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It was nearly dark when Opal's eyes fluttered open, back aching against the cold hard forest floor it was pressed to. Groaning, she raised herself, taking in her surroundings. A strange sense of familiarity washed over her despite not recognising the place.

Cautiously, Opal looked around. All was still and quiet but for the distant high-up chirping of birds and occasional blossom of cricket-symphony. Wind stirred the trees that lie in front of her, as if beckoning her onward; urging her to hurry before night fell in full. Opal was in no place to refuse, especially not when she lie out in the open here, at the foot of the forest no less. But where to go?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a rustle from the direction the forest. Fearful blue eyes met placid brown ones. Opal tensed, ready to flee or fight; whatever it came to, but the other figure simply watched, calm and motionless. After a moment Opal gingerly edged forward, making sure not to startle this new person. It was thin and tall for a human, almost resembling a tree more, if not for the smooth bronze skin and flowing black hair.

"Um, can I help you?" Opal stared at it. It blinked, then turned on its heel and stepped into the wall of trees. She gaped. "Wait! Where are you-" It turned to look back at her, giving her a sideways glance, then tilted its head as if inviting her to follow. She hurried to catch up.

It was not long until they came upon a small cabin-like structure. The figure lifted the door-flap and looked back at Opal, as if checking she was still there. She scurried in after them.

The inside was simple, with little tools and shelves of materials lining the walls. It was oddly cozy, despite the rustic atmosphere. As Opal looked around, the figure drew out a large mat at began setting it out. She watched absent-mindedly as they also laid out a quilt, snapping out of it when those chocolate eyes settled on hers. "Oh, um, do you need any help or anything?"

The figure just stared at her as if she had said the most ridiculous thing it had ever heard. "Sleep." It pointed at the makeshift sleeping area. 

"But... What about you?" They waved a bow they'd picked up from the corner at the door. 

"Sequoia is out at night."


The figure pointed to himself, "Sequoia."

"Oh! I'm Opal," She subconsciously mirrored his gesture. 

He nodded, "Sleep." And slipped out into the dark.

"Bye Sequoia," Opal whispered, squeezing her eyes shut, "And thank you."

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This is really interesting! I love your writing style, but might I ask... What is this? You said it's an RP, but how would I... Should I intergrate my AEs into the story? Or write my own?

Anyway, this is so cool! 

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Yeah, you can have your AEs doing their own thing, and eventually everything will converge!

Of course we could have them meet up earlier than later, but do make it plausible.

Some ideas:

> Some AEs could run some shops in town

> some are adventures/travellers

> some could be world-powers (good or bad)

I was thinking not everything has to be directly related; like, you don't need to make all the characters know or agree with each other. It's just a story of a world, and we all can make contributions and changes with our AEs.

I'll just help to push the story, but everyone else can write about whatever they want, or even create OCs and stuff. Just thought that AEs would be a good start, since they tend to be a bit more intimate than more one-off "characters." 


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Reuby: Girl who lives with wolves, wanted to see what a town is like. She is terrible at talking with other people and usually resorts to violence. (heh..heheheheh...she tooooatlly does not have anger issues)
Hour: Goddess (in training) of stars and astrology. Wants to learn about humans.
I put these AEs into everything. Do any of you get board of them?

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Normally, when one gets lost in the forest, they do not expect to run into happy fruit-themed girls in the forest, but perhaps today was simply not an normal day.

Conan pushed his glasses up his nose, clearing his throat in uncertainty, he squinted at the sign behind the gleeful girl holding pan of cream puffs mere centimeters away from being squashed on his face. 

"Ahem. I... don't believe I know you? Why should I-"

"Oh just take the darn thing." Luna-lynn interrupted, earning them a glare from the boy. 

"ACCEPTING FOOD FROM A STRANGER, ARE YOU-" Luna-lynn popped a pastry into their mouth before Conan could even finish the sentence. 

"Delicious!!! I approve!" She gave the beaming stall-keeper a big thumps-up, paired with a grin while Conan gaped on in horror. He sputtered some, but ended up unable to say much else. Meanwhile, Estelle watched cooly from a good couple meters away, perfect-cresent of a frown hidden behind her slowly fluttering folding fan. Even with the lower half of her face covered, disappointment and annoyance were written all over her eyes. Under her breathe, she murmured something about manners, then stepped forward a swish of her dress. 

"And may I inquire as to whether this, mn, dear young lady," she scrunched her nose slightly, as if that was too much praise for a mere food-handler, "might have any tea to accompany these pastries?"


@Reuby, do they have any tea? You can write the next segment in response if you want :)

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Strawberry beamed at the girl "Of course I do! I've got Strawberry, Peach, Lemon and Ginger, Blueberry, Raspberry, Orange and Honey. I've got Chai, Mint, Earl Gray, Green Tea. And If you wouldn't mind waiting a couple hours. I can brew your own tea. If you want Orange and Mint instead of Honey. I can do that. Oh! By the way. Would you like to come inside?" she lead the way through the trees, pushing branches out of the way. The group came to a small cafe, smoke piping out of the chimney. The door chimed as Strawberry opened the door "Welcome, make your selves comfortable!"

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Mira: Owns same bakery as Strawberry (that's pretty much all I can think of)

Mira popped out from behind Strawbery as soon as she got back to the cashier table. "Hey! I just joined. So that means I appeared out of nowhere MWA HAHAHAHA!" and more quieter, she added, "Today's Special is ready. They're our signature cream puffs!" 

She put on the mittens and pulled the oven tray out. The cream puffs looked pretty, with little swirls on them.

"Hey Strawberry! The first batch looks ready!"


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Amethyst ran through the woods, their feet almost silently treading over soil and fallen leaves.  It was a beautiful sunny day, the type of day where sunlight streams through the canopy of leaves above and the air is just the right temperature.  Were they running away from chore day at home?  It was likely.  But a day like this couldn't just be wasted, they thought!

They jumped up and caught a thick overhanging branch of a sturdy tree, pulling themselves up onto it.  Ame leaped from branch to branch and quickly scaled the tree until the height made their stomach turn a little.  A cold breeze blew across their face and through their braided hair.  They looked around, scouting out the world from a different perspective, and noticed a path leading through the forest.  It was well-trodden and lined with small pink and white mushrooms.

Most people would probably question a strange path in the woods, but not Ame.  They spent no time descending the tree and finding the path again.  They wondered where it led - a witch's cottage?  A secret garden?  The aromas of sugar and baking bread drifted through the air as they got closer.

They found a small, old-fashioned cafe at the end of the path, with a wreath of flowers on the door and wide open windows.  Voices came from inside, as well as delicious smells.  This wasn't what Ame was expecting, but even better!  They smiled as they opened the door and somewhere a bell chimed.

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Chai: ran from a far-away orphanage. Has been running ever since.

Chai had been traveling for... What was it, weeks? Months? She didn't know. She'd stopped in a few towns briefly for food and water, but kept going. She wasn't sure where. There was no place that seemed worth staying in.
She wasn't one for sadness, but lately she'd been coming close to something that felt sort of like it. She didn't belong anywhere. Also, she was really hungry. It'd been quite a while since the last town she'd stopped in, and she was all out of food. 
And now, here she was, in the middle of a forest, staring at a building. Just sitting there. 
It seemed to be a bakery. She looked through the windows, eying the displays hungrily. Without really deciding to, she walked in the door.
There were people in there, but they didn't seem to notice her. She walked over to the counter, jumped on over, and grabbed a slice of cake, shoving it all into her mouth at once and spilling some crumbs on her overalls. She was halfway through another slice when she realized she probably was supposed to pay for this stuff, and she didn't have any money. 
She slipped a hand into her pocket and found her emergency lollipop stash. Hopefully this place accepted payment in lollipops. She laid a few of the colorful candies on the counter before continuing to scarf down pastries. This was a good place, she decided. She was particularly fond of the cannolis.
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Reuby:A girl raised by wolves, bad at communicating. Usually resorts to violence.
Reuby licked the cream off her fingers, walking through the bakery's kitchen. She cam around the corner, face to face with another girl who was wiping her face of cake. Reuby stood there, frozen for a moment. And then yelled "OI! WHAT YOUR DOIN!" she growled.
It's so short..because I have other stuff too write

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Dawn was tired, even though it was only nearing noon. No one likes taking care of a rambunctious - What? Five? Six? - year old who wakes up at the crack of dawn for no reason. Ae sighed and buried aer head in aer hands.
“Hey!” Said Aliza, the whatever-year-old covered in dirt and holding a stick she probably shouldn’t have been armed with. “I’m not finished explaining how I built my treehouse!”
“Sorry…” Dawn muttered, rubbing aer face nervously, “Tempest should have been back by now, don’t you think?”
Aliza scoffed. “I DUNNO!” She threw the stick she was holding onto the ground and stomped on it until it cracked. Dawn sighed again - at this point, ae should have been used to these tantrums of hers, but it’s hard to adjust.
Just as ae were about to make another remark about Tempest being in possible danger - maybe it was those bears again -  he seemingly appeared out of nowhere next to aer on the ground, arms folded and face twisted into a comfortable scowl, making a sound only able to be described as “grumpy”.
Dawn smiled when ae saw him, but he, nor Aliza, returned the gesture. “Did you find anything?” Ae soon ventured, expecting another outburst from Tempest like the night before. Ae would rather be hit by words than whatever seemed to have recently hit him, as indicated by a painful looking black eye and fresh scratches on their arms.
When he noticed aer staring, he held his arms closer to his chest. “Nothing really. Something like a house.”
“A house?”
“Yeah.” They spat out, “Somewhere in the woods,”
“YEAH.” He glared at aer, but broke eye contact extremely quickly. His eyes darted across the ground anxiously.
“Do you think…” Dawn asked, “We could go and sneak in? Get some of their food or something? If there’s so many people, there must be a good amount, right?”
Tempest shrugged. “Maybe.”
Dawn took that as a yes. Ae took Aliza in aer arms and situated her on aer back, then took Tempest’s hand and started towards the trees. “Let’s go then!”
I think it would be cool for someone else's AEs to see mine sneaking in…
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Oooh! Mine can!
Hoshikashu (The girl twin)- K pop singer, her twin brother makes fliers and advertises her.
Hoshiko (The boy twin)-Good at playing the piano, to shy to actually play. Hides behind his sister
Chi Hana- A sweet grave digger. Likes sour things and flowers
Bloody Marry (goes by Mar)- A young ghost who stares people down

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Ooh, yeah! There could be some very... interesting interactions... Hm...

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Some girl was in Chai's face and yelling at her. 

"I'm eating," said Chai. "You know, putting food in my mouth, chewing, and swallowing it?" 

Chai thought she heard something--whispering?--but was too busy demonstrating what eating looked like for this poor girl who didn't know what she was doing. Chai felt very bad for her. Eating was one of life's most pleasant experiences, especially when the food was sugary. 

"Don't worry," Chai reassured the girl. "I paid for the food, see?" She gestured to the lollipops on the counter. "This place does accept lollipops as a currency, yes? If not, that'd make me a..."


A nervous giggle escaped Chai's lips. "Whoops..." 

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This Reuby is kinda like Razor from Genshin (look him up)

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