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Warriors RP

Sometimes, in the darkest days of war, a quick minute of peace comes, and two sides of battle realize that really, they're not so different. But then that moment of still is gone, and their commanders order them to charge again. But if peace comes, when peace comes, eventually the same will happen, and the whole world will realize that all everyone really wants is a hug. -from the as-yet unwritten book inspiring quotes by Simon Hurst, Simon Hurst being a pen-name of mine.

In the cliff-tops, lake-sides, forest glades and caves of the cat-Tribes of Stormstar's rest, the land of the Four Rock Tribes, lies an insurmountable evil, unknown to the cats who live there,but guarded by them. It was defeated in the dawning days of the Tribes, and still it slumbers, though its heartbeat causes earthquakes, and its snores storms. The Tribes must always stay by the shore, or no life on earth will be able to stop it. Though the Tribes war amongst themselves, one must never obliterate another, for they are vital in their defense of their own territories.

The Tribe of the High Clifftops oversees the guard. If any of the others were to falter, the Cliff Tribe could go to their defense. The Cliff Tribe are the most welcoming of those from other clans, especially the Cave Tribe.

The Tribe of Icy Lakes watches over the springs, streams and Lake. They are the most territorial of Tribes, for their Tribe's Leader and Healer are the only ones who know of the Enemy, and they guard the Keystone.

The Tribe of Green-leafed Forest guards the deep forests of this land. They are the most agile of all the cats, and can climb a hundred-foot tree in an instant.

The Tribe of Darkened Caves guards the deep cave-paths beneath the other tribes. Grim and unaccepting of cats from other clans, the Cave Tribe has only one small piece of land below the cliffs.

The Tribe of Those Long Past guards the spiritual gateways of Goodstar's Rest. When a cat from any other clan dies, their spirits join these ghostly ranks, unless they were perticularly evil.

So! Basically, the Four Tribes of Goodstar's  Rest (and the Past Tribe), are guarding the land from a mysterious evil that has been sealed away for thousands of seasons! Have fun, and here's the charrie sheet!


AGE: must be over six moons for Apprentice, over twelve for Warriors/Healers, and probably over twenty-five for leaders/deputys.

RANK: Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Healer, Deputy, and Leader.



SPECIAL POWERS: Every once in a while, the Past Tribe grants a kit a special, minor, power to help their tribes in the future. Many leaders have these, but not always. The Forest Tribe are the least likely to have these. Quite a few more kits with powerful powers have been born in the past few moons, corresponding to the  bad omens the Healers have been recieving. Stormstar was the first and most powerful of these Gifted, having control over storms.





My sheet:

NAME: Lightningstar

AGE: 34

RANK: Leader, some experience as Healer, but mostly as warrior.

APPEARANCE: Black tabby with green eyes and bright orange markings that flare in the sunlight, resembling lightning.


POWERS: He has a guiding voice in his head, and he has minor control over electricity.

CLAN: the Tribe of High Clifftops.

OTHER: none.


I forgot to mention the Healer meeting place and the meeting place. The Healer meeting place is the Pool of Starry Sky, and the meeting place is the Great Stone Spire, a spire of rock jutting out of the ground in between all four territories. (Even the Cave Tribe, who can climb on it all the way to the top from beneath it. The StarPool is in the very top of the spire.


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Silentkit! I call upon your portion of my imagination to go to the position of Seer of the Tribe of Those Long Past in the Tribe of Datkened Caves!

(Is it okay if she has some sort of spirit form and can see the past and future to some degree?)

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(March 23, 2019 - 10:40 am)

Ah... No seers, unless you mean Healer? But yes, a spirit form's okay, as long as it has some major drawbacks.

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(March 23, 2019 - 11:31 am)

Seer is what I was thinking her power would be called. And the drawbacks to her spirit form are that her physical body disappears and it takes a while for her to faze between spirit world and real world, about a minute or so, during which she can't move.

NAME: Silentkit

AGE: 5 moons


APPEARANCE: Silvery-grey with black stripes and leopard spots intermittently interrupting the stripes. Eerily light green eyes. Muscular build, but average body shape.

PERSONALITY: Quietly judging you since the day she was born *AHEM* Introverted, judgmental, quite intidimating for a kit.

SPECIAL POWERS: She can faze in and out of the spirit world and can see the past and future, which she can manipulate to the smallest degree. There are drawbacks to both powers.

CLAN: Tribe of Darkened Caves

OTHER: She was adopted by Moonface, a white longfurred queen with very blue eyes (She's an NPC). Moonface's kits had all died due to a birth complication that Moonface never speaks about. Nobody knows who the father was, but it is suspected that he was a rogue cat.

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NAME: Shellstripe

AGE: 15

RANK: Healer

APPEARANCE: creamy white she-cat with gold and slightly pink specks in her fur, ocean blue eyes, 

PERSONALITY: Quiet, secluded, nice, if she had to choose to save herself or others she would choose others. 

SPECIAL POWERS: She can breath under water. The water also seems to follow her around a bit like when you are around her the air might be more humid.

CLAN: The Tribe of Icy Lakes


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Sounds cool!!

NAME: Winnowpaw

AGE: 10 moons

RANK: apprentice healer

APPEARANCE: solid silvery gray pelt, with frostbite blue eyes and mid length fur, more on the short side though. Fairly small for a cat of her age, but very nimble and fast because of it.

PERSONALITY: curious, light hearted, loving, cares a little too much and because of that she can get hurt easily, photographic memory (helpful for remembering herbs and plants) 

SPECIAL POWERS: has control over the wind

CLAN: The Tribe of the High Clifftops

OTHER: very open to shipping, whether it’s in her clan or another one!!

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(March 23, 2019 - 7:29 pm)

Hey, Kestrel, I was wondering if you'd like Silentkit and Winnowpaw to be secret bffs? That would be adorable, seeing as Silentkit is half Winnowpaw's twice her age. We could RP like Winnowpaw brings Silentkit's miniscule amount of inner kitten out and teaches Silentkit about herbs and stuff... DSJKFCHSLDFKJCNLR CUTENESS *Needs to chill out but can't because I have no chill only cold*

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(March 23, 2019 - 10:20 pm)

Oh my gosh yes I love that idea!!!

uwuwuwuwuuu!! :) <3 

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(March 24, 2019 - 2:53 pm)

Oooh can I reserve? I'll post soon! It's just I'm very tired and we're gonna watch Going Postal now, can't miss that.

The captcha was 'cuba' for.. some reason.

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NAME: Wildheart

AGE: 16

RANK: Healer (Winnowpaw, may I be your mentor?)

APPERENCE: Pretty grey she-cat with bright green eyes

PERSONALITY: Calm, and very kind. she likes to follow the warrior code, but she disigrees with the fact that medicine cats cannot have a mate. 

SPECAIL POWERS: Since she is a healer, she has dream and receives sighns from The Tribe of Those Long Past, but, for some reason, she gets many more dreams and signs then the other healers.

CLAN: The Tribe Of High Clifftops

OTHER: she is open to shipping, even though she is a healer. she beleives you can follow your heart.






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Yes of course! I was very much hoping somebody would make a character to be my mentor so thank you!!

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Name: Shadowstep

Age: 30 moons rank: Deputy

Apperance: Dark gray with white and black streaks and steel gray eyes with a smal scar on her shoulder

Personality: Tough exterior, but kind and loving if you give her a chance

Special powers: Can blend into shadows without being seen

Clan: Tribe of Icy Lakes 

Other: Family was killed in fired, and she is terrified of it now. She got her scar from this fire.

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Name: Dewpaw

Age: 8 moons

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Muscular grey tabby she-cat with light brown eyes. 

Personality: Determined, has a sarcastic bite, impacient, reckless.

Special powers: If she focuses long enough she has super senses and everything slows down for a few seconds. Drawback; she never focuses that hard its almost impossible for her.

Clan: The Tribe of Icy Lakes

Other: Can we ship Dewpaw and Winnowpaw, Kestrel?


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(March 24, 2019 - 4:01 pm)

Sure! I feel like their personalities could balance each other out really well.

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So first off, Catsclaw, this is a super cool way to make an original concept out of Warrior Cat's, so that's real cool. Just wanted to say that!

NAME: Thornpaw

AGE: 10 moons - if that's not 13-14 in cat time, then the amount of moons that is 13-14 in cat time.

RANK: Apprentice - nearing the end of his Apprenticeship.

APPEARANCE: Entirely black, with amond-shaped eyes, the right a light green, the left a darker greyish blue. Relatively silky fur, lanky and long body type, and with slightly larger ears than normal, which are usually perked up. His tail swishes about quickly when he's agitated.


PERSONALITY: Fairly perky. He's the guy who tries to help you look on the bright side. He's always exploring the forest, and usually knows the best spots to hunt. He genuinely wants to put other cats at their ease, and he's usually trying to be in tune with other's wavelength to figure out how to do that. He's sort of the 'Friend who never gives up' if you watch the great Sarcastic Productions Trope Talk series (which is great by the way go watch it now). Sooner or later he'll probably start to question why exactly he seems to be the only one giving in a relationship, but that might be later in his barely sketched out arc in my head. He's not super bubbly (Because, of course, that might put people off. Always redesigning yourself for purchase is the best way to make new friends!!), but he'll constantly play the "optimist" part. He's fairly aware of the role he plays, and as a product of that is slightly cynical about... well... life in general, and that'll peek through sometimes. He's easygoing and is likely to go along with breaking rules - if, of course, he doesn't think he'll get reprimanded too harshly. He's aware of the system and doesn't have many qualms about using it, as long as it doesnt hurt other cats. He hates to have other cats uncomfortable or unhappy. Usually very nervous around cats he can't befriend or help in some way.


SPECIAL POWERS: Uhm.... nothing. It's possibly he was sort of psuedo-blessed as he was very close to the only cat that was recently blessed with powers in the Forest Tribe when she/he was being blessed, so maybe a little bit of it rubbed off? He's very silent when he walks.     Yep. That's it. It's great for hunting, though his voice is also a bit quieter than normal, especially when he's nervous. 


CLAN: The Clan/Tribe of Green-Leafed Forests. 


OTHER: He didn't have a very good childhood, so that partly helped with him wanting other sot be at ease and not feel how he often felt in kittenhood. A few other cats in the clan know of his family issues, but for the most part it's not spoken about. Except, of course, in other tribes. Feel free to make cats gossip as much as you want about it in other tribes.

I thunk that's good! Open to shipping! 

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