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Hi guys, so does anyone want to do some Hogwarts roleplay? I've been reading through the Harry Potter series and love it! If you want to be a part, comment the following information about your RP character:



Hogwarts house:



Wand Type:


I will be posting my character later, good luck !  

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Okay, so assuming Flitwick is still there him.  

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My mind whizzed and whirred. I never thought I would get this far! I didn't even have my own broomstick! Whenever I borrowed Aisling's, I always pretended that I was a chaser. 

"Chaser!" Somehow I manage to yell and whisper the word, creating jagged, exciting and unbelieving sounds.  

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"And a marvelous chaser she is." I beamed."You, my dear team captain, would be at a huge disadvantage if you didn't put her on your team."

"Look," Corin rolled his eyes. "I had one chaser position available.  Bring your broomstick, or get one for yourself fast. Meet our team at the quidditch field in two hours. If you impress us, welcome to the team. If you don't, forget it."

With that the Gryphindor qudditch team walked out of the common room.

"That is how you do it." I felt incredibly relieved. "You do own a broom, correct?"

Heidi shook her head, "I haven't really ever needed one."

"Well we better get you one, fast." I began to hurry her out of the common room. "We have enough time to get to Diagon Alley and back to the quidditch fields if we leave now!"

( Yay! going broom shopping with Rose Bud :) 

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I blink, looking at them.

"Hi!" one of the girls breathes. 

"Hello," I whisper back.

"So, you're a werewolf, eh? Reminds me 'bout Lupin..." Araxie nods.

"Except Lupin didn't come from a family such as mine."

"Oh, is your backstory that bad?" the other girl barges in. "My name is Daomi, by the way."

"Yes, it is, Daomi. But I can deal with it." I look down, my cheeks reddening.

"It's almost..."

"Yes, full moon. I know."

"Are you..?"

"No. I'm not scared. I have been through this one night before... While I was trying to come here..."

"Wait, a werewolf bit you when you were trying to get to Hogwarts?" Araxie exclaims. I nod.

"Let's not talk about this, okay?" I look at them in the eye.

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"Sorry," I say. "It's fine." She studies me. "Blood status?" "Oh you're one of those kind of people!" Aracxie and I say at the same time. "No, no, no!" She rushed. "It's just I come from a family where you are beaten if you don't say that first off." "Oh, you poor dear!" Aracxie rushes forward, pinching Mackie's cheek. "Half-blood," I say. She smiles hesitantly at me. I smile back. "Mackie, d'ya want to come to my house for the summer holidays?" "My parents-" "Tell them I'm pure blood. Araxie is coming."  "I sure hope so." 15 minutes later, Araxie and I are clambering out of the Fat Lady, being careful to hide our faces. "She's nice," Araxie says shortly as we wait for a staircase to finish moving. "You're just worried that I'm going to spend all my time with her." I bump her shoulder. "You're still my best mate." Just then, Professor Milderdew, our DADA professor comes around the corner. "Oh lovely," I breathe.

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" How are we going to get back to Diagon Alley and back in two hours silly!" I exclaim exasperatedly as soon as we were out of my common room. I had just met Jerrod, and already my shyness was creeping away. He was so bold to ask if I could be on the Griffindor team, I would have never gathered enough courage to do that. 

Jerrod traces his fingers along the tapestry, and I purse my lips, thinking. The only times I had ever been on a broom were in Madame Nicola Hooch's (daughter of the famous Rolanda Hooch, teacher of Harry Potter) lessons, and the one time when Aisling let me fly on her broom.

"I need to talk to Aisling," I tell Jerrod.  

"Fine, then we will practice until times up!" He replies, then suddenly stops walking. 

"C'mon! We don't have any time to loose!"

Jerrod's eyes widen in surprise; "I think I'm stuck!"

I had forgotten to tell him to skip 'the sinking stair.'

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"Maybe you could borrow your sister's broom for the tryouts," I tried not to panic about being practically eatin by a stair, "the one who hexed me. Could you give me a hand?"

Heidi and I struggled to try to remove my person from the strange pit "thingy".

"I need to talk to her anyway," Heidi prepared to leave.

"Can you ask her not to attack me anymore?" I laughed, "Anyway, I'll meet you back at the qudditch field in two hours. It might be good to get there a little early, so that you can practice. I don't know how much of what I said about you being the current queen of quidditch is actually true." 

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"What are you girls doing here?" the professor asks.

I glance at Daomi and signal her. We both look up at him tearfully.

"Oh, sir, I'm so embarrassed!" I say almost tearfully. "I lost my way and asked the tapestry for directions because the Gryffindor tapestry is the BEST at directions, but I can't find your class!"

His face softens. "That's alright. It's the third corridor down, to the left."

We smile daintily. "Oh, thank you!" we chorus.

He chuckles and walks away. As soon as he's gone, we take out our broomsticks and fly to the Ravenclaw common room. Or, we start to.

I hear a familiar voice.

"JEEEEERROOOOOD," I say, altering my voice. Daomi helps with a deep vocal charm.

He looks around, but we're hidden.


He looks around, holding his wand at the ready. I uncharm myself and start laughing.

"Araxie!" he exclaims. 

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I am walking hurriedly to nowhere when I here an ominous wail:


I almost giggle. I have never had a phone before, but being muggle, even I knew what wifi was.

Two girls appear, and I think at least one is Ravenclaw! I approach them to ask if they knew where my sister was. 



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"Aisling?" I ask Heidi. "Nope." "She went down to the lake with what's his face," Araxie adds. 

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"Th-thanks," I say. That was not very helpful. I sprint down the corridor after Jerrod. "Wait! Those girls say Aisling is by the lake." I am becoming panicked. "With-with..." I suddenly realise what that means. Aisling is down by the lake with a boy! Oh never mind. Back to panicking. "What are we gonna do!" 

"Umm... we could just go to the lake and ask her for her broom."

"C'mon!" I race down many flights of stairs, through endless hallways, and finally across the shivering grass around the castle. I really want this. More than anything else, I want to be chaser. 

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I charged towards the lake with Heidi hurrying not far behind me. My back was still a bit sore from the flying hexes , but that was the least of my concerns.

Aisling just about fried your spinal cord last time you saw her. What if "whats-his-face" can't calm her down? 

I truly wanted Heidi to get to be a chaser. The thrill of playing quidditch is undeniably amazing. But I wasn't about to be the one to get her to fork over her broom.

We stopped a stone's throw away from the pond.

"Alright Heidi," I stepped back, "you know what to do. I'll have your back no matter who she is with." 


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When I round a bend (making sure to skip the false stair), I see Jerod and Heidi facing each other. They  are obviously yelling about something. I see Heidi point somewhere, and I look. Oh my hippogriffs! Aisling and what's his face (Joh! His name is Joh!) were "Snogging!" Araxie breaths. I fall right through a fake wall. When I regain my dignity, I stand and look around. Araxie is there too. "Where the heck are we?" we say at the same time.

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Aisling is only thirteen. Can we change it to something like "holding hands" or something? Lyra's character is really too young.


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Thank you.

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