TA-DA! A Story!

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TA-DA! A Story!

TA-DA! A Story!

Here is a story I've been working on for a while and I hope you like it. :)


Once upon a time, there lived a sad man. No one knew exactly why he was sad, but the rumors were that he had lost someone very dear. A long time ago, He had gone and boarded up inside the old O’ Toole mansion. The very name sent shivers down the bravest child’s spine. The house looked like it had just stepped out of Halloween, with broken shutters and a graveyard in the back. It always seemed to have dark clouds behind it. 

Children had dared each other to go to inside and grab something from the top floor. The thing was, after a while, the children would come out pale and cold, and they had a dark red stain on the back of their t-shirt. Their parents would look under the shirts and gasp. 

The children were scarred with a clean stab mark in the same spot on every affected child. They would be completely different. Not by looks, necessarily, but by personality, by spirit; the happy child of yesterday was no more. It was like they were taken control of the ghost of melancholy. In more ways than one. They would go out in the dark of night and- and what? What did they do? No one knows.

Parents forbid the children to do anything that involved the old man’s house. Of course, children being children, think of forbidden things as a line, challenging them to cross it. So, no matter how many times they got in trouble, time and time again they would go inside.

One girl was spared the scar. But she remembers everything that happened, and this is her story, so I’ll leave it to her.



I'll put some more in eventully, but for now tell me what you think! 

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Ooh, this is good! And yes, please put in more, what happened in that house?!

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I was wondering where this thread went, then I remembered the glitch that sends everything to the back pages.

So, um...top! Bringing this back to the front.

And now about the story: This is really intriguing so far. I'm excited to see what happens next:D And by the way, I've always liked the name Genivieve. It has such a pretty spelling.

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@Lyric: Awww, thank you! (it's not even correct, this is though: Genevieve, but still, THANKS!) 

Here is some more of the story.


Nicole ran to the O’ Toole mansion. She was going to be late. The Club was meeting there, and Nicole was going to finally join. The Club was for the bravest only, and Nicole had passed the first three challenges with flying colors. Now all she had to do was grab a book from the top floor in the “haunted house” and bring it back. Simple.

The club had gathered in front of the black iron fence and some club members whispered to each other in excitement as she walked up.

“Alright, Nicole, are you ready?” The club’s leader, Devlin, asked with a grin.

Nicole nodded. Everyone smiled, except for Percy, one of the members of The Club. His brow was furrowed in thought. He walked up to Devlin and whispered something in his ear. Devlin turned and looked at Percy, a surprised expression on his face.

“Are you sure?” he asked. Percy nodded gravely and Nicole’s stomach dropped.

Devlin mumbled something that ended in “stinky rat” and looked at Nicole with a pained expression.

“Okay, change of plans,” he sighed, “You now have to, according to one of our valued members, stay until midnight inside the O’ Toole mansion, because... well, because you are the youngest to join.” He sighed again and ran a hand through his black hair. “If-“ He paused. “If you don’t want to do this, we will come up with a different challenge.” Percy jabbed him in the ribs. Devlin shot him a mean look. “Do you want to?” he asked turning his gaze back to her.

Nicole closed her eyes. This wasn’t agreed. But she didn’t want to seem like a scaredy-cat, so she opened her eyes and turned her nose up.

“Yes, I’ll do it.” She said, her voice cracking.

Devlin’s eyes widened, and he began to say something, but Percy jumped in and finally spoke.

“Then off you go!” He said opening the gate, and pushing her in, slamming the black iron gate shut.

Nicole, now taking in the reality that she might not be the same when she came back, turned, smiled a nervous smile, and bravely marched up to the big paint-peeling blue door, then pushed it open. She stepped inside.


That was chapter one. *mysterious smile* 

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Chapter 2


The door creaked as it closed behind her. It slammed, causing Nicole to jump. She turned around and scanned the area.

Everything was covered in dust. Not spared one inch of fresh air. Nicole put her hand on one of the covered chairs. A deep handprint was left, deep in the inches of dust.

Suddenly, a blood-curdling scream echoed through-out the large house. The hair on Nicole’s neck rose.

It sounded like it came from upstairs. Nicole tip-toed over to the magnificent staircase and began to climb. 

Stair after stair, Nicole's nerves grew tense. What would she find? She shuddered as she started to think about what it might be.

As she reached the top, Nicole heard someone crying. It was very soft, and she was worried.

At the top was a long hallway lined with faded doors. An eerie silence covered Nicole's ears and the crying stopped.

Nicole paused to look in a mirror. Her face became white and ghostly, and her hair lost its raven-black sheen to a silver coat. Her eyes widened and she backed away, tripping on herself.When she hit the ground, a melodious voice called out.

"Nicole," It said. It was a woman. Her voice beckoned Nicole to stand up and wander the hallway. 

"Nicole, come home to me," It sang. "You belong with me."

Nicole stumbled through the gray corridor. A red door on her left told her to come closer. She reached out to the door knob, while the woman said, "Quickly, join me, you'll be so happy!"

Nicole, centimeters from touching the knob, turned suddenly and looked at the green door behind her. She walked over to it and cocked her head curiously. A childhood voice said, Green means go!

"Come, Nicole! Be with me!" the woman screeched. "Don't leave me!"

Nicole eyes the red door warily. She turned and opened the green door with a quick glance around hte hallway and hurried in, leaving the woman screaming to herself.


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Oh! This is suddenly really creepy...I hope Nicole chose the right door...

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Chapter 3


Nicole shut the door with a click and looked around at her surroundings.

      The room had two long rows of several beds along both the left and right walls. A gorgeous satin curtain covered a large window in the very back. The walls were spotted with  cobwebbed picture frames.

      Suddenly, something sniffled and Nicole jumped. She looked to the right and saw a small lump on the second-to-last bed. It moved slightly. Nicole slipped quietly over to the bed as it sniffled once more.

      “Hello?” the lump said in a soft voice. It came out from under its blanket. Nicole gasped.

      A pale girl emerged. She had silver hair and looked about seven to eight years old and had clearly been crying.

      “Oh, no.” She whispered, her gray eyes widening when they fell on Nicole. “You have to go.” She climbed out of the creaky bed and grabbed Nicole’s hand. “Hurry, before he catches you!” Her hand was cold and airy.

      “Wait,” Nicole pulled back. The girl’s hand ran right through the palm of Nicole’s. Nicole gaped at her hand.

      The girl kept walking, except, Nicole noticed, she had no legs. The bottom of her dress was fuzzy and below that there was a good two feet of space between the floor and her.

      Nicole felt slightly dizzy and sat down on the nearest bed with a loud crunch. The girl whipped around.

      “Oh dear,” the little girl fretted, “Have I frightened you?” Nicole nodded in response. “Oh dear, I’m sorry.” She sighed. “What’s your name?”

      “Oh, Nicole.” She said, shakily.

      “Well, hello, Nicole, my name is Abigail.”

      Nicole looked up. “Are you a ghost?” she asked.

      Abigail smiled a very motherly smile.

      “Well, that depends on what you think a ghost is.” She said and gestured to the surrounding room. “This whole room could be full of ghosts. The essences of the children who lived here.”

      “What do you mean children?” Nicole said and looked around. “Was this an orphanage?”

      “Well, not really, but the O’ Toole’s were very kind-hearted people and helped the children outside without a home.” She smiled. “I was one of those children.”

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Phew! I'm back!


Chapter three, continued. 

Nicole heard another scream echo throughout the house. Abigail straightened up and pointed to the door.

"She is coming! Let's go." She said.

Nicole stood up and began to follow her to the door. The floorboards creaked beneath Nicole's sneakers. Abigail opened the door and put a finger to her mouth. She stepped out into the hallway and began to head towards the stairs. Nicole stepped carefully, but not carefully enough. She tripped on the rug on the floor and fell. Abigail gasped and hurried over to help her.


Nicole looked up, turning pale, eyes widening. The girls paused and held their breath. 

"Nicole, I'm waiting!" the woman yelled.

Abigail whispered some encouragment to Nicole, and she stood up.

"No, Thelma!" she said, and picked Nicole up, dragging her to a sllightly cracked open door with a dim blue light shining behind it.

Thelma screeched in rage and suddenly the whole house began to rattle. The two girls tumbled through the door just as the ceiling cracked and debris fell down.


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I wonder if Thelma is the woman behind the red door...

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Chapter 4


The door crashed against the wall and the girls scrambled to shut it. When it clicked shut, both girls sighed and leaned against it. Nicole looked around the room.

A big grandfather clock ticked off the seconds in the corner. Next to it was a stout little brown door. A bookcase loomed tall on Nicole's right.

"What do you suppose is behind that door?" Abigail whispered.

"You don't know?" Nicole said in surprise.

Suddenly, something hit the door behind them with a rattling thud.

Startled, Nicole leapt to her feet and scurried over to the little door.

"Guess we'll have to find out!" Nicole exclaimed as she pulled it open.

A spiral staircase was inside. A green light was waiting at the top, beckoning with a calming hum.

Abigail touched Nicole's shoulder.

"I don't think we sould go up there." She said quietly.

"What, why?" Nicole asked.

"It might be The Master's labratory. He's told me exclusivly about it, a long time ago when he moved here. He makes all sort of concotions and stuff. It makes him super mad when something doesn't go right. I'm afraid to go up there. What if he and Thelma-"

"Wait, who is Thelma?"

"Oh, she was the woman screaming at us. She is a very concited woman. She will only settle for rich and bountiful things, but only for herself. She was Mr. O' Toole's sister. She came a long time ago to help with the children and became envious for the O' Toole's joy. She then became a sort of witch, and used the children to gather things for her, whether in this house or halfway across town. She somehow gained control of them and once their missions were complete, they would just die. Back then, there was a spike in the deaths of children. The police couldn't understand it, and they went back to normal saying it was a freak illness. Since Thelma wasn't caught, she stayed here and made me and The Master work for her until recently when children started to come back here. Now things are starting to work out for her again. This is why you must leave!"

"Wow. I had no idea." Nicole blew out a breath. "Yeah, I guess I do need to leave." She glanced at the clock. "What's wrong with the hands?" Nicole pointed to the clock face. 

The hands were going around the clock faster and faster until finally they stopped at exactly twelve o' clock.

"Huh? That's not right." She looked at her watch. "It's only 10:47. Why'd it do that?" Nicole turned around to find Abigail peering into a large purple book, a pair of glasses perched on her tiny nose.

"I didn't know you wore glasses."

Abigail looked up.

"I only need them when I'm reading." she said. "This book is the mannual for operating magic items and, as it turns out, that is a magic clock. It says here that if your grandfather clock is acting strange, check the area for witches, wizards, goblins, elves or gnomes practicing their magic nearby. Your clock is a very sensitive fellow, and gets upset in the case of magic being used." She stopped and looked up. "So that's why!" She took off her galsses and threw them to the side as she said "poof", and they dissentegrated as if they were made of smoke.

"Cool!" NIcole whispered. "So we're looking for a witch, wizard, elf, goblin or gnome creating magic or something, right?" she asked, folding her arms on her chest.

"Guess so," Abigail replied, putting the book back on the shelf.

"Wait!" Nicole ran over to the bookshelf. "Take that book out! I saw something."

Abigail obeyed. Nicole peered into the crevice.

"Aha!" She exclaimed suddenly. She reached in and pulled something with a click.

The bookshelf swung out of the wall, groaning in protest, and revealed a dark, dank, narrow hallway. Things scurried around and squeaked to warn the others "something is coming!"

"What did you pull?" Abigail breathed.

"A lever. I saw something shiny when you moved to put the book back." Nicole replied promptly. 

Bang! Bang! 

The door was getting hit with thing with more feroscity than before.

"Hurry!" NIcole yelled as she grabbed the lanturn and ran into the hallway.

Abigail shoved the book into its place and followed Nicole.

The bookshelf shut behind them as soon as they stepped in with another groan in protest. 


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Ooh, a secret hallway behind a bookshelf!!! I love those a lot :D

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YASSS! XD  I really wanted that element of my favorite things (they kinda revolve around escape room/mysterious) in all of my stories, which by the way, once this story's over, (or coming to a dead end) I'll do a new story.

Also, I'm going to go with the name that I use WAY more often, which is Nyxie. *smiles* I just feel like it fits me more. :) 

Oh, I just relised that some people might not know that I'm also Nyxie (even though I posted that on the Random Thought thread)... surprise! 

Next part coming out soon! 

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