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--Solo write--

I'm launching a solo write (my first one!) bc lately I've been having this urge to write but I can't find motivation to finish stories I start, so hopefully this will help keep me on track. Also, this is a fun idea, and I'm excited to share work with you guys, so hope people join! Please try to join by Aug 5, but once I get at least 5 charries (limit of 2 per person, AEs, OCs, and CBers invited.) I'll probably start, though I'm also going to be going on vacation soon so it might be a while. You can join at any time, but if you join later, you won't have as big a role probably.

Setup: The Wizarding School for Creatures of All Types, the acclaimed boarding school in the Kingdom of Myrth, is giving out scholarships for all users of magic to attend for one summer of education. Lots of young mages enter, but only a select few are chosen, and not only because of their magical skills. The lucky few pack their bags and set out for the school, which is located in the center of the kingdom. Little do they know that this summer will not only be filled with magic and learning, but also betrayal, danger, and adventure. No one is who they say they are, and trust should not be given out freely. What are the WSCAT's real motives for the contest? And is there such a thing as good/bad?


Charrie sheet-



Age (12-19 if you want to attend the school pls!):


Power (only one): 

Magic experience:



Favorite motive/saying (optional but appreciated):


Opinion on books?:

Opinion on royalty?:




Background (optional): 




And I'm pretty sure I'll get guessed pretty quickly... but gtg now I might change this stuff later bc I just came up with a random idea and wrote it down and sent, and bye! 

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Name: Innana Skye

Age (12-19 if you want to attend the school pls!): 18

Nickname?: Ina

Power (only one): Air related powers.

Magic experience: Not very much experiance but is eagerly learning!

Personality: Stern but kind. Clever and can be sarastic to a extreme level. not shy and will often speak her mind. Very straight forward about what she wants.

Appearance: Tall and willowy. Long blond hair that is always in a braid down her back to her waist, or wrapped around her head. Creamy complextion, big sky blue eyes with long lashes. A small, slightly pointed nose and a bright smile. Usually wearing either school uniform (if there is one) or a black jumpsuit w combat boots

Favorite motive/saying (optional but appreciated): 'Good for you!' and 'Improbable, not impossible'

Luggage: a duffle bag with clothes, a notebook (she is very observant) and her retrackable staff.

Opinion on books?: Likes fantasy books over non fiction. And loves to reread. And read. Ya.

Opinion on royalty?: likes royalty if they are fair and just, and not complete snobs.

Student/Teacher: Student

Strengths/Weaknesses: very sneaky. Very stubborn, so I guess that could be both a strenth and weakness. afraid of betrayl from friends and doesn't like closed spaces. she is a bit like cats in ways. she is very agile and can sneak in the shadows. When ever she jumps or falls, she always lands safely on her feet. 

Shipping: Absoultly, with anyone, but prefers boys more.

Background (optional): Single child, has a pet cat and her name is Jaz, lives with mother. father missing when Inanna was young.

Pronouns: She/her

Other: N/a


Name: Mr. Leo Watkin

Age (12-19 if you want to attend the school pls!): 47

Nickname?: Students call him Hippo because see below

Power (only one): He can hypnotize people, and hates when people say "Hippotize? whats that?" But he doesn't use his power very often, although he is very practiced at doing it.

Magic experience: Very experienced, went to school here, and has been teaching here the past 25 years (dunno what he teaches lol)

Personality: Stern, fair and is prone to scolding every little thing. Though he constantly yells at his students, he is very proud of them, and praise is like being given a hunk of gold from Mr. Watkin.

Appearance: Tall and a bit skinny. Perfectly styled brown hair and circle glasses. A slighty larger nose and thin stern lips. eyes are always slightly narrowed. Wears a brown three piece and black polished shoes. Surprisingly wears a smily face tie.

Favorite motive/saying (optional but appreciated): "Life isn't fair" is his favorite because his students constently complain to him that ____ isn't fair.

Luggage: A brief case with history and fact books, notebooks, and lots of pencils.

Opinion on books?: Loves fact and history books.

Opinion on royalty?: Without royalty, the world would stop spinning. Who could he snicker at behind their backs? And hypnotize into signing a certain paper...?

Student/Teacher: Teacher

Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths- Can be scary, strong hypnose, VERY fast runner, smart. Weaknesses- Scared of heights, rats, and dynamite. dislikes dirty things and mud a lot.

Shipping: Nopedy nope

Background (optional): n/a

Pronouns: he/him

Other: This sounds really fun, and I can't wait for it to begin!

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Name: Sahir Fadel

Age (12-19 if you want to attend the school pls!): 16

Nickname?: No nicknames pls he hates it

Power (only one): scrying

Magic experience: His mother grew up in a family of magic, and what she has learned from them she taught Sahir. But he has never attended a class or school to be taught magic and such.

Personality: enfj

Appearance: Tall and lean, warm brown skin, piercing dark eyes, thick black hair 

Favorite motive/saying (optional but appreciated): be afraid...be VERY afraid...

Luggage: clothes, art supplies, books, many books, dried dates (don't judge it's a great snack) 

Opinion on books?: 10000/10 books are great

Opinion on royalty?: They're stuck-up little brats who get whatever they want--why does royalty even have to have that? If I ruled the country, I wouldn't care if I still lived in my one-room cottage. Oh wait. Assassins. Right. Still! I rest my case.

Student/Teacher: As he's schooled from home, his mother taught him everything he knows.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: He's good with a bow and arrows, and is often saying witty things that throw people off guard. Weaknesses: Those incredible ghraybeh cookies his mother makes--and when people critique him. Also, he can't swordfight for the life of him.

Shipping: Yep, with....GASP...boys--not that his family knows that...or that anyone knows that...(however, i definitely would love if Sahir got shipped in this lol)

Background (optional): The only thing I'll say (to keep it mysterious) is that his father died when he was ten...and the person who killed him was..Sahir. (oOoOoO)

Pronouns: he/him

Other: n/a


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Thanks everyone who's contributed so far!

@~amarillis~, I'm definitely trying ghraybeh cookies, they sound so good! And just confirming, so Sahir isn't a student or teacher at the school, he's just someone they meet along the way or could his mom be a teacher and he's just at school too? She could be the teacher of a special class or a guest speaker or something so she still has time to homeschool Sahir? Also, do you think it's ok if maybe he killed his father bc he used his power of scrying and saw that later on, his father might (unintentionally) do something terrible? And he feels guilty every since?

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Is it ok if I make Sahir's mom a guest speaker at the school?

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AAAAA sorry!!! I literally did not see this and I apologize. I forgot about it and haven't really checked it so...Sorrry!!!!! Yes to everything!!

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It's fine! thank you for responding! :)

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Name: Celeste Starcreek

Age (12-19 if you want to attend the school pls!): 16

Nickname?: Cele, with those close to her

Power (only one): able to manipulate the temperature/weather

Magic experience: just slightly better than average

Personality: introverted, kind, independent, irritable when the weather is too hot, can seem cold to those who she doesn't know well, however caring and loyal to her friends

Appearance: long dark hair with blue eyes

Favorite motive/saying (optional but appreciated): "It's too hot to do anything."

Luggage: clothes, books, other necessities, and a necklace

Opinion on books?: likes reading, especially when it's cold outside 

Opinion on royalty?: kind of neutral on it, doesn't really care

Student/Teacher: student

Strengths/Weaknesses: can be gentle, smart, and good at leadership skills if tossed to her (though she usually avoids being in that position), however can be pessimistic and prickly when it's too hot

Shipping: open to boys

Background (optional): just raised in a perfectly normal family, though her parents are typically off doing something and typically her sister is in charge of her

Pronouns: she/her

Other: n/a


Name: Violet Shimmercress

Age (12-19 if you want to attend the school pls!): 15

Nickname?: Vi

Power (only one): ability to grow plants and flowers

Magic experience: quite a lot, as she has the passion 

Personality: optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic

Appearance: shoulder-length dark hair that fades into purple, bright blue eyes

Favorite motive/saying (optional but appreciated): "Let's go!"

Luggage: essentials, as well as a small notebook and pen

Opinion on books?: somewhat enjoyable, 7/10

Opinion on royalty?: feels like it could be better, though will accept it

Student/Teacher: student

Strengths/Weaknesses: bright, passionate, sees the bright side in things, full of good ideas, however is impulsive and doesn't really listen to other people's opinions

Shipping: open, to boys who can match her energy

Background (optional): her parents died and she now lives with her aunt, and she often misses them but never shows it on the outside

Pronouns: she/her

Other: can't wait to see what will happen 

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Name: Sam

Age (12-19 if you want to attend the school pls!): 15

Nickname?: n/a

Power (only one): Fire!! 

Magic experience: Pretty good at the basics, needs to get better at their harder magicks

Personality: Very bold and not afraid to stand up and fight, although scared of the dark 

Appearance: Short brown hair, skinny with tanned skin from the sun  

Favorite motive/saying (optional but appreciated): Let's do this!

Luggage: A sword with an emerald encrusted hilt, a journal and some pens+pencils, binoculars

Opinion on books?: Loves to read! (And write)

Opinion on royalty?: Speaks politely about it, though they actually think some of the rules are not so great

Student/Teacher: Student 

Strengths/Weaknesses: Strength(s): When people trust them to do the task, and when praised by their bravery. Weakness(es): The DARK 

Shipping: Anyone, as long as they have a deep relationship 

Background (optional): n/a 

Pronouns: They/them

Other: n/a 

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I've decided to wait a bit longer to start the story so more people can join, but here's a prologue for anyone who wants it! Also, it may be crucial to the story (who knows, I'm making this up as I go, lol)...  I'm open to any feedback!

Ok, the prologue's not coming up right now so I'll post it later.

And so here's a history of the Kingdom of Myrth!


The Kingdom of Myrth is a prosperous seaside town in the Laughter Region that bases much of its economy on fishing, trading, and boat building. Its Queen, Queen Pinnacle, is rumored to be a fair and wise ruler, but there are also rumors going around of her many dungeons used to torture those she does not like, whether for a just reason or not. It is home to the biggest Bibliography in the land of Juntex, and it's wide variety of books makes it one of the wisest cities in the world, with its residents well-versed in everything from farming to doll-making. However, it may be best known for its Majik, unlike any other, as one of Myrth's many notable acheivements is the prestigious Wizarding School for Creatures of All Types, otherwise known as WSCAT, recipient of many awards including the Belltower Award (given to schools with unmatched superiority in spatiotemperal achievements), the Wizhner Award (named after the famous astrologist Paige Wizhner, who discovered (almost) all there is to know about the Galaxy), and the Sandwich Award (for the best school cafeteria lunches in all education programs). WSCAT is a diverse school who does not discriminate against any for entrance. It, undoubtedly, has the fairest admission process of any of its realm, and hires only the finest teachers there are. Any student is lucky to be going there, it is a GOLDEN (Good Over Law, Decree, and Everything else with No exceptions ) School all right!


Gtg so I might edit some things later! Also, may not be finished yet... 

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Ok, finishing the history!


When visiting Myrth, you may want to stop by it's sacred grove of trees near the Bay of Belluine, where it is said that you can hear fairies laughing like windchimes at certain parts of the day. Beware, though. This area is also prime hunting grounds for the local were-tribe, and on a full moon, you should stay clear of the grove altogether. In addition to this stand of trees, another great sightseeing destination is Jade Mountain, with a peak of 1,053.4 feet. This standalone mountain is a private ecological reserve, protected so wildlife can thrive there, but it is a popular destination for educational field trips, and a good majikal spot as the connection with nature is strong there. Myrth's wide range of what is best described of as "creatures" include (but is not limited to) were-animals and plants, kelpies, fairies, zaratans, fossas, civets, wampus cats, whales, and more. It's kingdom flag depicts a laughing bluebird, a symbol of joy and hope, which befits the Myrth motto: Choose to find joy in life wherever you go, as it will serve you much better than choosing to find misery. A famous Myrth dish is Small Joy Stew, filled with all your small favorite foods, comfort foods, and happy foods, while battling food waste in the process, leading to a more joyous life.

In conclusion, Myrth is a wonderful, bustling kingdom, home to majik and knowledge. It contains a diverse population of creatures, and has many wonderful sightseeing destinations. Its Queen is Queen Pinacle, and it's residents are determined to find the joy in life wherever they go.

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And here is the prologue allowing me to post it here finally! Thank you prologue!



It was quiet on the night of June 18th. Marissa Jones was up in the second floor study of WSCAT, reviewing applicants and determining which lucky students would be chosen for the special summer program. It was an important job, one that needed to be done, and done well, but it was also a bit of a boring one, and Marissa found herself more than once drifting off to sleep before snapping back awake at the last second. She was the only one at the school that night, or so she believed…
It was 1:06 AM in the morning, and a shadow loomed over the professor’s sleeping figure. “Wake up,” came the whisper. Marissa startled, had she really been asleep this long? She checked her watch, it was already too late! She had to get back to her house to feed the… a creak in the floorboards interrupted her train of thought. She spun around, searching the dark room. “Who’s t-there?” Cried out a shaky voice, one she recognized as her own. “A friend.” Said a shadow. “A friend who bears you no harm.” Marissa relaxed. “What is it you need?” She asked. “Sign this.” A slip of paper slid across the floor, along with a pen. It was a form congratulating a student to getting into the program. A student that Marissa had already deemed unworthy. She picked up the supplies, and signed.
Sorry about the run-on sentences! Again, feedback appreciated! And, just fyi, spots are still needed please! I would appreciate it if you could please sign up by Aug 5th so I can plan more on how the story will unfold (and also what the story is...). Thank you again for everyone who've signed up so far! It means a lot. <3
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Wonderful so far! I love your style of writing:)

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Name: Rihanna Arnolds

Age (12-19 if you want to attend the school pls!): 15

Nickname?: Ri

Power (only one): She can sense what will happen if she does certain things

Magic experience: None as yet

Personality: Spunky, brisk, observant. Might seem a little sharp and cool at first, but she's never rude, and she's super loyal and unwilling to hurt anyone. She's also determined.

Appearance:  Short, curly reddish hair, brown eyes, very faint freckles, rosy cheeks

Favorite motive/saying (optional but appreciated): "Let's go!"

Luggage: Just enough clothes to keep her going (she's none too stylish), hiking boots, a flashlight, photos of her family, a camera, a journal, pencils and pens, a laptop

Opinion on books?: She'll read for hours on end, but she gets bored if she reads too much; she likes action too.

Opinion on royalty?: Unnecessary, but fun to read about in gossip magazines.

Student/Teacher: Student

Strengths/Weaknesses: She knows her own mind and won't easily be swayed by what others want her to do, but she's not too stubborn. She's also friendly and at ease in social situations. But she might be too impulsive and over-confident, and she's a little impatient.

Shipping: Yes, with boys

Background (optional): She just has an ordinary, nice family, and has had a great childhood and adolescence. No trauma or challenges :)

Pronouns:  She/her

Other: n/a

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