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Dragon ski lodge!


You collapse on your bed after getting home from school, tossing your backpack in the corner of your room. Just as you're getting comfortable, someone yells for you to go and get the mail. You run outside and look in the mailbox. Surprisingly, there is only one letter, and it's addressed to you. You open the envelope and read:


You have been generously invited to the one and only Skywater fortress, former school of sky and sea dragons alike, but, since the dragons moved out, we have been using it as our home. Unfortunately, us being the only two dragons here, we have become lonely, and decided to invite ten CBers to stay with us for a while. You are one of the lucky few. 

During your stay, you will enjoy many of the different hobbies of our former students, including sports, crafting, and much more. There will also be an amount of free time every day, during which you can do virtually anything you want. We will review the rules once you are all here, and rules include punishments for breaking them, we are sorry to say. 

Did we hear you wondering how you are going to participate in dragon hobbies, when you are not a dragon yourself? We spent a lot of time contemplating that. In order to enable you to participate, we are giving you a way to become a dragon for your visit! All you have to do is fill out the form below, and a coat of dragon scales will appear in front of you. Put them on, and you will be instantly transformed into your chosen dragon form and transported to the Skywater fortress in the same moment!

You are allowed to bring two companions for free, but if you want to bring three there will be a fee of twenty dollars to pay for lodging. 

Here is the attendance form. AEs and CAPTCHAs must fill it out as well.





Requested dragon appearance (appearance must include breed name, and we request that you have gills or other implements for underwater breathing):

Describe your personality in five words:

Favorite food:

Favorite subject in school:




Favorite book:

Favorite movie:


Salutations, Vansix and Lila

Just a tiny bit confused and mostly excited, you run back to your room and find a pen. Just as you finish filling out the form, it shimmers and implodes in your hands, replaced by a glittering cape of dragon scales. You drape it over your shoulders, and just as the letter said, you transform, and the world swirls to black as you're transported to Skywater fortress.

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(August 15, 2019 - 1:06 pm)

Well, the murderer was in another room, which means it isn’t me, or Rhaksha, or Leo.

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(August 15, 2019 - 4:38 pm)

Whoops, sorry, Kitten, we forgot you had a Kindle. Loop

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well its not me either, or is it...

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Day two pt. One:

Nyx stretched in her hammock, ignoring the sounds of her roommates, Fleet and Sage, talking. There was a knock on the door, and a large, thickset green dragon came in.

   “Hey,” he grunted, “name’s Slinky. I came to tell you that it’s time for breakfast.”

   “Okay, thanks Slinky.” Fleet said brightly. “Let’s go guys.” 

   Breakfast that morning was simply eggs and bacon, and like the night before, there was some silliness figuring out how to eat it. Sybill got eggs shoved up her snout, Rogue Wildling poked herself in the eye with a piece of bacon, and Joan B. of Arc accidently pushed her entire plate off the table and onto Kitten’s claws, somehow starting a food fight. 

   Nyx managed to duck under the table during the fight, so she avoided most of the flying food, but some of it got to her, and she ended up with some stuck between her claws. She climbed out, shaking it free, as Vansix started explaining what they would do next. 

   “In a few minutes we will head outside,” he said, “and play some games. Now, most of the games we play are a lot the same as your human games, but us being dragons, we play them differently. After that during lunch, we will talk about what will happen for the rest of the day. Understand?” There was a murmur of agreement. “Good. Now, Lila will divide you into teams, and we will all go outside.” 

   Lila stepped forward and read the names for each team off of a list. “TheaterGirl, Leo, Vivian, Nihil, and Sage are in one team. Kitten, Luna-Starr, Nyx, Rogue Wildling, and Rhaksha in another, and Sybill, Fleet, Khai, and Joan B. of Arc in the last. Now, since Sybill’s team only has four dragons in it, I will be joining them. Vansix, lead us out.”

   They separated into their teams, and followed Vansix out into the field, over to a small lake. The sour dragon turned and started talking.

   “So our first game,” he said loudly, “will be a relay race, under and over the water. The teams will line up at the edge of the lake, and….. You all know how a relay race works, right? You go to the finish line, come back, and tap your teammate’s talon?” Several murmurs confirmed that they knew. “Well, you'll line up at the edge of the lake. First you'll fly over the lake and touch down on the far bank. Then, you'll dive into the water and swim back to touch your teammate’s talon. Got it?” They all nodded. “Great. Line up.”

   Each team got into their own line, and when Vansix called the start, Leo, Luna-Starr, and Sybill shot forward.

   Lila of course was the best individually, because she was used to being a dragon, but there were some who did very well in the other teams. In Kitten’s team, she did very well in the swimming part, and in TheaterGirl’s team Nihil was better at flying. 

   Eventually only Vivian, Nyx, and Fleet were left, and as Rogue Wildling tapped her talon, Nyx ran forward, pumping her wings to lift off. She found that she wasn’t as good at flying as she’d hoped, but she wasn’t far behind the others. Touching down on the far bank, they wheeled around and dived into the water. Vivian and Fleet managed to swim well, but Nyx’s large wings were cumbersome, and her initial plan of using them to shoot forward wasn’t working. She quickly came up with another idea, and pinned her wings tightly to her sides. Sinking down to the muddy bottom of the lake, she dug her claws into the sand and silt and pulled herself forward, almost running along the mud. She passed Fleet, who had gotten her horn stuck in some weeds, and came up behind Vivian just as she broke the surface. They ran side by side towards their teams, but Fleet pushed past them, having freed her horn, and ran smack into Joan, toppling them both over. 

   “Sybill, Fleet, Khai, Joan, and and Lila’s team are the winners!” roared Vansix, who seemed to have cheered up greatly since their arrival. Everyone cheered as Joan and Fleet picked themselves up, and took a moment to calm down Khai, who had gotten it into her head that a victory dance should last for at least eight minutes. 

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(August 16, 2019 - 9:34 am)

Okay so wait. Going off of this:

 “Nyx, Fleet, and Sage, room eight. Luna-Starr, Vivian, and TheaterGirl, room thirteen. Leo, Kitten, and Rhaksha, room fourteen. Sybill, Nihil, and Joan B. of Arc, room eighteen. Rogue Wildling, Khai, and-- oh. Right. Barnswallow was supposed to be in that room………” The mood had started to lighten as Lila talked, but now it sank even lower.

The murderer was in one of the rooms next to Kitten, Leo, and Rhaksha. So the murderer could be Luna-Starr, Vivian, TheaterGirl, Sybill, Nihil, or Joan B. of Arc.

@Vansix and Lila am I on the right track? 

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(August 16, 2019 - 12:31 pm)

Yes, Rogue, you are very much on the right track! Nice logic, there! 

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Oh no, I'm one of the possible murderers?

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(August 17, 2019 - 11:06 am)

Day two pt. Two

After several rounds of what Lila called “Flying Freeze Tag”, they all came back inside for lunch. Afterwards they headed back to their rooms for down time, but the murderer had other plans. They managed to fake getting separated from their roommates, and ran towards the library, where one of the staff members was waiting for them. 

   “Thanks for helping me with the poison.” said the murderer.

   “No problem.” The staff member waved their tail under the murderer’s nose. “Do you know how I did it?”

   “No.” The murderer couldn't care less, but the staff member wasn't inclined to let it go. They jabbed the murderer’s nose lightly with the tip of their tail, and then drew it back. With a swift flick, a barb slid out of their tail-tip, dripping with some liquid that the murderer wasn't eager to identify. 

   The staff member retracted their barb and held out a talon. “Do you have my payment?” 

   The murderer dropped a wad of cash into the outstretched talon. “I stole it from the cash register after Nyx paid for her extra companion!” they said gleefully. 

   “Whatever. Let’s get you back to your room before you get in trouble. I’ll take you to the right hallway.” 

   The murderer wasn't actually lost, but they accepted the staff member’s help getting back to their hallway. Nearing the door, they came upon Vivian, who was grumbling about some power Lila had refused to grant. Recoiling, the murderer watched with glinting eyes, and as Vivian neared, they sprang.

   Finally standing, the murderer observed their job with a sly smile, then turned and headed to their room after cleaning the blood from their claws. 

   At the end of the hour, Sybill was woken from her rest by a scream. She ran out into the hall, Joan and Nihil hard on her heels, and found that the scream had come from the group that had gathered around something on the floor. Sybill pushed forward, and stopped at the sight. Nyx was crouched by a bloody form, the glistening scarlet almost completely obscuring the once-shiny gold scales.

   “Vivian. Viv, Viv, Viv…..” murmured Nyx over and over. Vivian’s throat was torn out, and there were long gashes along her spine and underbelly. It seemed the murderer had taken pains to make Vivian’s death as bloody and gruesome as possible. Luna-Starr was crouched next to Nyx with a talon on her shoulder, and after a moment Fleet and Rhaksha also came over. Khai was crouched under Rogue’s wing, staring at the dismal scene, and Rogue herself was gazing at Vivian’s body with a strange expression that Sybill couldn’t read. 


Dead: Barnswallow, Vivian

Suspects: Luna-Starr, TheaterGirl, Sybill, Nihil, Joan B. of Arc

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(August 17, 2019 - 1:56 pm)

Khai was crouched under Rogue’s wing, staring at the dismal scene, and Rogue herself was gazing at Vivian’s body with a strange expression that Sybill couldn’t read.

A hint or a point of view? 

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(August 18, 2019 - 12:13 am)

Aw man, I'm a suspect... *pouts*

This is really well-written, though, I love it! 

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“In another room, the murderer also lay awake, plotting the death of the next unlucky vacationer.”

It never says that the murderer was in a room next to me, Leo, and Rhaksha, just that they were in another room, so theoretically it could be anyone besides the three of us in that room.

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(August 17, 2019 - 7:42 pm)

Oh no! Vivian! And, ah, help from the staff member?

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Hmmm. Okay, so I personally don't think it's me anymore, because it says I was awoken by the scream, meaning that I couldn't have killed Vivian, because I was sleeping. That being said, I believe a strong suspect is Theatergirl. When Barnswallow died, she was the first to realize that her death had been due to poison.


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