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In the world of Tel’lien,(pronounced Te-lain) the world is separated into quadrants. In this story, we are in quadrant c. 

When the world was crumbling and war-torn, an alliance of powerful and strong warriors created a safe place for everyone, but those people disagreed on how to run this place, so they separated into four groups. The most powerful and respected (or feared) people made sure to keep these people in line. They built a haven for the people where they could freely believe what they want and how they want to run things. If you didn’t someone didn’t like how they were living, they could go to the government and ask to see what the other quadrants were like. Life was good.

But then the government started...changing. And controlled the people, scared them into obeying. They started not caring, but if someone wanted to stop them, they could threaten-or kill-them. The people started fighting again, but tried to keep to to their own quadrants. And that led us to where we are.

In quadrant c, the world is separated into tiers. Tiers judged by character, appearances, and knowledge. Tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3. 

All the kids go to school in tier 2. When the kids are 16, they are “tested”. Though, sometimes, the Council of quadrant c will make exceptions for brilliant (and brilliantly pretty) people that are younger. The kids are given situations through illusions that help the judges make their decisions. Then the judges make a decision and assign the kids their tier, job, and spouse. Then they go to the tier and home. 

But little does the council know a rebellion is starting up, fueled by their anger and hatred for the government and the way their quadrant is run. Too bad they can’t get to the other quadrants, stop the council, or the government…or can they?

Hey everybody! This is an idea for a story I have, and was wondering if you guys like it! I was also wondering if you wanted to participate! I can do it as an rp, a solo write, or just do it about my charrie, Tayah. You can vote for which version you want. In 3-5 days (depending on how many people vote) I’ll count the votes and see which version I’ll do. Make sure you vote if you want to enter or see any of these! Thank you for reading this.

(P.s. sorry for the super long post, admins, thank you)


Tumble says carvd. Carved? 

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(July 13, 2020 - 5:35 pm)

Wow I love this idea! Can you make it an rp? 

I like dystopia a lot (prob my second-favorite genre of literature), and there's a lot of dystopia nowadays but I feel like this plot is original :D


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Yay! I'm glad you like it, I thought it might be too complicated or too much like other dystopians, so I'm happy you like it!

Also Top!! 

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(July 14, 2020 - 7:06 am)

Ooh! Cool! I would personally vote for a solo write, because I’m sort of busy but I really want to be involved in this epic idea, but since solo writes are a lot of work, I could make time for an RP.

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Spellbound i'm so joining! could you make it a RP or Solo write? please? please? it's such a great idea and i cant wait for it to start!


She means you have to make it into a RP or solo write otherwise she'll kill you.


Oh hush Amanda. 

dont mind her, shes just my AE. BUT YOU DO HAVE TO MAKE THIS INTO A RP OR SOLO WRITE! 

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I really like this idea!

If it was an RP I’m afraid I couldn’t join as I am too busy.  So I’d say Solowrite.  Because then I could, and would, definitely join. 

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(July 14, 2020 - 11:36 am)

I like this idea! My vote is for RP.

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(July 14, 2020 - 12:09 pm)

Hey guys, so, it's day three and Rp and solowrite are tied. So I was wondering if either @NoOneKnows, you could choose, or I could, because I know what I want to do between the two. Either way, I should get out the sheets tonight. So, yeah. 

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(July 16, 2020 - 7:43 am)

Ok, i only sa your comment till now but, i am chosing..................................................



  SOLO WRITE!!!!!!

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(July 17, 2020 - 12:15 pm)


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Sorry I’m so late!!! Okay, so....Solowrite it is!! The types of charries I need are: members of the rebellion, People in the council, government, and  a few people for her neighbors/friends/her assigned spouse. I hope I'm doing this right, this is my first solowrite, (it would have actually been my first RP, too) so correct me if I do something wrong.  Here's a little more detail about quadrant c.

All the kids go to school in tier 2, because that's the teir where one of the jobs is teaching, and stop at 16, or, like I said, they sometimes make exceptions for special, younger kids. Tayah was the youngest ever-at 13. But, speaking of jobs, on testing day, you're assigned a job. And those jobs are: Tier 3: Farmer, Fighter, (to fight the battles and occasionally go out of quadrant c) and deceased caretaker, Tier 2: Teachers, Doctors, and nurses, and tier 3: Public faces/actors, council/test members, and government members. 

The rebellion meets after sunset, and discuss plans of how to overthrow the council and maybe even the government, though it really just felt like a daydream they all shared. But maybe they can make that daydream come true…

You can have up to 4 charries per person. And, so, um, Here are the sheets-

Members of the rebellion-







Backstory(can be as tragic or boring as you want):

Why they joined the rebellion:

Any other information I should know:

Council members-







Agrees or disagrees with the council:

Any other information I should know:








Agrees or disagrees with the government:

Any other information I should know:

Background characters(Neighbors Etc.)-




Who are you in relation to Tayah:





Any other information I should know:

Okay, again, sorry for bing so late, and also sorry(again) for the long post. Please tell me if I’m doing something wrong, like I said, this is my first solowrite. Okay, so, in a few days, I’ll tell you guys when I have all the needed charries, and I’ll post the first part! I’ll try to get the out 2-3 times a week, but I might not always keep that promise. Um..okay, yeah, uh-bye, I guess. Also, top!

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Name: Kamiko Chourleiruerr

Gender: Female

Age(14-28): 16

Personality: mostly fearless, loving, nice, funny, ditermind, hard worker, loves a challenge, idk

Appearance: long hhip leanth black hair somtims in two french braids, dark brown eyes so it's like she dosn't have puiples, lose gray tee-shirt, black jean like pants, black combat boots, 

Tier/job: Tier 3, fighter.

Backstory: Parents who were in the council abandoned her when she was two in a allyway, two weeks later a member of the Rebellion found her and brought her to there campus and took care of her. she started training when she was four and now she is 16 and she is serving as a fighter. she is pretending to work in the council, when she is acculay a spy. 

Why they joined the rebellion: because her parents are in the council, and they abondoned her. she want's revenge. 

Any other information I should know: nah



So, i want to discribe more about her job. shes with the rebellion, but shes pretending to be in the council. she has a job at the council, but shes acculay spying on the council for the rebellion.

i don't know if that helps or not but, i think this is gonna be really fun.


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Name: Torlen Asklar        

Gender: Male

Age(20-50): 30

Personality: Very serious, smart, can be very ruthless, hides all his emotions.

Appearance: Tall, with dark hair and striking dark eyes, very strong.

Backstory: He was born to a wealthyy family and lived in the lap of luxery, he is very smart, so he has never really had to deal with issues of any kind.

Agrees or disagrees with the government: agrees, but there are a few things he doesn't like, and thinks everything would go best if were in charge.

Any other information I should know: Nope

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please topppp!!

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