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Hi guys, so does anyone want to do some Hogwarts roleplay? I've been reading through the Harry Potter series and love it! If you want to be a part, comment the following information about your RP character:



Hogwarts house:



Wand Type:


I will be posting my character later, good luck !  

submitted by Cloudy Dweller
(March 11, 2015 - 9:00 am)


I had barely been watching Heidi, until that hex shot out of nowhere. Gryphindor teammates and others alike gathered around her.

Araxie and I shoved to the front.

You're a decent person, kept ringing in my head, like the bell of an old clock. 

"Heidi, are you alright?" Araxie shouted over the commotion.

Heidi moaned and struggled to turn towards her.

"Well you saw that," I hissed at the Gryphindir team captin, "she WOULD have blown you away with her exceptional quidditch skills if SOMEONE hadn't hexed her."

I hadn't the slightest clue why anyone would ruin Heidi's moment. It's not like she was some sort of Draco Malfoy or something.

"Why would I want her on my team?" Captin Corin snapped adamantly. "She hasn't done a thing to impress me, AND she is friends with a blasted Slytherin boy."

"Hey," Araxie yelled, "he's a decent person, no need to attack the innocent."

"Where did that hex come from anyway?" I thought aloud.

"It came out of no where," a kid from the sidelines interjected.

"I couldn't care less," Corin barked. "All I want is a good chaser, FOR ONCE just a normal good chaser."

"We can't decide that until we know who shot the hex, and why." I was really getting annoyed with Corin.

"Agreed," Araxie stood up, "hexes don't simply fly on their own."

"Well, you all have a lovely time," Corin began to motion his team off the field. "I for one feel no need to aid you strange folk in any possible way."

(I was thinking the Gryphindir team captin could be a bad guy.) 

submitted by Cloudy Dweller
(March 24, 2015 - 9:47 pm)

Um... I already posted something but okay... (Can my character not be ignored, please?)

submitted by Danie
(March 25, 2015 - 9:54 am)

So sorry Danie ! For some reason your post wasn't showing up on my Ipad. I wouldn't have commented if I had seen your post :)

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(March 25, 2015 - 2:34 pm)

*disregard this PoV Danie's comment hadn't been showing up for me*

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(March 25, 2015 - 2:38 pm)

Whoohoo! Having fun! 

Okay, Heidi is unconscious right now, so I will tell the story from a picture on a wall's point of view. He is a giraffe named Sir Walter. 


Sir Walter


I hear shuffling noises from the corridor whose wall my picture frame sits on. Craning my neck, which is very long, towards the edge of my painting, I make out a shape that is too large to be human, yet I can see several human features protruding from the thing making its way down my corridor. I prepare myself to give a cry of alarm, which will wake the bored-looking wizard's painting above me from his afternoon nap. As the footsteps draw closer, I realize that it is several humans, two girls, (Diomi and Araxie) and one boy (Jerod), nervously carrying another girl by the arms and legs. I make a strangled sound in my throat, which is a rare thing for a giraffe like me to do. The old bored wizard jumps out of his painted, cushioned, chair, snatching the pointed hat that had fallen on the floor, and set it atop his curly white-grey hair. 

"What is this, what is this?" he asks in a soft, grey voice as the students pass by our frames.

I stamp my hooves on a painted rock, and begin to run out of my frame. The old wizard fumbles with the wand in his pocket, and dashes as fast as his short legs can take him after me.

We travel like this up to the hospital wing, to warn Madame Pomfrey of the injured student. She is tending to a second year whose hair was orange with purple poka dots. Madame Pomprey pored a little liquid from a dull green bottle into his mouth, the boy responded by thrasing around and making gagging noises until his hair returned to his normal color.

The old wizard coughed, and Madame Pomfrey spun around.

"Madame," he murmered in his frail voice, "there appears to be a student in the third corridor on the first floor in need of your aid." I stomped my hooves in agreement. "Yes, thank you, Renald," she replied hurriedly as her light feet ran from the hospital wing. We followed her back down through the paintings; the students had made little progress, but it appeared someone had gone for help, for there was quite a group of students and a few teachers gathered around the unconscious girl. 

"Step aside, step aside!" Madame Pomfrey separated the chattering crowd of students with her wand lifted high.



submitted by Rose bud (Heidi) , age 12, SC
(March 25, 2015 - 8:12 am)

Sorry I forgot about Mackie! Mackie walked by Sir Walter with everyone too!

submitted by Rose bud, age 12, SC
(March 25, 2015 - 12:16 pm)

Sorry Danie! Let's say you were there, and you offered to help carry me, and then you passed by Sir Walter and Renald the old, bored, wizard. 

submitted by Rose bud, age 12, SC
(March 25, 2015 - 1:28 pm)

I lie in bed, thinking over what happened. Dementors! In Hogwarts! It's just too strange. Araxie snores. I roll over, still pondering what happened. "Araxie..." I whisper. "Huh? Wha fik go un?" she says groggily. "Araxie. I'm going to see Mackie." "What!?" she exclaims, awake now. "Daomi..." She checks her watch. "It's 11:40!" I take out the Snitch. "She threw this down."  

submitted by Daomi
(March 25, 2015 - 6:28 pm)

I thought Araxie and Diamo were at the Quidditch field with everyone else.

Can the hex put Heidi in a trance or something when she wakes up? :) 

submitted by Rose bud, age 12, SC
(March 26, 2015 - 4:38 pm)

I think that would add a really interesting twist !

submitted by Cloudy Dweller, the Clouds
(March 26, 2015 - 5:06 pm)


After we take Heidi to Madame, I walk back toward my common room. I walk toward the girls beds and relax. But then my eyes widen and I feel sick. No no nononono It's coming. 3 more hours... I shove open my bag and grab the potion I'm suppose to drink and chug it down. I finally sneak under the bed so that people don't notice me, and sleep.

I wake up in the middle of the night. I hear footsteps. I realize I'm already a wolf and growl quietly.

"Mackie?" A voice whispers... Daomi! I crawl from under the beds, showing myself.

"Oh m--!" Araxie covers her mouth. I growl again.


submitted by Danie
(March 26, 2015 - 8:40 pm)

I slow my breathing. That is NOT a wolf. It's more like a chupacabra!

Of course, I don't say that. I calmly apparoach her, holding out my hand, but not my wand. Her potion should protect her...

Suddenly she lunges. Time slows down. All I can see is the demon-wolf's jaws, a hex from- is that Jerod?!- flying into the wolf's neck, and I fall over, knocking myself out on the bedpost. 

submitted by Brookeira
(March 26, 2015 - 9:14 pm)


Everything had happened so fast over the past few days. Sure, Heidi had gotten on the team like she wanted to , but that was the least of my concerns. Why were all of those dementors sneaking about? I was eternally grateful to Araxie for her help, but even she couldn't hold such strange forces at bay.

The night outside gleamed an obsidian black through every window.

No stars tonight, I mumbled to myself.

Suddenly, I hear a loud growl from a room down the hall. Unholstering my wand and auickening my pace I shove open the door.

Lunging at Araxie stood a horrid looking beast.

What? Who is that? I can't be Mackie, I thought , Mackie isn't insane like this!

I knew that Araxie coukdn't take a lung from a demon-wolf, and one more blow would permanently take her out.

No longer thinking but just responding, I throw a hex at the wolf , hoping for once my horribly tempermental wand would work for once. It did, and I could see the beast being flung back.

I hope that wasn't Mackie...

Araxie lay with her head on the bedpost unconscious. For some reason my eyes began to well up with tears.

"Someone , anyone! " I scream , "Get a medic, Arxaxie needs help!!!"

I immediately bend down, "Araxie, wake up !"

"HELP!!!" I yell at the top of my lungs, "HELP!" 

submitted by Cloudy Dweller
(March 27, 2015 - 11:38 am)

Sir Walter

The student in the hospital wing was recovering fast. She had broken a leg from the fall, but under Madam Pomfrey's excellent care, the bones were healing. By the evening during the day her injury took place, She was awake. Renald and I visited her twice from a painting on the wall. We shared this frame with a young girl doing her laundry, and she was rather annoyed with the way we would burst into her painting. 

I was now back in my corridor, and the students were in their common rooms, talking and working on their homework until they grew sleepy. Above me, Renald was preparing to turn in for the night. I had decided to make one more trip to the hospital wing tonight, as the young student was now awake, and I wanted to make her aquaintance. I ducked through several paintings that were not meant for giraffes like me. I finally reached the painting of the young girl, whose name is Sara. She was sleeping over a large barrel of soapy water, which was draped in dripping garments. In the hospital wing, Madam Pompfrey was just leaving, and the young girl was lying in bed with a pretty white night-gown. She looked over at me and smiled, I made that strangled sound in my throat, and thus we were aquainted. 

"Hullo. I'm Heidi," she said softly. I clacked my hoof against the painted floor in responce.

We continued to talk like that for some time, until we were interupted by a soft cough in my painting. I spun around, with difficulty, of course, to see Renald standing there.

" I was visited by the fat lady tonight, after you had gone. We talked for several minutes and I escorted her back to her painting, as I felt it was the gentlemanly thing to do." Renald's actient voice had awakened Sarah, and she was now listening with mild interest, as was Heidi. 

"Go on, then," Sarah prodded. 

" Well," he paused her to cough, " there was a slight -er- commotion from the Gryffindor tower. She was disturbed because someone could have come through in her absence. I told her not to go in there, and came to you as fast as I could." 

I was not sure that was the wisest thing for Renald to do, but, as I could not think of anything more wise, I agreed that it was best to come to me. As we were pondering over wise decions, Heidi exclaimed: "My common room! we have to help!" 

"Of course, of course, we shall help, but how?" Renald replied.

"You're bein' plain silly!" Sarah declared. "All we have to do is go dow' there and take a peek at wha' the trouble migh' be!"  

"Yes, of course," Renald said feebly as he and Sarah began to walk out of the painting.

"What about me?" Heidi slipped out of bed delicatly, walking carefully on her injured leg.

"No, what with the leg and all, I will not allow you to go." Renald was getting rather flustered now, and not speaking clearly.

"I'm fine, really, Madam Pompfrey fixed me up well!"

"Well, then..." Renald began.

"Let's be off!" Sara finished, and the we traveled across the paintings to Gryffindor tower, and Heidi followed from the floor.


So Sarah, Heidi, Renald, and Sir Walter are coming to investigate the commotion! Remember that some of the characters are only paintings. Sorry it is so long. 

submitted by Rose bud, age 12, SC
(March 27, 2015 - 1:09 pm)

Heidi (this begins before the hex)

I close my eyes, trying to pretend that no one was watching, my fingers are shaking and I can barely hold on to the broomstick.  
"Well?" My eyes flicker open to see Corin snearing at me, the sun glinting off his golden-blonde hair. "Let's see your 'Amazing' talent, shall we?"
"Y-yes." I almost whimper. I turn my head around slightly, and look at Jerod and Araxie talking to each other, yet looking at me with expectant eyes. I breathe deeply; I'm acting pathetic! Facing Corin now, I drop my broom, and I try to toss my hair deffiantly like I see Aisling doing sometimes, but my own hair is so short that only the ends wave feebly.
"UP!" I command to my broom stick, and Corin backs away. I slide on, rubbing my fingers over the polished, wooden handle. Take-off was a blur, and before I knew it, I was swooping after the quaffle. The air was precise, I felt the cool breezes flow throughout my whole body, washing away the hot lump of nervousness. 
"GO HEIDI!" I hear Jerod and Araxie scream from below as I feel the Cleansweap 9's swooshing energy beneath me. I float directly under the quaffle and outstretch my hands as it flies towards me. I race to the goal with the quaffle in hand; Corin had flown up on his own broom to block me.
The chants of "Go Heidi!" From my new friends suddenly changed to a cry of warning, and an inexpressible force of pain explodes against my back. A terrible screeching cry rushed through my ears, until all I can hear is an awful ringing, rising to such a pitch that I thought I would disintegrate. Another blast of impact, and the ringing stops. I realize I must be on the ground; I feel as if a shadow of pain is taking over my brain (hey! That rhymes!). 
"Heidi! Are you all right?!" I try to turn, thinking I hear Aisling, but it is only Araxie. I try to tell her I am fine, but something has taken the words from my mouth. Surges of people are bending over me. I don't want everyone looking at me!!! I'm fine! But my vocal cords seem unable to work the words out. There are eyes everywhere, and I am finding it hard to focus on any pair, until I see two ice blue eyes locking my hazy gaze and drawing my thoughts away from me, and a spiral of blackness begins to descend slowly. Someone is trying to lift my shoulders up (Mackie), there is yelling in the distance, (Corin, Jerod). I try to look above the falling black curtain, and the ice blue eyes, and the last thing I see is a girl with long blonde hair running from the castle (Ivy).  
submitted by Rose bud, age 12, SC
(March 27, 2015 - 9:29 am)