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On Kyngdom, there's currently a Nobyl RP that flourished for a while, and now is more or less dying. I anyone still interested/interested in joining? It was coming along so nicely, with characters being developed and the plot starting to come together, and I think it's definitely worth reviving.

Also, to join it you don't really need to have read the Ultimate Guide to Kyngdom or even know much about Kyngdom - all you need to know is that Catastrophe is the wicked king, that the Nobyls are the elite social class in Kyngdom who support him, but that some Nobyls are rising up and joining the Resistance (the old movement against Catastrophe). The RP is about the Nobyls joining the Resistance and other Nobyls in general - you can create a character and start RPing. I hope we can start it up again :) Oh, and here's the link:

It's the first RP on the RP Board (the link to the RP Board is at the bottom of the main Kyngdom page)

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(May 30, 2023 - 3:28 pm)

I'm interested in continuing it! I would like to collaborate with another writer to have some interactions with my character, because otherwise I'm just going to end up writing Scipio's lonely journey through Kyngdom.

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My infinite apologies for phasing off the face of the earth on a whim, Poinsettia. I'll do my best to return to active-ness around july because school is scorching my tail every single day now. The high school entrance examinations are coming up on the 20th of this month and they are really important because high school depends on how well I do in them and arrgh...

Sorry. Stress.

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(June 1, 2023 - 8:38 am)

Oh, that's OK! I'm using the time to work on another Nobyl's story anyway :) No pressure, you can respond on the RP whenever you can. And I hope the school stuff goes really well! *sends positivitea and encouragementea (is that a thing? well if it wasn't, now it is :))*

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(June 1, 2023 - 3:34 pm)

Hey everyone!

So I finished reading the Kyngdom Guide (it was very dense), and I'm in the process of developing some characters. I would definitely be interested in joining the Nobyl RP if it's still alive-ish. I'll post my charrie either later today or this weekend. :)

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Top - Kyngdom cannot die!!!

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