Mythical Creatures RP 

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Mythical Creatures RP 

Mythical Creatures RP 

Far away, in a distant world, lives all the mythical creatures you have read about and more. The ruler of which is a mighty red dragon named King. This land has been in peace and prosperity for many years. This land could never be reached by humans... 

Until one day, you and many other people get transported from your homes to this world, where you become a magical creature of your choosing. You now have a choice: you can stay here, or you could find a way home.

You can choose a familiar creature, like a griffin or a dragon, or you can make your own creature. Together, we will build this world to be a massive majestic land. 

You will find many magical items as well, to help you on your journey. Some are simple, like making you invisible. Others may have strength-boosting powers. But the most magical item of all can also be the most dangerous. 

You must work together to get through this world. You will face many challenges, but with skill and determination, you will go through them successfully! However, a darkness looms above...  

My charrie:  

Name: Rose

Gender: F 

Age: 13 

Species she turns into: dragon 

appearance (as the species she turns into. You may describe the human form later.): blue body, yellow serpentine eyes, yellow belly, horns and claws, long straight claws 

Personality: kind, but can be sarcastic a lot of the time, can have a temper, not very social 

Family that is transported with her: Lily, her younger sister (she's a dragon too, she is white with blue eyes, but has the same yellow horns, claws, and belly as her sister) 

Friends: none as of yet

Anyway, let's hopefully start this up soon! Please feel free to ask any questions or suggestions! Let's have fun guys!      

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(July 11, 2019 - 2:18 pm)

Hey, Rouge, do you want to ship Takane and Rune? I’ll leave my charrie sheet below for him.

Name: Takane

Gender: M

Age: 17

Species he turns into: A Kitsune

Appearance: A solid black Kitsune with fiery red eyes

Personality: A bit of a pessimist. He can be joyful, but otherwise, he’ll stay in the shadows.

Family that is transported with him: Hiromi

Friends: His brother, Hiromi, and possibly Rune as a ship.

:3 I need stuff to do other than school. 

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(September 7, 2019 - 7:01 am)

Sounds great, let's do it!

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(September 7, 2019 - 11:12 am)

@EvErYoNe, I cant wait for this to start! Sep. 15, 2019, I have it marked! (That’s also the day I’m getting braces, woo-hoo.)

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(September 13, 2019 - 7:23 am)

I am going to post this afternoon. Something came up which will make me busy for a while. But this rp has officially started! Woooo! 

You guys can be the first rp starters if you want. But I WILL post mine sometime today. 

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(September 15, 2019 - 8:19 am)

I can post now! In my time zone it is still afternoon so... 


I had just fallen asleep in my comfy bed in our comfy house. Nothing mysterious or wonderful happened. But when I woke up, I was in a wonderland. I was on top of a mountain, decorated with flowers. Lush green forests were just below me, and I could see a sparkling ocean in the distance. But most of all, there were beautiful creatures soaring through the sky. At first, I thought I was in a dream. But soon, as it got more real, I realized I was actually here. I understandably freaked out. I looked around, searching for any sign of home. I knew I was lost. 

Then a white dragon approached me. It was smaller than me, but I was still terrified nonetheless. I tried to act intimidating, saying, “Get back! What are you doing here?” Then the small dragon giggled and said, “Rose, you don’t have to be afraid. It is just me, Lily.” I replied, “Then why do you look like a dragon?” Lily said, “Don’t you know? I transformed into a dragon, same as you.”

I looked down and saw that my hands were turned into claws and I had wings on my body. “Aghhh! Man, this is freaky.” Lily smiled and said, “It can be fun! Come on, let’s explore!” I stopped her from going any farther and said, “Listen. We are in some strange land, and we have no idea where we are. Shouldn’t we try to find a way home?” Lily just said, “Well, we should enjoy this place while we are here. And we won’t get home by just standing there, will we? Follow me!” She bounded down the mountain. I reluctantly followed her down the mountain path. 

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(September 15, 2019 - 2:30 pm)

A piercing shriek echoed through the peaceful mountain air. "Hey! Where am I? What...WHAT am I?" Bridget tumbled down a steep, rocky hill. Strangely, she couldn't quite work out where her arms were and how to use them to slow her fall.

Suddenly, Bridget jolted to a stop as she collided with a very solid pine tree. She lay on the ground moaning, trying to feel if anything was broken. Nothing hurt too badly, but something about her arms still felt very off....

With a squeal, Bridget looked down and realized that she had no arms. In their place were plumes of golden-red fire. Did she have...wings? She decided to give it a try. Rising to her feet--er, talons, she gracefully flapped her new wings and took off into the sky.

I'm a phoenix! Bridget thought joyfully. She soared in choppy circles around the pine, cawing "I can fly! I can fly!" to anyone who might be listening. Suddenly, with a terrifying jolt of shock and panic, she realized that she had set the tree ablaze.

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(September 16, 2019 - 5:11 pm)


“Hey, get up, furball.” It was my brother’s voice, so I opened my eyes, and screamed when I saw a white unicorn hovering over me. “SHHHHHH!” I stopped screaming, and turned around, trying to find a sense of balance. “Why is it so ho- WHY ARE WE OUTSIDE?!” Hiromi just burst out laughing, a tinkling sound. “We got transported to a different dimension, like Master Taika told us about!” I started to laugh with him, remembering the legend Master had told us about. “Wait, that means... I’M AN ANIMAL?!” I shrieked in delight, hoping to find something cool about me. “Don’t worry Takane, you’re not a unicorn, you’re a kitsune!” I looked at my tails, the movement of it, it felt so... so... freeing. I sighed, pawing at the ground, but then, all of the suddden, my ears perked up. “What is it?” I didn’t say a word, just took off running towards the noise. We ran into a dragon. Well, Hiromi did, quite literally. “Watch out,”  another black kitsune said, pulling her dragon friend away from Hiromi’s tangled body. “You need to figure out your giraffe legs, bro,” I said with a snicker. “Uh, sorry about that,” Hiromi said, with a small giggle. “I’m Takane, this is Hiromi.” She smirked, saying in reply, “That’s Zephyr. And I’m Rune.” My ears were throbbing from all of the sounds, so I sat down, and laced my paws through the grass. “What’s that sound?” Rune and I both asked, but the other boys just looked at us like we were crazy. “Watch out, creatures, you’re next!!!” We all stood there, staring at the creature above us, until it swooped down, and picked me up. Just me! I screamed, because, well, I hate heights. “HALT!” Our heads turned to see a beautiful winged lynx.

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(September 24, 2019 - 8:38 am)


Name- Elanor

Age- 11

Gender- F

Thing she turns into- Sphinx

Apperance- Sand-colored coat, with lighter- almost white- wings. She has eyes the color of an oasis and the face of a youngish girl with dark brown, almost black, hair that hangs in locks around her face. Her signature riddle is- I carve the mountains in my way, but by next sunrise fade away. Please no one try to solve the riddle. If you do, she'll turn to dust in the wind. We don't want that, right?

Personality- She usually acts way younger than her age, more like a six year old than an eleven year old, especilly around new or untrustworthy people. But she is actually a very serious person, skilled at leadership and strategy.

Family that came with her- none. She has not seen one other sphinx so far. So sad.

Friends- none yet. She would love to make some, so somebody come along! Preferably someone who also wants to get home, as that is where she wants to be most. But things change, and this world might pull her in... It all depends on here the story goes!

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(September 17, 2019 - 6:46 pm)


I race through the trees with Zephyr, grinning. Zephyr laughs and prances around.

"This dragon body is so FAST!" He remarks, admiring his wings. I peer through ice crystals as they float from my fur.

"Agreed. I just wish I knew what was going on." I state, ice spreading to the grass around my paws.

"Hey, let's just enjoy the moment, alright?"

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(September 17, 2019 - 7:30 pm)