Jewel Hotel- RP

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Jewel Hotel- RP

Jewel Hotel- RP


~Charles paces restlessly in front of the large ornate window looking out into DarkHeart forest. The entier staff stands in the large room, silently watching the owner of the hotel walk back and forth, back and forth. Finally, he comes to a standstill, hands folded behind his back, facing the crowd. 

"What do you suggest?" He tiredly asked. 

"We should re-open the hotel," James, the head butler, instantly says. "What happened to Quartz wasn't your fault, it was his own. You are not putting guests in danger by run the hotel after all. He knew better than to-"

Charles held up a hand, and James fell silent. Charles resumed his pacing.

"Crystal gets lonely, you know," Gabriel, an old housemaid, spoke out timedly.

"What?" barked Charles, stopping and glaring at the maid.

"Your daughter loved the visiters. she would get to see people her own age. she doesn't now. Young folk like her need interaction with people around their age. It doesn't exactly help that we are located on a privatly owned, CLOSED to visiters, island. No one leaves. No one comes."

Charles rubbed his chin, and walked to look out the window. If he looked hard to the right, he could just make out the corner of the hotel's front patio. Sitting on the ground on a cushion, he could see his daughter leaning over an open book on her lap.

"And if you don't re-open," Gabriel said in a slightly dangerous tone, "there is no point in us staying here to dust empty rooms and cook meals for just the staff and Crystal. You hardly eat with us. We aren't getting paid. It's been a year. Re-open, or we will all LEAVE."

Charles was silent. A few moments passed, then he spun around. "Fine," he said, "fine. I'll re-open." ~ 

Hello! I hope you are joining. There are no rules, exept for no more than 3 charries, and they can only be between the ages 13-90. That's a good age gap, right? This'll start once I have enough people joined, I'll update you more on that later. Here's the form~









NO magic or powers, please. keep charries human completely please! I will post Crystal's form and what the hotel looks like and the Island as well when this goes up. 


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Name: Crystal Jewel

Age: I am 16 going on 17 du du dudu duuuudu


Apperance: slender, but peite. Big bright green eyes framed by long lashes. shoulder length wavy brown hair streaked with natural gold highlights. slightly pink cheeks, a few freakles. small pointed nose and a bright smile. Usually wears jeans and a t shirt

Personality:sweet, but fierce. Kind, but stern. Smart, gentle, ready to stand up to anyone. she can be stubborn and sarcastic. Hardly ever gets angry, it's more like she gets really disapointed in you and makes you feel bad. Thoughtful, funny, and a big reader

Luggage:she lives at the hotel

Shipping: with boys


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Also, thanks for the fast post Admins! got to do this in one day :)

First foor- lobby, sitting room, indoor pool, bowling alley

Second floor- rooms, library, sun room with plants

Third floor- rooms, craft room, aquariam room

fourth floor/ attic- nobody talks about the attic, and it's off limits to guests

North tower- like a second library

South tower- like a study hall

East tower- like a second sitting room

West tower- locked and off limits to guests

the above veiw of the hotel kinda looks like this


l         l


But all conecting, with the towers at the corners. There is an outdoor pool in the courtyard, and a basket ball court.


South part of the Island- beach, with a pensula where there is a lighthouse and pier

North part- cliffs, visiters avised to stay away, but aren't off limits

east part- DarkHeart forest. Not off limits, but you MUST stay on the paths.

West part- a park like area, some trees, some grass, a freshwater creek and pond 

that's about all! visiters arrive by boat, and get off at the pier, where staff wait in golf carts to take the guests to Jewel Hotel.

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Ooh this sounds so awesome!! what two libraries I NEED TO JOIN!!! :DD

Name: Calligraphy "Cali" Muck

Age: 16

Pronouns: he/him

Apperance: messy brown hair, pale freckled skin, square glasses, skinny

Personality: outgoing, friendly, loves to explore, can never argue with a good book though, always needs to be stimulated and gets impatient easily

Luggage: books books books necessities magnifying glass Rubik's cube magazines/newspapers

Shipping: anyone! :)

Other: excited!!

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Name: Celeste Starcreek

Age: 16

Pronouns: she/her

Apperance: long dark hair with blue eyes

Personality: introverted, kind, independent, irritable when the weather is too hot, can seem cold to those who she doesn't know well, however caring and loyal to her friends

Luggage: clothes, books, other necessities, and a necklace

Shipping: open to boys

Other: :)


Name: Violet Shimmercress

Age: 15

Pronouns: she/her

Apperance: shoulder-length dark hair that fades into purple, bright blue eyes

Personality: optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic

Luggage: essentials, as well as a small notebook and pen

Shipping: open to boys

Other: :D 

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Thank you for joining! I'm perfectly fine for diving in right now, if you guys want to!

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:) whatever works for everyone!

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Okay then, starting :)

Crystal Jewel

Standing in the soft sand, I gaze excitedly toward the cruise ship approaching the pier. I bounced on the tips of my toes, my barefeet sinking slightly into the sand. A salty breeze blew my hair away from my face, and the ship let out a cheery honk.

It had been exactly 2 weeks since Father told me he had decided to re-open Jewel Hotel. I had been counting down the days until the first ship was to arrive with glee. Finally! New people! Animals! Maybe even other teens. I could hardly wait for the golf carts to start driving the passengers abored the ship to the hotel. 

"CrysTAL!" I hear my father's voice distantly. "Get up here!"

I turn and jog back up the beach, over the large front lawn and stopped, panting at my father's side. "What are you doing?!" he scolded me. "No shoes! Hair in tangles! And what are you wearing?"

I glance down at my jeans, which I had thrown on today. They were crumbly with dried mud, and there was a hole starting in the left knee. My yellow shirt had a large purple stain from blackberry juice. "I'm showing character," I defended. "I went on a muddy blackberry picking adventure yesterday." Truth was, I had just grabbed clothes off the floor without looking at them the second I had heard the distant call of the ship. 

"Go change," Father fussed at me. "We don't need to give our guests the wrong intention. 108 guest coming just TODAY, Crystal. And we have more coming next week! People have obviously been wanting to come for a while."

"And who decided to shut down?" I breathed under my breath, but I didn't really blame him. I would've freaked too, with Quartz...

"Ack, it's too late, here come some golf carts," Father hissed, annoyed. "Just stand still and look friendly."

I always looked friendly! But I put on a smile, crossed my arms in front of the large stain as best I could, and awaited the guests next to my picture perfect father. 

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i can still join, yes?

Name: Jude Drider

Age: 16

Pronouns: They/them

Apperance: Thin and small. Dark hair, glasses, eye bags. Long nose and a green oversize trenchcoat. Resting face is a slight smile. Twitchy. Dark green eyes. Looks like they'd blow over in a strong wind.

Personality: Fast-talking, reserved and polite. Passionate about SCIENCE. Says the word SCIENCE louder than most other words they say. Doesn't seem to know anything about the scientific method though. Or anything about science, actually.

Luggage: Clothes, books, actual scrap metal(!), spare glasses, stuffed octopus. All in a green duffel bag.

Shipping: Sure. Anybody. 

Other: They're actually weirdly good at making machines, even though they are, again, bad at science.



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yes, of course!

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Name: Tristan "Trick" Edwards

Age: 17

Pronouns: He/him

Apperance: Shifty smile, brown suit, red hair, very tall. Winks when he lies. Runs hand through hair.

Personality: Compulsively lies. Smiles constantly. Snarky, and kind of a jerk. Kleptomaniac. Moves slowly, and crouches down while talking to shorter people, in a condescending way.

Luggage: Giant backpack filled with everything he could possibly need, except anything actually useful.

Shipping: Ace, but will go out to dinner with someone just to leave them with the check.

Other: :>

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