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Auzrivlia RP



I am starting a role-play, finally!

Auzrivlia is a story I've been working on for some time, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and it's a wee bit too similiar to some of my other stories, so I figure I'll put it out on the CB and see what happens. No-one has to join, I just figured I'd try it out...

Okay then!

Auzrivlia is a city made of gems and enclosed by a magical mountain range, so no-one can get in. Long ago it was founded by two people, Gemani and Orion (yes, named after the constellations). Gemani accidentally woke an ancient spell which endowed all her descendents with magical powers, while Orion's descendants remained normal. 

Back then, Auzrivlia was a place of welcome, with merchants and travelers coming in and out. But then an evil lord rose to power, overthrew the leaders, and closed Auzrivlia's borders. His descendants rule Auzrivlia today and use its power to take other countries. 

Here are the descendants' possibe powers, but your character can be normal, too.

Manipulator--you can make anyone do what you want, but it takes a serious physical toll.

(Note: with all these elemental powers, you can semi-control the element--but only if it wants to listen.) 

Watercurver--you can speak to water. 

Firecurver--you can speak to fire.

Windcurver--you can speak to wind (although in this case it's called singing with the wind).

Earthcurver--you can speak to the earth, plants and stones especially.

Ethercurver--you can speak to the matter of the universe.

Animspeaker--you can speak to animals.

Emoreader--you can read emotions.

Telewave--you can hear thoughts.

Telekenetic--you can move things with your mind.

Futureseer--you can see the future.

Mage: you have all these powers.

Ok, that's it, but it's worth noting that, thought the characters don't know it yet, we should keep in mind that the rulers are lying and there is a way for "normal" people to have powers. I'm not actually sure what that way is yet. And mages are mysteriously vanishing… 

One last thing: no-one knows if they have a power or not until they turn 13. 


  Be respectful of others in this roleplay.

Don't role-play overly with other people's characters, no more than is necessary for the story.

But, also, introduce twists! Fun things! Unexpected turns! Secrets! Keep things moving forward!

Of course, no-one has to join. But, as I said, this is just a fun experiment on my part!

Ok. Charrie sheet! You can be as detailed or brief as you like.


Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): 





Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage):





Ok! Here’s my character. There’s no limit to characters you can create so I’ll post a few more later.


 Name: Audrun

Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): turning thirteen tomorrow when this role-play begins, which let’s say will be on the 16th of October or so.

Appearance: floppy brown-black hair; blue-green eyes; wears ragged clothing on purpose; pale skin

Personality: sometimes a little cocky, very brave; wishes he’d get a cool power 

Backround: He grew up with a normal family, going to the regular school, and has a crush on Stephanie (a character I’ll post later)

Gender/pronouns: He/him

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage): Well, nothing yet, but he’s going to be a mage. Don’t tell him!

Strengths: Very brave and protective; also agile. 

Flaws: Sometimes accidentally hurts people’s feelings 

Other: n/a


Alright, as mentioned, this roleplay will begin on the 16th of October, assuming, of course, that my family doesn’t have any plans for then! We can also push it back to the 19th depending on how many people join—if any….:) :| ;-

I am also open to suggestions for improvement of RP quality. 


—Shining Star




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Ahhhhhh, yay, this is gonna be fuuuuun

Name: Celesti

Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): 13

Appearance: Purple-silver eyes, light light brown hair that turns silver in the light


Backround: Lives in Auzrivlia

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage): Emoreader

Strengths: Empathetic, smart

Flaws: Forgetful, sensitive 

Other: This sounds like such a cool roleplay with such an interesting plot!  I can't waiiiit

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Thanks Tsuki!

Admin can you change the name of this thread to role play? 

I tried. Did it work?


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Unfortuanately, nope. But people still seem to be joining, so it's ok. Thank's for trying!

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Name: Mira

Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): 15

Appearance: dark brown hair, brown eyes, plae skin.

Personality: hot-headed, rude, childish

Backround: Born into a weird family, escaped, and is now free

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage): mage

Strengths: magic, the moon, snow

Flaws: has a scar on her right hand

Other: n/a

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Ignore this character! She is no longer my character! I will post a new one!

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Ahh, this looks awesome! Is it too late to join? 

Name: Brook Everson
Age: 14
Appearance: Brown hair in a bob with a turquoise stripe on the left, tanned skin, lots of freckles, tall,  heterochromatic eyes (left brown, right pale blue), wears a bandaid on her cheek because it makes her look cool, earrings shaped liked bees, has a sparrow named Mel who rides around on her shoulder
Personality: Extremely weird and quirky, Brook is someone who finds it hard to make friends but once she's met you she'll be loyal for life.
Background: Brook lives in a forest with only the company of the animals.
Pronouns: she/her
Power: Animspeaker
Strengths: Likes to and is good at art, physically strong, resourceful and knows the forest well
Flaws: Not the sharpest, can't read, is bad at interacting with humans, awkward
Other: can I know a bit more about how an animspeaker would use their power?  
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Animspeakers can send their thoughts to animals and the animal will send thoughts back. They can also understand if an animal makes their noise (like, a cat's meow, or a dog's bark) what they're saying with that. 

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No, there's no limit to people. Anyone can join, even once I start the roleplay--which I now will!

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Ok! I will now start the role-play, but anyone can still join. Here are my other two characters.


Name: Stephanie

Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): 13

Appearance: Pale blond hair, dark brown eyes; she wears pastel colors (and a badge to indicate her talent when she’s at school). Light skin

Personality: Quiet, nervous, and shy; hates her power.

Backround: A fairly normal life for one of the gifted: she grew up in a rich family and was enrolled in the School for the Gifted as soon as she manifested.

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage): Manipulator

Strengths: She can be very convincing.

Flaws: Sometimes lies easily. She considers this a flaw.

Other: She’s willing to do anything to get rid of her power


Name: Haley

Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): 12 

Appearance: Bushy brown hair, overbite on her teeth, shiny sea-blue eyes

Personality: bouncy and loud; very hopeful and fierce

Backround: Grew up next door to Audrun in a little cottage and is very loved by her family.

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage): n/a

Strengths: Hopeful, as mentioned; always sees the best in bad situations

Flaws: Sometimes overlooks the bad things people do.

Other: Audrun’s best friend.






“Come on, don’t give up yet!” Haley said, pointing at the boulder. “Try and lift that with your mind.”

I gave a sigh. “Haley, I’m normal.  There’s no way I’ll ever be able to get a power.”

“Aw,” she pouted. “It’s your 13th birthday tomorrow. You’ve gotta get a cool power! That way,” she added with a sly smile, “you and Stephanie will match better.”

I went red. “Argh, how many times must I tell you, I DO NOT like her.”

“Suuuuuuuuure,” Haley smirked.

I rolled my eyes and focused on the boulder again.

It did not lift.

“Ok, next! Try to to make that stream rise into the air.” She pointed at the stream that washed through our yard.

Rise, I told it.

Burble, it said, gleefully ignoring me.

“Nope,” I sighed. “I don’t think this is gonna work, Haley.”

She scowled. “You give up too easily, Audrun.”

“What’s not going to work?” said a voice.

I turned and saw Stephanie, my other friend, standing nearby, twisting a strand of her blond hair around her finger.

“We’re trying to see what kind of cool power Audrun gets,” Haley announced.

“Haley, I’m not one of the gifted.”

“Argue for your limitations and sure enough they’re yours,” she quipped. (I didn’t really get how this could be, since only one of the original leaders had awakened the ancient magic. That was a fact, not a made-up limitation.)

“Oh well,” Stephanie said. “Even if he has a cool power, he’ll get it tomorrow, not today!”

“True.” Haley closed the book of powers. “Want to come over for dinner, Stephie?”

“Sure,” she said. “Let me just send a message to my mom. Can I use the phone, Audrun?”

I was NOT blushing, I decided. “Sure.”

She went in and I could hear her leaving the message. Meanwhile, me and Haley packed up the book and raincoats and climbed the hill towards her house.

“Hello, Audrun dear,” said her mom. “Dinner is almost ready. Haley, why don’t you take him up to your room?”

“Oh, right. Guess I should’ve cleaned it. C’mon, Audrun.”




After dinner, me, Haley, and Stephanie went out and watched the stars. There were the shapes of the first leaders, Orion and Gemini, who had (as the story went) first been constellations who came down from the sky and returned there when they died. Stephanie (who was a bit of a history freak) bored us to sleep with her explanations about the Uprising and the Original Leaders.

Finally, she caught a bus home. After waving goodbye to her, me and Haley promised to see eachother at school tomorrow, and went to our separate homes.




And that’s that! On the 19th it’ll be the first day of this year at school. You can wait to start role-playing until then, or you can show a bit about your characters’ lives the night before. Up to you! Bye!


—Shining Star

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Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): tuning thirteen a week after the 16th, so the 23rd

Appearance: short for her age at 4 foot 3, long amber hair that gos just past her waist, olive skin, emrald eyes

Personality: so smart she scares people, usally friendly, just don't make her mad, shy until trusts you

Backround: her mom died shortly after giving birth, her dad sent to jail for a crime he didn't comit, was raised in a orpanage and adopted by a over protecting couple when she was six 

Gender/pronouns: she/ her

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage): mage

Strengths: smart, talnted, understanding

Flaws: slow to trust, always felt like a outcast, everyone thinks she's strange, but can't place why


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Thank you yay!

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 Sorry! I was sure that I typed her name, but I guess not. Her name is Ruby Grimm.

also, I've been working on this:

Ruby has never been very trusting. Who would after her dad was wrongly imprisoned? At least, she doesn't think that he is gulity. Ruby only knew him until she was 4 and a 1/2. Then she was sent to an orphanage, and adopted by Margrett and Tomas. Every night she tried to convince herselfj that her dad did nothing wrong. Just the thought of her kind strong dad doing what he was acussed of made her cry. But the thing is, if he didn't do it, then who did? Why would they frame her dad? What did he do to deserve this? What did Ron Grimm do to get sent to jail?

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@Shining Star

Thank you so much for joining my RP!!!!!! I have joined yours, as you may have seen! Also, thanks for commenting, but just so you know, it may be a long time before My friends and I finish chapter 1. 

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The bridges were crawling with students. On one side, all the Gifted. On the other, all the non-gifted (like me).

I waved Haley over. This wass a change from our old school, which was grimy; this one looks like the Taj Mahal. ((I’ll post my drawing of the school later. This is me, btw—Shining Star. I’ll put my own things in double parentheses.))

Well, sorta.

“It’s big, isn’t it?” Haley squeaked. “I feel out of place.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure this side is much less nice than the other,” I said.

She looked around furtively. “Shh! What if someone hears you?”

I fell silent. I may not agree with the separations in our world, but even I’m not stupid enough to voice how I feel.

We proceeded in anxious silence until we reach the doors. Two soldiers were posted there, and I had to show my ID bracelet, which states my name, birthday, power-status, etc. (The latter one, sadly, remains on void.)

Sighing, I turned and stepped through the arching doorways. I couldn’t help feeling, as the big white doors slam shut behind me, that I’m walking into a prison.




Class was as boring as ever.  

And that was BORING.

Our teacher, a balding man who wore spectacles, droned on and on about the creation of Auzrivlia. Seriously, he was worse than Stephanie!

By the time lunch came around, I was exhausted. I slumped to the table, too tired to force myself to eat the spinach lasagna (which would taste horrid. It always did). But the sight of a little greenish vial sitting by my plate jolted me to awareness.

Right on cue, the cool female robot voice spoke out of the loudspeaker. “Children, you will find a vial of potion at each of your plates. You are required to drink this mixture to detect if any of you have manifested as a mage. This is not a request. This is mandatory.” It then went on to repeat the requirement.

I felt a little sick as I leaned over to whisper to Haley, “What’s a mage?”

Her eyes were wide. “Someone with all the talents! I didn’t think there were any left.”


“They disappear. Every mage ever recorded has mysteriously disappeared.”

“But…this is the untalented wing.”

“They’re probably trying to make sure we don’t try and hide the talent. What I wouldn’t give to be a mage!”

I shivered. “Uh, what about the disappearing part?”

“Eh. If you were a mage, you could totally escape.”

I glanced back at my potion. “Well, I guess I have to drink it.”

She smirked. “Here’s hoping I’ll get the talent!”

We clinked our vials together, laughed, and tipped the potion into our mouths.




At first it was an itch.

Just a little itch.

Then it was a pulse.

Then it was a pain.

I tried not to squirm, wondering if this sweater was giving me a rash. It had been half an hour or so since I’d drank the little potion, and I’d just about given up on anything happening.

Should’ve known better.

I sighed, and that was when I heard it.

Poor Audrun, he’s probably sad he didn’t get the power.

            I snapped upright in my chair. It was Haley’s voice, but different somehow. “What did you say?”

She looked at me in surprise. “Huh?”

I sank back down in my chair. I was hearing things.

Odd, came her voice again. I didn’t say anything. What did Audrun hear?

            Why was she speaking to me a Audrun instead of you? “I’m right here,” I said impatiently.

“Um, what?” she said, staring at me.

Puzzlement washed through me, along with a touch of fear. But something was different about this emotion. It felt like it was coming from outside of me.

I shook off the weird feelings and glanced ruefully at the trash can. I was tired and didn’t really want to walk all the way over there to dump my tray in. I decided to put it off a little longer, and that was when the tray floated right past my eyes and dumped itself into the trash can.

I sat up straight and swallowed my yelp as the entire cafeteria went silent.

The water twitched in my glass.

The itch in my hand became unbearable.

The water in the glass splashed out and across my hand.

I leaped to my feet. Something weird was going on. I had to get out of here.        

“Um, be right back,” I muttered to Haley, and slowly, nonchalantly, I stood up and strolled towards the door.

As soon as I was outside, I leaned against the doorway and tried to ignore the fact that thoughts were rushing through my head, thoughts that weren’t my own; that foreign emotions—fear, sorrow, joy—were rushing through my heart; that a vine had just grown out of the floor and was twining around my hand.

But I couldn’t.

And just then, just when things couldn’t get worse, they did.




If you read my other posts, you’ll see that I have a dreadful reputation, for cliffhangers; however, one of you can pick it up from here if you want. You can now start roleplaying.

            Thank you everybody for the characters! Have fun!

—Shining Star



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