Chat thread! :D

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Chat thread! :D

Chat thread! :D

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I'm so sorry it's been so long! Will post later, I swear -

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It's not that I dislike dark stuff or horror; I quite like dark stuff and horror, as it happens. It just has to be done well, and not thrown in. And it feels like it often is in YA. 

Also I play trumpet now! Technically I'd much rather play french horn, but that's not going to be happening any time soon. We already had the trumpet (though its valves are sticky and need to get fixed), but not only is french horn one of the most expensive brass instruments, I am already renting a viola and a violin. But any time I listen to anything that has a french horn, I hear it even if it's blending with everything else and go "ahhhh I want to do that!" XD I do like trumpet, though. But I've always loved french horn. I used to want to do oboe significantly more, but I've thought about it and think I'd rather do brass and strings. Partially because I used to play clarinet in band and didn't really like it. And I don't want to tune an orchestra either. And I just love brass. I kind of have no choice, because both my dad and brother played trumpet XD

Anyway, I've been playing about a week and can do about 5-6 notes with a decent tone, getting progressively airier the higher I go. My brother is helping me. But we lost my brother's old trumpet book. We'll have to get another, and see if the people at the music store can figure out something that they missed when my brother brought it in a long time ago about the valves. I'm hoping I can get good enough to play in the lower orchestra eventually, as well as doing the higher one.

On which note have I mentioned that I'm in both the intermediate on violin and advanced orchestra on viola??? Anyway, we're doing Mars from The Planets in the advanced one, and usually we can play through something pretty decently, but we're really struggling with it. I'm having a lot of fun though. Also there's this one part where it's a sixteenth-note run where almost - but not every - note is sharp. 

Honestly I'm kind of lonely at orchestra. I'm really bad at talking to people (and oh yeah, a lot of the time I can't talk) and all that. But I think I might be trying to talk to the french horns next time. Maybe. *glares at anxiety* Although a lot of the time I seem oddly normal at the intermediate orchestra especially, so who knows?

Also I've learned how to make boba tea at home and the world will never be the same. I'm a little too obsessed XD Which is probably not good because I can't really have dairy but shhhh

Although there's like one muscle in my arms/back/shouders that trumpet uses that violin/viola only kind of uses and now that's really tired. Which is annoying. I definitely want to practice more than I should at this point, since I'm used to practicing for hours on viola/violin.

On which note this has gotten really long, so I'll stop here! Sorry this took so long :P

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That's so cool that you're learning to play the trumpet! It looks fun. I've never played a brass instrument outside of the disgusting plastic trombones that we had to learn in 5th grade, which set me against learning trombone forever. French horn would be really cool too, though, they're so weird and twisty. xD

I'm so bad at talking to people too, I feel like I always sound really uncomfortable (which I am, to be fair) or unconfident. I talked to like 5 people I've never talked to before on my orchestra trip (even if it was just for like 5 minutes) which I was very proud of xD Good luck though, it's not easy. You can do it! *cue the kazoos*

I've always wanted to learn how to make boba! The Asian market has some boba-making kits, I should get one next time I go there. How long does it take?

Other than that...I don't have a whole lot of news besides that I am currently the acting concertmaster at my orchestra (at least until seat checks) which is a bit terrifying. (The second and first violins switch every other semester.) I've been working on the solos a lot though (the conductor has me play them even though I'm not the *official* concertmaster) so it'll be kind of disappointing if I get moved down after auditions. But hahahaah I hate leading people O_o

What else...books! I recently read A Darker Shade of Magic, probably my first adult fantasy book, and it was actually really good! The worldbuilding is absolutely amazing. 

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I'll post more later, but PLASTIC TROMBONES???? That's horrendous. 

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