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For people that have already joined:

Welcome back! if you want to post questions, do it here! if you want to make more characters: do it here! Want to discuss the ES RP? Do it here! This is basically a place where you can discuss and learn more about the world I've created and you will add to! If you want to add lore that's ok, too! THis thread will NEVER close, so you can come here anytime! And I will check here almost every day to look for questions, so don't be afraid to ask! Also, please put your charries you put in the original thread down here so new people could know who your character is!

For new people that don't know what this is: 

Welcome to the ES (Elemental Shards) RP! This is a fantasy RP, and anyone can join! Just type in a charrie, join a recent ES thread and play! If you want to know the story/conflict/how to make your charrie, heres my post I put in the thread called "Hello, I'm Dusk"


A long time ago, when the universe was created, four Gems were created to balance and support it. 


One was the blue Water Gem, which had waves and fish on it to represent the ocean life. There was also a thundercloud up above to represent the dangers the sea had as well. 


Another white Air Gem had clouds and birds, as well as wind. The clouds and birds represented the beauty and freedom of air while like the Water Gem, the winds represent the dangers that come with this beautiful air.


Another is the green Earth gem, which had grass with animals, fruit, and a lake with a clear blue sky up above. Right below the sky is two mountains which had a crack between them. The grass with animals, fruit, and a lake, with the sky above not only represents the other gems but represents life. The mountains with the crack obviously represents earthquakes and the earth's dangers.


The last, the Space gem, is so mysterious that almost no one has ever seen it. 


If these four gems come into the possession of anyone, that person has the power of the elements the gems possess. To keep this from happening, magical creatures were created to protect them. The gems also allow magical creatures to control a tiny bit of the weather.


Krakens, selkies, part of the dragons, and other sea creatures protect the Water Gem. 


Gryphons, parts of the dragons, and other flying creatures guard the Air Gem. 


Manticores, fairies, unicorns, parts of the dragons, and other land creatures guard the Earth Gem.


There's only one unknown guardian of the space stone. These creatures live on an island that can never be entered by unmagical beings. 


But danger strikes! One day, the orbs shattered each into ten pieces that spread out across the earth! There's five weeks before the orbs, not united, lose their power and the earth is in chaos! You must search for these orbs. But will you put it back with the magical creatures, or will you keep it for yourself? You can be a magical creature, heading out into the earth to search, or you can be a human, trying to save your home or desiring for power! You can also be a villain in this RP!


My charrie: (use this as example) 


Name: Silverwind 


Gender: F


Species: Gryphon


Age group: adult


Gem tribe: Air


Personality: positive, nurturing, but weak in regards to power, social, can have a temper sometimes 

appearance: large light gray round head, large blue eyes, body is a black panther, eagle-like black wings


Job: cloud control (basically figuring out what clouds and what shapes to put out. She also works with a sea creature to get this job done.)


friends: Scales the sea serpent (as of yet)

Anyway, that was the premise. If you ever want to know another character's charrie, you'll hopefully find them all down in the comments! Anyway, that's it! Have fun!  


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 Name: Hybrid

Gender: Male

Species: Hybrid (a mix of 3 or more animals)

Age Group: Teenager

Personality: Sarcastic, very energetic, Quiet, (most of the time), reads a lot, great at writing and drawing, great with kids

Appearance: Large orange/blue head, large grey eyes, he does have a pet fox-deer (really just a fox with deer antlers) it’s name is Link, medium yellow tipped white wings,  dragon feet, kitsune tails, gryphon beak, yellow body with blue stripes. 

Background: Left home at 6 because he felt like an outcast, the rest he hides from the world. 

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Okay, question. Are we supposed to make our own prologues?

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(July 20, 2019 - 10:36 am)

You post all this stuff on the ES Prologue RP thread. I know you're new to doing RPs, so if you don't know how to basic RP with other people, look on other RPs and you'll figure it out. If you can't do it on Inkwell, you can do it on Kyngdom. While the history is complicated, you can pretty much figure out how basic RPing works.  

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(July 20, 2019 - 9:19 pm)

(I would personally start out on the inkwell to learn how to role play. Kyngdom is pretty complex and confusing. However, if you would like to join Kyngdom, there is a thread called Kyngdom Academy. I suggest reading that first.)

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I'm copying and pasting this so it'll probably turn out weird.

Name: Chikyū

Gender: Male

Species: Kitsune

Age Group: Young Adult

Gem Tribe: Earth

Personality: Trickster, extremely clever and intelligent. He wants the Earth Gem and any other gems for himself, but he can be convinced to the side of good if offered the proper payment.

Appearance: Fox Form: Cream-colored fur with green accents and markings. He was green ears, tail tips, and paws, and green markings under his eyes. His eyes are a very dark brown. He has five tails.  Human Form: Fair skin, with strange green markings under eyes. His eyes look exactly like fox eyes and are narrow. His hair is cream-colored. He wears an aviator jacket and dark colored jeans. He typically prefers his fox form.

Job: He does not have a job. Kitsunes are mischievous spirits, so he wasn't trusted with a job.

Friends: None, currently

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Nope, it turned out the same. I copy-pasted mine too, and you can barely tell that.

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I'm changing this a little bit...

Name: Celestian

Gender: Female

Species: Cosmoguard (Literally Protector of the Space Gem)

Age Group: Doesn't really matter. Cosmoguards don't age after they reach 50, and the only way to kill them is to... destroy the Space Gem. Huh. We're now in a bit of a dillema here. >:3

Gem Tribe: Space

Personality: Regal, doesn't waste her breath, commanding, confident, stubborn, feirce. Would make an excellent queen, as she has a strong sense of justice and knows well what is right and wrong. EXTREMELY mature. 

Appearance: A quadropedal AND bipedal (she can walk easily both ways, but she runs faster on four) creature with sparkly black scales covering her entire body. A mane of white fur runs from her forehead, down the curve of her neck, all the way down to the tip of her long, whip-like tail, ending in a silken tuft. As though there was no gravity, this fur always floats etherially. Her claws are shiny and black, curved wickedly and as sharp as anything. Encased by pearly white fangs, she has a blueish-black tongue that DOES NOT FORK. Black horns curve away from her head, and just under those are her ears, curled and usually flattened against the side of her head, like folded deer's.

Not all Cosmoguards look like this.

Job: Celestian is the Seeker of the Cosmos, AKA she's looking for the Space Gem shards.

Friends: None as of yet.

Powers: Flight without wings, distorting reality/space, distorting gravity, sharply heightened senses at night (if the stars are at all visible), and some sort of magic projectile.

Other: Open to shipping with another reptillian being (MALE).  

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(July 22, 2019 - 1:28 pm)

Name: Sparkle

Gender: Female

Species: dragon

Age group: between adolescent and young adult

Gem tribe: Sea

Personality: Sparkle is rather timid when it comes to new things, but when she has experienced it once, she is bold and confident. There is, however, one exeption: if she or someone she knows is in danger, her personality seems to change completely, and she attacks furiously, with a rage that causes many to say, "that dragon is mad. She does not seem so, but don't let that fool you. Stay away from her."

Appearance: she is not a large dragon. She is in fact, pretty small, but by no means tiny. She has a long, serpentine body, long neck and tail, and long, skinny legs, for a dragon at least. her scales are white and translucent, with a thin border of silver around each individual scale. The translucency causes her scales the sparkle like gems in the light. she has short, thin gold spikes along her back and neck, and large white wings with gold flecks, that catch the light when spread, veritably blinding anyone unfortunate enough to look right at them. her eyes are cloudy and dim, since she is actually blind, but when she, "goes mad", black starts creeping in around the edges, slowly enveloping the white. The closest she has ever come to complete madness was when there was only a small sliver of white left in her eyes, and she works hard to make sure she never goes completely mad, because she might not be able to pull back if that happens.

Job: no one will work with her because they are "afraid she will go crazy", but she suspects they just think her blindness renders her useless.

friends: none, as of now. 

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(July 23, 2019 - 1:50 pm)

Name: Scarr

Gender: Male

Species: dragon

Age group: adolescent/young adult

Gem tribe: formerly Air

Personality: Scarr is bold, fierce, and rarely hesitates to attack, but he also carries an air of lonliness that, though hard to notice, weighs greatly on him.

Appearance: he is pretty large. He has a long body, neck, and tail, but he has a thicker and stronger build, rather than serpentine. He has long, thick, and strong legs, and huge wings that are nearly as big as the rest of his body. There is a long scar that runs from the base of his neck, down between his wings and twisting around to trace the slightly softer scales on his foreleg, ending on his paw. His scales are a deep purple, so dark that they are almost black. The membrane of his wings is a light emerald green, contrasting with the dark color of the scales covering the bones of his wings. His long, sharp claws are also green, and he has medium-length thick dark green spikes running along his neck and back. His eyes are a startling dark lime green color, with a light blue-green snakelike pupil, and the scales on his underbelly are the same dark lime green as his eyes. Overall, Scarr is beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Job: none. Scarr is a loner.

friends: none, as of yet.

other/background(I added this bc I plan to do something with Scarr that may or may not be anticipated, and I didn't want it to be completely out of the blue.): Scarr is a villain. His original name is Sunset. When Sunset was young, he encountered an evil person when he was out with his parents. The person killed both of his parents unawares, and Sunset killed him as revenge. When some of the griffins came upon him, they thought he had killed his own parents and the human. Sunset was drivin out of the tribe, receving his scar in the process. He renamed himself Scarr, and became a vengeful, villainious creature, wandering the realms of the world alone. Once, not long ago, he saw young Sparkle being teased by some of the others of her tribe for her blindness. Scarr immediately had a crush on her, but he couldn't go near her. Almost everyone knew who he was. When he heard that the four Gems had shattered, he decided to go hunt for them. 


I remembered what you said, Dusk, and i decided to delete what i said about why Scarr is searching for the gem fragments. Ik it doesn't mean i didn't post it, but hey, doesn't do any harm! 

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Sybill, would you like to do a love triangle with Chikayu and Sparkle and Scarr? Like, both Scarr and Chikayu like Sparkle, or something?

Wait, is that even how a love triangle works.................? 

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(July 23, 2019 - 2:24 pm)

It is sort of. Ask Siri or Google. My explanation is COMPLEX and DETAILED. 

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Yeah, kinda. In truth, it's a love ANGLE, because, for a true love TRIangle, one unit must be gay or bi.

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oooh. Okay, yeah, that makes sense. A love angle, then.

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Here is some interesting information that came from a question that Nyx asked. It was simply a question about whether Sea Gem Tribe creatures live underwater. I ended up giving here some more than neccessary information. Just posting it in case someone wants to read it: 

 Yeah they live underwater. They have an option to stay NEAR the water, but on land. The reason they have to live near the water is that first of all, they obviously like going swimming, and second, they can't last too long without drinking water or they'll die. They're a bit more vulnerable to dying of thirst since they spend so much time in water. Sea tribe creatures who are adventurers keep a supply of water just in case. If you want more info, you can ask!

I'll probably blurb out lots of information that I'll repost, so keep coming back here whenever you want info  


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