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Historical Time Twister

Historical Time Twister RP!  

So, right now I'm writing a story where the children of various well know historical figures are taken out of their respectuve time periods and thrown together into a task force of sorts.  What they're up against, and what happens in literally any other part of the story, I have no clue.  So, I thought maybe I could create an RP with the same basic premise, and maybe get some inspiration from you guys!

More In Depth Basic Premise:  Your character, whoever they may be, is simply going about their day to day life when, out of nowhere, they are confronted by a stranger.  This stranger, through various means, instructs your character to be on their roof that night.  They also say 'Be ready.'  The catch?  The stranger is clearly your own character, but 5ish years older.  Your character does as instructed, and wakes up...  In their own bedroom.  After exploring around to be sure the encounter wasn't a dream, they open the doors and find themselves staring into a massive circular room with doors ringing the walls.  One by one, more people emerge from the doors, and together they realize that there is no way they are all from the same time.

Here's the sheet, with my charrie in it.

Name: James Parker-Barrow

Parents, and backstory if you want to clarify: Bonnie and Clyde

Native Time Period: 1930's

Age: 16

Appearance: Average height, short, curly brown hair, brown eyes.  Wears an old grey newsboy cap that was his dad's with a matching grey suit vest, white shirt, and black pants.  Has very shiny black dress boots.

Personality: James's aunt brought him up for her late sister in a very small town where everyome knew his parents' story.  James was a big handful for his aunt, so the townspeople didn't want to make her feel bad by telling her about all the bad things (mainly just stealing stuff) he'd done around town, so he pretty much got away with it all.  He's reckless, and stubborn, and rude, but it really comes from the fact that the only people that he's ever seen truely in love were his parents, and they died, so he's kind of afraid that if he would love someone/lets someone love him they'll get hurt.  That's also why he steals.

Any Other Fun Facts: He's colorblind!

Any villian/plot ideas you have: Help me please I have 0 (zero) ideas

So....  Yeah!  I'm excited to start!  I do kinda wanna keep this small, so maybe, four or five people (excluding myself)?



P.S. As of now I don't really have any means or wants to get my personal story published, but if you wouldn't want your ideas within my story for any reason, just let me know!  If my story were to be published I would of course cite all you guys for your ideas.

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I'd like to join, but I don't know if I'll be able to keep up the commitment. I will really try though, and post a character sheet on Saturday.

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Ooh, I'll join!

Name: Patsy Washington

Parents: George and Martha Washington (Actually, her mother was Martha Washington but I think her father was Martha's previous husband? Not sure.)

Native Time Period: Late 1700s to early 1800s

Age: 16

Appearance: Patsy has dark brown ringlets and a pretty ordinary face. Her eyes are also brown and her cheeks are sprinkled with freckles. She wears the type of clothing you'd expect from someone of her time period, though she isn't a huge fan of it and likes to sneak out in boy's clothing.

Personality: Patsy is quiet around her parents and anyone she believes to have more power than her, but when she's alone or with her friends she's actually quite rambunctious. She likes to defy expectations and be herself, no matter what other people say. She's very creative and quite intelligent.

Other Fun Facts: According to my quick Google search, Patsy died when she was 16 of an epilectic seizure. So I was thinking, what if she didn't actually die? What if she just was trapped in this twisted-time-arena-thing and never made it out? Soooooo, if you like, Patsy can die. :) Also, Patsy was a real person, but I made up all of her appearance/personality, so she probably isn't much like the real Patsy.

Villian/plot ideas: Well. First of all, you've created a time paradox, if this "stranger who's your character but 5 years older" thing is going where I think it is. See, Older Character went back in time to tell Younger Character to be ready, but if they hadn't told YC to be ready, then they wouldn't have been ready, so OC wouldn't have been able to go back in time to tell YC to be ready. In other words, every event happens because the event before it happens, which is a time paradox.

Therefore, I'd suggest getting rid of the part where the stranger who tells the characters to go on their roof is the character but 5ish years older. Maybe you could change that stranger to, say, the villian in the story? And perhaps the villian is trying to kidnap all of these famous peoples' children for ransoms? Or maybe this is going to be something like the Hunger Games for people in the future, say, 2500?

Wow, that was long! Sorry about that. :) 

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I can join but my posts will be small and infrequent since I'm going on a trip for a month and won't  have my computer(I will have my phone though so that's good). I'll hopefully post my sheet tonight, if not on saturday cause graduation.

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I would totally want to join, but I'm going to a summer camp TOMORROW. I will certainley read this when I get back, though.

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I'm so excited you guys!!!!  Once Darkking, Applejaguar, and Rogue post their sheets we'll get started!  

@Kitten, in my mind the older versions of the charries actually work for whatever organization took the YCs, and that organization is the good guy.  I do kinda like the Hunger Games idea, but maybe the organization snuck them in to try and stop it?

One more thing, I was just wondering if any/everyone would be interested in have romantic relationships between characters (appropriate of course).  If you guys came up with any good endgame ships or anything we could try to weave them in from the beginning. 

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There technically wouldn't be a time paradox because (please excuse my homestuck logic) if the future self appears it would have branched the timline into two seperate timelines, each with a different outcome. If the main character's future self goes back to their own timeline at the eact moment they left then the timelines would either merge(if the future self's time;line's future self also vitited them) or they would become completely seperate, one doomed and one having a chance at survival. No pardoxes created or needed, unless we're going by different timespace rules then IDK man.

I hope to finish my sheet soon but I'm graduating from middle school tonight so there's a very small window of opportunity for me to finish and post it, but I can most definaily do it tomorrow. 

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Well. I don't entirely understand what you're saying, but I'm going to try to explain further why I think this is a time paradox.

1. YC is told by OC to be ready.

2. Because YC is ready, they are teleported forward in time.

3. Because YC was teleported forward in time, they have access to time-travel resources, and can go back in time.

4. YC grows up into OC.

5. OC goes back in time to tell YC to be ready.

Therefore, YC only gets teleported forward in time because they were teleported forward in time.

So, as you were saying, there are two timelines: One where YC is teleported forward in time, and one where YC isn't teleported forward in time. However, the problem is that there isn't anything that starts the chain of teleporting-forward-in-time, so, logically, it shouldn't happen, and that timeline shouldn't exist.

Have you ever read Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox? A very similar thing happens there.

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Ah, yeah, it would be cool for the organization that took the characters to be the good ones. :)

I'd be interested in romance, so long as we didn't, like, go too far, but I suppose that wouldn't be allowed anyway. 

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I'm really sorry guys, I was out for a lot longer than I expected today. I'll post a character sheet tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited about finding a cool historical period.

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Sorry, this is going to be not so well put together, but I can probably fix some stuff about it tomorrow.


Name: Zulu Maude Woodhull

Parents, and backstory if you want to clarify:
Victoria Woodhull,who was a women's rights activist who ran for president in 1872, and Canning Woodhull

Native Time Period:
She was born in 1861, so I guess the 1870s?


You can look her up, since she was a real person and I'm just using her real appearance because that's easier. She's white, with dark brown eyes and straight dark brown hair. She has a round face, a perfect middle part, and full lips. Wears a white dress without too much shape and with petticoats underneath, ribbons in her hair, and black boots.

(This is all made up, I'm not sure what she was really like): Ill-tempered and sharp-tongued, she says what's on her mind, and sometimes tries to make people feel bad on purpose. She has a really good sense of people and their emotions, but sometimes uses it to hurt people. She views it as her duty to take down people who are too arrogant by finding their weak spots and pressing at them. However, she has a very strong sense of morality. She always tries hard to make the right choice, although she might be insulted if you described her that way, because she wants to keep up an appearance of never trying too hard. She isn't afraid to voice her honest opinions about anything.

Any Other Fun Facts:
I don't know if this is exactly fun, but her mom married very young, at the age of fifteen. Her mom also wrote for a left-wing newspaper. 

Any villian/plot ideas you have:
I don't have any right now, but I probably will soon, because I love thinking about plots. 


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Name: Catherine "Kate" Dickens

Parents, and backstory if you want to clarify: Charles Dickens and his wife, who was also named Catherine

Native time period: 1850s, I guess

Age: 16

Appearance: Average height, auburn hair, dark eyes. Wears dresses and all clothes appropriate to an English girl from her time period.

Personality: Kate had many siblings, and was known for having the hottest temper of all of them. Strong-willed, fiery, a lot of personality. She was also criticized as a young woman for being a flirt, so I'll say she should definitely be shipped with anyone you see fit. Kate is artistic and loves painting and drawing (she grew up to be an artist). She doesn't stand for misogyny or mistreatment of anyone at all.

Any other fun facts: Charles Dickens gave all his kids weird nicknames. Kate (aside from being nicknamed "Kate" in the first place) was nicknamed "Lucifer Box" for her temper.

Any plot ideas: None, really. I don't understand time travel theory well enough to suggest a fix for whatever paradoxes there might be. 

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