Greetings, happy lett

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Greetings, happy lett

Greetings, happy letter rescipient! I am pleased to inform you that your submission has been picked from hundreds.  You are formally invited by the NHA, Nature Hiking and Associates, on a three-day-long wilderness adventure! Led by the famous mountain climber and guide Malichai Lebovitz, you, along with 9 other teenagers, will scale the sawetooth mountain. Although you have been selected due to your love of nature and adventure, it may be that you have no knowledge of backpacking or the wilderness. Fear not! This adventure is designed to be exiting and fun for all levels of experience! We hope that you will except this invitation!
Associates of Nature Hiking.

It will take three days to get to the top of the Sawtooth, and after that you will be picked up by a gelicopter and flown to the NHA headquarters for a celebratory meal with the NHA.
We will provide you with a backpack containing essentials that you will need for survival. In addition to this, you will have some space to pack your own personal gear. Choose wisely what you will bring.
We will allow on this hike only such animals as can make it to the top without dying. If you wish to bring a pet, you must carry its food. If you bring a prey animal, (Pack goat, llama, sheep, etc.) you would be advised to bring a good stick in case a predator (Dog, cat, etc.) tries to attack it. Rodents are discouraged.
After you send in your letter to say that you will or will not be coming, we will send you the backpack, allong with a list of its contents and any other information that you may need.

Hey Everyone!
If you want to be a part of this adventure, please fill out this sheet! Since there will be only ten people going, please don't send more than one person. You can go, or if you want to send an AE, that's fine, only don't go yourself. You could also create a character. This isn't a ski lodge, although the letter may look like it. It will function like this: I will write a chunk of story, and than you will tell what you want to do and I will write the next chunk.
Please fill out this sheet:

Age: (13-16)
Experience backpacking:

After I have ten people, I'll send out the list of things in your backpack, and you can fill out what else you want to bring, and if you're bringing any pets. After that, we can start!

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(January 30, 2020 - 5:17 pm)

Name: Kate

Gender: female

Age: 14

Height: 5 ft 3

Appearance: Slightly tanned skin. Straight, short, curled hair that only goes to the beginning of the neck. Dark brown eyes with a generally determined look. Light pink plain t-shirt. Denim blue shorts. Slightly worn brown sneakers (tell me if the climate is going to be cold or not. If it is, I'll change her clothing). 

Personality: adventure loving, kind, determined, sometimes can be impatient, tries to think ahead, loves animals and welcomes any new friends, sometimes puts her goal ahead of anything else, sometimes reckless. 

Experience backpacking: I don't know what this really means? Does this mean has she packed before and how well she does it? Or does it mean what she packs? I don't really know, but she has been on some hikes before and she has packed for that before, so I supposed shes a bit experienced in that. But what shes packing in her bag would probably include some food for her pet and a camera, as well as the provided essentials, of course. 

Other: She does have a pet. So, its going to sound kind of strange, but she has a pet fox. She found it as a baby without a mother in the woods, and she took care of it. Don't worry, its perfectly harmless, more like a dog than anything else. Its a red female fox named Vixen (a common name, but for good reason), and she has a pretty calm, sassy, but obdient attitude towards its owner. It will take a while before it warms up to anyone else, and it will kind of act like the 'I will ignore you now' manner. 

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(January 30, 2020 - 10:32 pm)

Ok, clearing up the 'experience backpacking' bit, Kate is pretty average in terms of hiking skills. She has been on a few hiking trips, I think about 5. 

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(January 30, 2020 - 10:33 pm)

Oh, I'll create a character! 

Name: Monica Mackenzie Smalls (goes by Kenzie)
Gender: Female
Age: (13-16) 14
Height: 5 feet 10 inches (my height)
Appearance: She has dark brown chin-length hair with bleached tips, olive skin, and green eyes. Her usual outfit is her favorite ripped jeans with bleached spots, a hoodie, and black hiking boots. 
Personality: Witty, and a bit of a prankster. She's smart and very resourceful, but she doesn't always think things through and "it's easier to apologize than to ask for permission" is basically her motto.
Experience backpacking: She's taken a couple of backpacking trips before because she likes adventure, but she doesn't have a whole lot of experience.
Other: Kenzie's open for shipping with boys! Also, she has a pet-- a female pit bull named Cora. Cora is light tan with blue eyes, and her ears were cropped to look pointy sometime before Kenzie rescued her. Kenzie found Cora as a sick stray on the street, and nursed her back to health. 

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(February 1, 2020 - 12:20 pm)

This looks fun!  Sorry if I specified it too much, I got a little too carried away.  (I separated the parts for the charrie sheet to make it more readable since I wrote a lot.)


Name: Olive Dawn Davis (She likes to go by Ollie or Via for short).

Gender: Female.

Age (13-16): Olive is thirteen years old.

Height: She is 5'0".

Appearance: Olive has fair skin, chesnut brown hair, amber eyes, and some freckles.  Her hair is usually tied into a braid, swept off to the side, and brought to the front.  You normally wouldn't see her hair down, but when it is down, it's waist length.  She usually wears overalls either cut short for the summer, or kept longer for the winter.  She normally wears a long-sleeved, white hoodie with bunny ears sewn on to the hood.  She usually wears knee-high socks that are usually tie-dyed and a pastel colour.  She is usually seen wearing white, high-top Converse with sunflowers painted on them.  She wears a plain, black, baseball cap if she doesn't have her hood on.  She's always seen with a silver heart locket with a picture of her family in it.

Personality: She's very bubbly and hyper, but she can be calm when she needs to be.  She's very quiet and really doesn't like to talk.  She's not one for getting too close to insects of any kind, and she is definitely not the one to be leading anything.  She doesn't like pure pressure on her.  She's a little claustrophobic.  She loves animals and likes to be around animals more than people.  She can't communicate with others very well, so she usually stays off to the side away from others.

Experience Backpacking: Are we talking about backpacking like trips, or are we talking about backpacking in what to bring?

For the trips, she hasn't really been one of the people who'd gladly go.  She'll gladly go if there's enough people there, but not if there's only a few people.

For what to bring in her backpack; she's going to be bringing bird seed, a water bottle, a small sketchbook and charcoal pencils (with a few erasers, of course), a dictionary, a camera, some bird watching books, binoculars (either for bird watching or looking at the stars), a star chart, and the essentials.

Other: She has a Domestic Canary bird that is the colour of orange with yellow secondaries for her bird's feathers.  Her bird is a male.  Her Canary was given to her as a gift for when her older brother was going into the army.  Her brother recently died, and she has loved the Canary ever since she got it.  Her brother gave her the Canary when she was twelve.  The bird is one year old, and he loves to sing.  His name is Pilot.  Pilot likes to sit on Olive's shoulder and he loves to fly around.  He's very social, well-behaved, and mannered.  Pilot can fly off at times, but he's usually kept on a harness and leash.

(Her family in the locket is Olive, her older brother, her older sister [she moved out], her mother, and her father.)

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(February 1, 2020 - 5:35 pm)

Name: Eclipse Runningwind 
Gender: male
Age: (13-16)14
Hight: 1.6m
Appearance: short black hair,brown eyes,light colored skin,wears a white T-shirt and black jeans.
Personality: friendly,smart,patient,but can get out of control sometimes.(but not a lot of times)
Experience backpacking: Enough to survive till rescue in case there’s a accident.
Other: I have a cat called Cuddles, and she is coming! She is brave,and can survive on her own in the wilderness.

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(February 1, 2020 - 11:02 pm)

Name: Lizzie

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Hight: 5'6

Appearance: Lizzie has black hair with red streaks and has tan skin and blue eyes. She wears black T-shirts and blue jeans. She also wears black tennis shoes.

Personility: She is shy and also adventurious and loves to sketch beautiful drawings of nature.

Experence backpacking: She is kinda new to this.

Other: She is allergic to blueberries

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There has been some confusion! I'm sorry.
When I put 'Experience Backpacking', I meant, have you/your character gone on any overnight hiking trips? If so, how many, and are you/your character an experienced hiker?

Sorry everyone! I'll try to be more clear in the future! 

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(February 2, 2020 - 6:31 pm)

I think that this is a fantastic idea! i can't believe none hava thought this up! My friend is a scout and he would LOVE this!

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(February 2, 2020 - 9:29 pm)

Ohhh, I've never joined one of these before, but I've read all about them! Here is my character:

Name: Everest Jones

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Height: Relatively small, about 5'

Appearance: Wavy brown hair with a red tint, always in two side braids. Blue eyes with a spooky pale glow, small round face, always wearing graphic tees.

Personality: Adventurous and punny; likes making jokes and telling stories that don't make sense. Never able to sit still.

Experience backbacking: Always rock climbs in free time, if that counts. Likes to hike and climb mountains. Also loves to camp. 

Other:Umm... Nothing

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(February 6, 2020 - 5:45 pm)

Oh wait!!!!! Everest has a baby pet hedgehog. More specifically, an African pygmy hedgehog. His name is Captain Yosemite, or Yos for short. He is cute but surprisingly vicious. 

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(February 6, 2020 - 5:51 pm)

Is this thing still going on? Because it looks cool, we shouldn't give up on it! Who's with me!!

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(February 11, 2020 - 6:44 am)

Yes, Majestic Mary, this is still going on!

I'll put the next post out very soon!!!!!! 

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(February 15, 2020 - 3:49 pm)

After a three-hour drive, your bus stops in a parking lot. The sound of squeaky breaks makes most of you put your hands over you ears in dismay.

"Alright! Everybody out!" The bus driver says over the microphone. "Your guides will be here shortly." 

Olive, the last to exit the bus, frowns at the bus driver, puzzled. "Isn't there just one guide?" She asks.

"One official guide. He has an assistant."

Outside of the bus, the sun shines down with ferocity from the eastern sky. At the far end of the parking lot, the ground drops away slowly, and in the distance you can see the looming siloughet of the Sawtooth Mountain. You assemble in the a small semicircle near the bus, and spend a few minutes attempting to keep Kate's fox and Monica's put bull from chasing Eclipse's cat.

You are interrupted from this challenging activety by a bright flash of light entering the parking lot. A bright red jeep comes roaring into the parking lot, going at a ferocious pace. It spins around, executing a sharp turn, then skids to a stop. The driver's seat door pops open, and a man jups out and runs towards you.

You take a step back, and Cora, the pit bull, starts barking. The man stops when he comes to your circle, and puts his hands on his knees, panting. He looks up and smiles widely.

"Welcome, oh welcome, fellow travelers, that is, hikers!" He says, standing up and gesturing enthusiastically. "I am Malachai Lebovitz, and I will be your guide on this adventure. I can't wait to meet you all! What are your names?" He pauses for a millisecond, then continues. "I hope that you are exited, since I certainly am. Oh, I almost forgot!"

He turns and points back towards the Jeep, from which a young woman is extracting herself. She looks vaguely woozy, probably because of Malichai's driving. She waves, then moves towards the trunk.

"Her name is Molly." Malichai informs you. "She's my assistant, and she'll accompany us."

A couple of you call out a greeting to Molly. Malichai starts to say something, but is interrupted by Eclipse's cat, Cuddles, who is attempting to catch Olive's canary. Eventually,  Cuddles is temporarily banished to the bus, and order is restored. Malichai continues.

"So. Before we start, I want to get to know all of you. Please introduce yourselves, with your name, favorite color, favorite animal, and oh, how about if you've had any broken bones. I'll start. MAlichai, I won't tell my age, my favorite color is purple, and the brighter the better. My favorite animal is a dog, and I've broken both legs and my coller bone." He grins. "Well, go on! Introduce yourselves!"

What do you do? 

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(February 20, 2020 - 7:31 pm)

Monica will respond with this.

"Hey, I'm Monica. I'm 14, my favorite color's and I think my favorite animal is obvious." She pats Cora on the head. "My favorite color's blue, and I've broken both of my legs."

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