college, but since moving to this town I've been playing in a community orchestra because it needs string players. I enjoy playing in a group and have many orchestra friends now. Lupine, sometimes music seems really hard, but I've learned that practicing really does help! Then it feels good when I can actually play what I first thought I wouldn't be able to play. Take it slowly at first, figure out the problem spots, and drill them. Music is such a rewarding art, and you can enjoy it your whole life!


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Just topping this and saying happy (belated) Halloween! Did you guys do anything? My orchestra had a Halloween concert, which went pretty well as far as I can tell. And trick-or-treating of course :P

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