True selves RP!

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True selves RP!

True selves RP!
In this RP, everyone will roleplay as, well, themselves! Obviously, we're going to have to change our last name to fit the Admin's requirements, but other than that, your personality and everything will be the same! However, all our ages will be thirteen because it's better if we're all in the same grade.
The sheet:
Name (Remember, change at least the last name):
Things they are good at:
Things they need work on:
Introvert or extrovert?
Optimist or pessimist?
Favorite color, song, book, movie, etc:
Best subject:
And mine is:
Name (Remember, change at least the last name): Emma Zhang (Not my real first name, and not my real last name) (Everyone pronounces it as "Zayng" but it's pronounced "Jong")
Appearance: Tall for an Asian. Her family says her eyes are big, but at school they are small. Hair usually in a ponytail, and has acne. :(
Things they are good at: Reading, writing, she's flexible and can do a split, she programs, math, and is okay at drawing.
Things they need work on: Gym, Social Studies, saying the right thing.
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert, but it's sometimes hard to express her feelings.
Optimist or pessimist? She tries to be optimistic, but most times her negative thoughts take over.
Favorite color, song, book, movie, etc: Song: Try Everything or Xiao Ping-guo. Book: Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. Movie: Zootopia or the Sound of Music. 
Best subject: English. Animal: Surprisingly, the bunny.
Personality: Fiery. Emma will stand for what she believes in and gets into way too many arguments. She wants to be an activist when she grows up.
Other: None.
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Name: Caroline Preston (not my real first name nor last name)

Appearance: I've got short blond hair and eyes that my parents say are blue-green and everyone else (including me) says they're blue-grey. I wear glasses with transparent plastic frames and my hair is always tucked behind my ears. Tall and skinny, I usually wear t-shirts (with some sort of picture/text on them) and yoga pants.

Things they are good at: Writing, reading, baseball (I suppose), piano, soccer, and test-taking.

Things they need to work on: Not blurting whatever comes into my head, math, pitching, a million other things I can't think of at the moment.

Introvert or extrovert?: This may seem cowardly, but a bit of both. I like to think of myself as an introvert, because I'm perfectly fine at being alone and love my own company. But I also like talking to people, especially friends, and this summer? Pretty horrible time when all my friends were out of town.

Optomist or pessimist?: Neither. My thoughts are both.

Favorites: I list.

Best subject: Ummm. I'm pretty good with all of them. I got the best grade in Social Studies this year, at least so far, but I'm really good at ELA; however, apparently I scored higher on my statewide math tests than ELA ones last year. So who knows?

Personality: Isn't this more like "Five billion words to describe myself?" Luckily, I kind of did that in Social Studies recently. Here we go: Very, very ambitious and rather proud. Slightly stubborn, kind of witty, although that's one of the rare respects I have self-doubt in. Quick to learn. Bookworm, nerd. Quick to laugh and smile-- I could be in the worst mood, and one witty phrase will get me giggling. Agnostic. Imaginative. The kind of person who needs to share everything that goes on in my mind. Procrastinator, night owl. Terrible at keeping my own secrets but good at keeping others'. Quick to defend. Very high self-esteem.

Other: Um. I think I covered it all in the personality xD

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Oh. Um, adding on! xD

Personality, continued: I'm quick to raise my voice and when I do, it gets even higher than it already is (I sound like a five-year-old when I talk. A very sad trait). It isn't really an agression thing as much as an all-around: when I'm trying to prove a point, agitated, nervous, etc.  I usually refuse to let myself be proven wrong unless I'm completely beaten down by a point (or my own, good points cannot be said because they would be rude to superior subjects). 

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Name (Remember, change at least the last name): Elena (pronounced Uh-LAY-nuh) Zaidi
Appearance: Tall and skinny, with medium length brown hair. Usually wears a t shirt and never wears make up or puts her (my, I guess) hair up unless she/I absolutely HAS to. 
Things they are good at: Running, cello, pretty much all school subjects except history, math, logic, reading, putting off homework for 4 hours like I'm doing right now, art
Things they need work on: stubborness, admitting I'm wrong, being extroverted, history, not procrastinating like I'm doing right now, making decisions
Introvert or extrovert? Usually introvert, but with my friends I'm an extrovert
Optimist or pessimist? Usually optimist, but can sometimes be really pessimistic some times
Favorite color, song, book, movie, etc: Umm... I don't really have favorites of very many things (except book/movie characters)
Best subject: Math :)
Personality: Most people say I'm shy but with my friends I'm really loud. I can be really stubborn sometimes. I have lived in Bolivia and in Uganda and love traveling to different places. I get easily distracted but if I really want to I can concentrate and work really hard. I pretty much ignore all middle school drama and never get involved. I can be very ambitious and sometimes bite off more than I can chew. People say I'm very creative and artistic, so I suppose I am?
Other: erm...
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I will join, although I may have to quit. 

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Name: Ariana Levine

Appearance: longish wavy brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes, a light dosing of freckles over nose/and cheeks. Also has braces.

Good at: Drawing manga, after a fashion; writing; playing video games, building with Lego's, and creating playmobil scenes.

Work on: Writing and Lego LoTR



Favorite color: PURPLE!!!!

Favorite song: Probably "We are giants" by Lindsey Stirling.

Favorite book: YOU CANNOT MAKE ME ANSWER THAT!!!!!!!

Favorite movie: Either "The empire strikes back", or "The Princess bride"

Best subject: Art I guess?

Personality: Well, generally melancholy. But she can be lots of fun if you get to know her a little more. She is generally an outsider at school and is very lonely in her social life. 

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I call a spot! So, will we be in school, or how will this work?

Name (Not real!): Emily Ashton
Appearance: Average hight, hazel eyes, brown hair that is always in braids, freckles across her nose, usualy blushing.
Things they are good at: Reading, writing, staying organised, helping others (I guess), following directions, school generaly
Things they need work on: Beingoutspoken, standing up for herself, not being so awkward and sheepish, nor so shy, dealing with technology...
Introvert or extrovert? Introvert, most of the time.
Optimist or pessimist? Both, at times.
Favorite color, song, book, movie, etc: Loves classic literature, the colour violet, owls, 
Best subject: English, I suppose.
Personality: Shy, kind of awkward, really wants others to like her, over-achiever, nerd, bookworm.


I'll finish later, got to go! 

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Oh, I also need to work on athletics.

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And I most often wear skirts, leggings, and sweaters.

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This is my first RP in a while!

Name (not my real last name): Daphne Clarke

Things they are good at: Dance, gymnastics, drawing, reading, writing

Things they need to work on: Procrastination, not talking back to her parents, working on more important things like schoolwork instead of devoting her entire life to dance

Introvert or extrovert? Ambivert!

Optomist or pessimist: A little of both

Favorite color, song, book, movie, etc: Too many to name

Best subject: Art, gym, English

Personality: She's a social butterfly, is friends or at least acquainted with almost everyone in her grade, and is usually kind but can get a hot temper easily. She's a people person, but enjoys her alone time once in a while. She works hard at what she's passionate about but can easily forget about other priorities like homework and chores.

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Name: Miri Levine (neither of those are real)

Things that they are good at: READING, gymnastics, piano, drawing, writing, and math.

Things that they need to work on: Not staying up late, reading when is not supposed to, getting off track or *ahem* doing Cricket before done with work... (I'm homeschooled, but is that even an option?)

Introvert or extrovert? Ambivert. (This is really me. Actually more of a reading-overt) 

Optomist or pessimist: Optomist most of the time.

Favorite color, song, book, movie, etc: Well, for color: Turquoise, teal, blue, red. For song: Going off of church hymns, This is the Feast, Joyful joyful we adore thee, I am Jesus' little lamb, Thank the lord, and a bunch of others. Not church hymns, well Lindsey Stirling's stuff is great, plus all the stuff from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. For book: I DON'T HAVE ONE THE GOOD ONES ARE ALL SO GREAT! For movie: Star Wars 2,4,5, also The Princess Bride, plus Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (please don't judge.). UGH NOBODY LIKES AWFUL MULAN 2!!!

Best subject: Um, I'm homeschooled, but Math (and art).

Personality: Kind, adventurous, brave, and smart. (I love animals. Search for a baby hooded skunk; they're adorable.)

Pet: Dog. 



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Homeschoolers for the win! And Mulan 2 is awful. I think we'll get along.

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