Random AE Thread!

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Random AE Thread!

Random AE Thread!

So, idk about you lizards, but I love my AEs so much that I just have a ton of little things everywhere about them. Fun facts, doodles, random POVs, animatics, aesthetics, ETC. So! Here's a thread. Put whatever, as long as it's AE related!

There might be RPing. There might be diary entries. There might be overly detailed run-downs of my AE's horrible mental state and trauma. There might be shipping. Whatever you feel like!

Have fun <3 

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I have been thinking about my AEs ever since I came up with them. 

Chai and Rogue are actually much more developed versions of old characters I made up and would think about on occasion, Leila and Sadie. Leila (now Chai) was optimistic and sweet, and Sadie (now Rogue) was more realistic and sarcastic on occasion. Chai and Rogue met in foster care and Chai declared Rogue her best friend. Rogue was annoyed by Chai, but also felt a need to protect her. Chai's been through a lot. In my mind she spent the majority of her life floating around foster care, orphanages, and the streets, never having a true home, but remaining optimistic. She actually didn't have her first piece of candy until she was eight!

I was almost convinced Chai was a Hufflepuff, but took a quiz as her to be sure, which confirmed it. She is, by far, my most developed AE.

I will be back! 

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An assortment of fun facts:

- I actually have a "true form" for Tempest pretty figured out. I'm not going to tell you all, but let it suffice to say he looks a lot more like Dawn than he would care to admit/regularly show.

- Aliza is not quite ageless, but not really just 8 years old. More like never-aging. She will never grow older, even 50 years from now.

- Cassidy has been working on a mural for her bedroom's wall for a few months. They slowly add to it whenever they feel like it. 

- Oliver stims (I think that's the right word, lol)! He shakes his hands (like me!), rocks back and forth, and sometimes plays with his hair. I also think he has ADHD, because I think I have it as well, but if it ever turns out that I don't, he wouldn't! 

- Tempest's voice can change when he shifts. It can be an entirely new voice, or it could be some musician or character. And, he's a really good singer, no matter the voice!!

- Cassidy likes MARINA's music

- Dawn is REALLY good at braiding hair, and braids Aliza's every day. Ae used to braid aer own a lot (still does sometimes)

- Aliza likes Dawn the best

- Cassidy and Tempest are best friends. A chaos duo.


As you can see, I know the most about Tempest and the least about Oliver. 

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Vo is, in some ways, unintentionally a copy of Oliver (sorry!!). I happen to have that "fangirl" side as well and wanted to make an AE out of it. Vo also stims, though I usually just call it fidgeting, which I decided to have him do because I do it whenever I'm excited or nervous about something. He drums his fingers, tap dances in his seat, and plays with his hands. Chai has something related to ADHD where she'll occasionally get so lost in her own thoughts she forgets to pay attention to the world around her, as she describes at her birthday party. Both of these are pulled from experiences I have in real life (Chai's thing is kinda pesky for me 'cause it usually happens in gym or math right when the teacher's explaining the instructions and I'm like "um what" XD). But again, I'm sorry if Vo seems too similar to Oliver. Your AEs are funny, well-thought out, and amazingly developed, and I would hate to be making some cheap plastic knock-off of any one of your AEs with mine.

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The (not so) amazing legend of how (ALL) of my AEs came to be the AEs you know and love today.This is Part 1
Hour: Her name came from a SI. My name on the SI was, HourOfNothiness. Originally she had Black hair and Black eyes.I didn't use her until I changed her design to White hair and Blue eyes. And I turned her in to a GAW-JUSS Goddess we all know today.
Lore: He became Lore from an Avatar I made at 4:00 am...I gave him a personality close to Reuby's and made him her older brother....so...He exists now!
Mhaya:ALSO created from a Avatar maker. She was meant to be Reuby as a kid, but in stead of giving her red side hair, I acidentlly gave her white side hair..and there you go! Mhaya is now here! Most of my AEs are based of Avatars I created in the past.

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-Chai, who I have the best understanding of because I see her and recognize her in my personality every day, acts very much like a small child, but actually is extremely wise and very smart.

-Quinn is the best at recognizing other people's emotions and often makes accurate guesses as to what they like and want to hear.

-Indy is the most sensitive. Her personality, fused with Quinn's, is usually what comes out when talking to my teachers: polite, but also confident and smart. 

-Which I guess brings up the fact that my AEs' personalities can fuse (like the Crystal Gems, much to Vo's delight)

-Quinn is the most musical AE and the best actress.  

-Indy's best friends with Tama, a retired AE of mine.

-Rogue is actually very good at understanding other's emotions, like Quinn, and wishes she was a nicer person, but cannot help her moodiness. 

-Chai sometimes feels non-binary, but at other times feels very much like a girl. She's struggling to decide.

I have a few prototypes for new AEs, because I've been thinking of updating mine. Anyone have any thoughts on these?:

Kalon "Kallie": Basically Indy, but updated and blended with similar things related to my shyness. Very polite, quiet, and respectful. She/her pronouns.  

Jackal "Jack": My confident side. Quinn, for the most part, with some Rogue mixed in. He/she/they. 

Chai: same as before. Nobody is changing that perfect angel. 

Lacuna "Una": my philosophical side. Always thinking about the mind and psychology and all that other fun stuff. They/she.

Akihi "Aki': my forgetful, fidgety, fangirl side. Formerly Vo. they/he.






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Part 2 of the Legend of how my AEs came to be!
Collet: One day, I was wondering what the opposet of Reuby. ( I was also messing around with an avatar maker. She is the only one in the family who has Blonde hair and Green eyes. She is my least developed character in the Moonnight Family.
Agua: Honestly, I have no idea where he came from. No matter how much I rack my brain, I still come up with nothing. Maybe I just wanted a new OC...I'll prolly remember at 11:00 tonight
Strawberry: I came up with her a LONG time ago, and when I did. She looked sad, and practilly Emo. But I changed her personality. Now I like it! She has a Sad backstory I have yet to share, and the reason she eats so much sugar. Thats it for now, once I'm done with these, I'll just post random facts.
The original Doodle of Strawberry( don't mind the writing, it's just names of characters for a comic):

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101_0585 (2).jpg
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Yes PLEASE!?!? This sounds so fun!!

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Any AEs open for shipping with Cassidy? She reallyyyy wants a girlfriend

-*sobs* I'm so lonely-- 

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@Writing, Lazuli is open to shipping with Cassidy if you want!  She'd like a girlfriend too, though she's probably too embarrassed to admit it.

-All of my AEs are loosely based off of some my D&D characters, as well as mythical creatures.  They're also named after gemstones, it that wasn't obvious.

-Lazuli is by nature the mom of the group, which can stress her out sometimes.  Her personality is also the closest to my own most of the time.

-Carnelian secretly really likes little kids (except when they're too loud).  He used to be a gladiator, hence the scars and tattoo,

-I like to think that my AEs met each other somehow and have seperate backstories rather than always existing together

-Rose wants to start a band but they can't find anyone to join.  They love plants and have a small garden.

-Ame is the youngest, and they can shapeshift into a cat

I'll probably be back with more random facts! 



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:000 Maybe! They might be really cute together... Could we do some RPing to test out their ~Chemistry~? 

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Of course!

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Yesss- Should we make a new thread or just do it on here?

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My AEs Ages If I Had To Assign Them One--

Dawn - probably 15 or 16? 17 at most.

Tempest - 15, but, like... NEARLY 16

Cassidy - 14

Oliver - He's 13

Aliza - She's 8


Also, Putting My Playlist On Shuffle And Assigning The Song An AE~

Choice (Jack Staubur)- Oliver would listen to this lol

Manta Rays (Chloe Moriondo)- Dawn? Aer song ~vibe~ but idk if ae'd actually listen to it

Two Birds (Regina Spektor)- This would be more like… a chill song around the house, nothing any of them would totally listen to on their own. Probably Cassidy or Dawn though.

Your New Boyfriend (Wilbur Soot)- Again, I think this is Oliver (for fandom reasons), but I can see Tempest singing this one too.

Sorry haha I fell Asleep (Egg)- Dawn. So. Much. Dawn.

Pity Party (Melenie Martiniez)- Cassidy would like this song frrrr

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