Um. Hi!Most

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Um. Hi!Most

Um. Hi!

Most of you probably don't know me. I was really active a year or two ago, but then my life changed and I couldn't come on as much. So here's what's been happening in my life.

I've started going to public high school after a lifetime of being homeschooled (it's really weird but I'm mostly enjoying it)

I got invited to the Zero-Hour Chamber Orchestra class, which isn't usually open to freshman

I've been playing soccer with my brothers team, and I love all of them lol

I've gotten fully vaccinated against Covid

I got a new phone that's sooooo much faster than my old one

I've slowly made new friends

And I've missed the CB quite a bit! My AEs have matured and I've got a few less of them now. I realized that Coral wasn't really needed anymore, so Shaow has stepped up and taken her place. Vixen, my CAPTCHA, has kinda disappeared, so I'll have to get a new captcha :P

So yeah! How is everybody? I won't be as active as I'd probably want to be, but I'll try to come in every so often.


My kitten needed pets, I'm back now. I'm sure a bunch of you are new to me so if you could introduce yourself that would be great!! Have a great day everyone!!!

~Dolphin~ (she/her) 

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I am Pancake, if you didn't know. I'm attaching a link to my introduction:]


you will definitly see me a lot around CB. 

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(December 12, 2021 - 5:13 pm)

Nice to meet you!! Read you around!!

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Hey Dolphin!!

I was barely active whe I first joined and then I left but now I am back. I remember you being here when I first joined. *runs off to find joining post*  *reads some comments*

Okay, so, apparently you were the the third person other than myself or a topper to comment on my post. 

Congratulations on going to school! It is also my first year going to public school so I get how weird it feels. My thoughts most days for the most part consist of THIS PLACE IS SO CHAOTIC. MRS. SO-and-so, there was a much simpler way to say that. THIS PLACE IS SO CHAOTIC. I hate wearing both a mask and glasses. THIS PLACE IS SO CHAOTIC. You get the idea.

Congrats on finding a team you like! What position do you play?

Also congratulations on your vaccination, your new phone, and your new friends!

Read you around!

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(December 12, 2021 - 6:46 pm)

Omg sameeeeee my thoughts are almost exactly like that lol! I play anything but goalkeeper, however I prefer playing forward. Read you around!!!

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Welcome back, Dolphin! I remember you! You were one of the "old, experienced people" when I first joined the CB ;) 

I'm glad you're enjoying school and making new friends! What instrument do you play in your chamber orchestra class? It sounds fun. 

Anyway, I'll look forward to seeing you around :)

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Oh gosh I remember you too!! Heh I never thought of myself as experienced that's kinda funny. I play the violin! It's super fun and I really couldn't think of playing a different instrument instead. I'm considering trying to learn cello or viola as an extra though. Read you around!!

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DOLPHIN!! I most certainly remember you. I haven't been active for quite some time either, but I'm slowly trying to hop back onto the cb. it's nice to see a familiar face! 

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Oh hiiiii!! I remember you too!!!! Nice to see you!!

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Hey! I'm Sage (she/her), welcome back! I joined just over a year ago, so idk if you know me. I'm not very active at all these days, but I wanted to say hi :)

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*screen is black*

*sudden light illuminates a figure*

*dramatic music plays*




Sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm in a Christmas mood.  I'm Tsuki (she/her), this is Spontaneity Tempo and Lucky Star (all she/her.). I've been here for maybe 3 months now?  Possibly four? And it's super nice to meet you:D 

I've been going to public school my entire life, every year since I was 3, and HAH HAH IT'S STILL CRAZY.  Trust me, no one really gets used to it.

*realizes that sounds more ominous than comforting* 

Okay, scratch that... 

Anyways, hope to see you around (and tell your kitten they're wonderful, because cat.  Yes I did just use they for an animal, I refuse to use it lol) 

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Dolphin, hi!! I'm not sure if you remember me at all, but it's awesome to see you back :)

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I remember you! It's nice to see (read?) you again :) It's cool that you've been playing soccer! I'm on my high school's team for soccer and I love it. See you around!

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Hi Dolphin!

I am GoldenLionTamarin. I joined on July 18, 2021. Congrats on getting vaxed! I have gotten my first shot, but the second shot is not until January 4, 2022 (New Years' alert!). I post on a lot of threads, and sometimes make my own. You can see me on the Fake Commercials, Weird things you..., and Got the COViD threads.

Hope to see you around! 

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Hey hey! I'm Shining Star and it's great to meet you! I'm 13 and live in hawaii. You can join my role-play if you want. It's fun! But there's a lot that's already happened.

Bye! It's gr8 to meet ya!

--Shining Star 

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