You pull your

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You pull your

You pull your jacket tighter around you as you enter your local library. The March wind is still brisk, and your cheeks are pink from the cold. It seems that nobody else is in the library, so you commandeer your favorite armchair and sit down with a sigh. As you rummage around in your bag, looking for whatever homework you forgot to do, you hear a thud coming from one of the bookshelves. You look around again, but other than the librarian, you don't see anyone. You stand up warily and make your way to where you think the noise came from. All you see is a book on the ground. You frown and pick it up, wondering how it could have fallen. You examine the front, back and spine of the book, and it strikes you that there is no title, or anything at all, for that matter. You open the book, and out slides a letter. You place the book back on the shelf and pick up the letter. The envelope is a shimmering gold, with no address or stamp. You go to open the envelope (it couldn't hurt, right?) and notice that it appears to have been already opened, but resealed. You tear it open and pull out a paper- it's creased and torn in a few places, but the golden script can still be clearly read. It says:

Salutations, dear CBer! We would like to invite you to stay at the Golden Palace Hotel for your wonderful, relaxing vacation. There will be games, food, hiking, food, gardens, food, swimming- did I mention food? The staff and I will be there to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We hope you decide to join us!



Palace Keeper 

You turn the page over and find a form:








Packing List:

Companions (kindly fill out a form for them as well): 

Homework forgotten, you walk back to your chair and begin hurriedly filling out the form- sounds like fun to you!


Hello, my friends! Once again, it is I, Goldie, the keeper of the Golden Palace Hotel. A disclaimer- I have done this ski lodge before, and it didn't make it very far. I found my notes for it the other day, and I'm going to give it another go. Anyone who may have known my identity from the first ski lodge, don't reveal it, please and thank you! Anyone who doesn't already know is more than welcome to guess. If you would like to join, please fill out the form- there's no limit to how many people I will accept, but slots will close on March 21st. The ski lodge will begin on March 23rd, and I will post a part either weekly or every other week. Thank you for reading, my friends, and I hope you decide to join us at the Golden Palace Hotel!

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(March 8, 2020 - 4:53 pm)

Name: strawberri

age: 11 (just about 12)

gender: female

Appearance: long blonde hair, creamy skin, brown eyes, under 5 feet

Personality: always, often anoyingly happy, outgoing, kind 

Strength:very smart

weakness: can't reach a lot of stuff in her middle school 

Packing list: 3 shirts, 3 pairs blue jeans, 4 pairs socks, bible, Mr. leemonchello's Library Escape, (please don't make fun of me) teddy bear

Companians: n/a 

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(March 9, 2020 - 4:10 pm)

I'm so in! This sounds like so much fun.

Name: Bluebell

Age: 13

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her/hers

Appearance: Shoulder length, light brown, wavy hair. Pale skin. Hazel eyes. Clearish glasses. Wears sweaters, jeans, and light blue sneakers. 5 feet tall. 

Personality: I am introverted but once I get to know people better, I am more talkative. I am thoughtful, smart, anxious, and I can get very defensive. 

Strength: I am very good at listening. 

Weakness: I have a hard time letting things go. 

Packing List: Stetchbook with pencil, chapstick, Switch, and phone. 

Companions (kindly fill out a form for them as well): None 

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(March 9, 2020 - 6:29 pm)

Name: Emkittycon k

Age: 11 

Gender/Pronouns: Female

Appearance: I will be wearing a cute shirt with tiaras on it and leopard print fabric pants and a tiara with a red jewel, and I wear tennis shoes with cat ears on them. I have dark wild hair, and tan skin, and I'll also have some bracelets.

Personality: Well, I can be very shy at times, but sometimes I can also be very friendly, adn I will go super-crazy if I have caffene or too much sugar but I'm actually pretty calm at times. I am also very sensitive.

Strength: Well, I can get after people if they bully someone else, and I did take karate for about a couple of weeks, so I can defend myself and others if needed.

Weaknesses: I an shy about singing, and like I said, don't give me too much sugar or caffene in any form. I can have decaf coffie with French Vanilla creamer and a touch of milk.

Packing list: Well, I'll have a few pink dresses if there are any formal eents with pink shoes, but for my casual outfits, I'll have some t-shirts mostly pink, a dark purple, black, or rainbow, with kittens on them. I'll also have pink, black,purple or galaxy colored pants, with high black boots with long laces, and some tiaras, and I'll bring my pillows and blanket and some CD's with a small radio.

Companions: Ummm... Kittys not ready for that just yet.


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(March 10, 2020 - 11:19 am)

Reserving for one!

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(March 10, 2020 - 12:35 pm)

Could I possibly reserve for one spot, please?

Thank you for your time! 

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(March 10, 2020 - 4:20 pm)

Name: Dusk Sky (Dusk S. or just Dusk for short) 

Age: 13

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her 

Appearance: Short dark brown hair that reaches to the middle of my neck, dark brown eyes, kind of short for my age (looking more like a 10 or 11 year old), very white skin, black t-shirt with tiny white stars all over it, denim blue jeans, and light blue sneakers. 

Personality:   a little bit of an extrovert (as in I'm shy when I first meet people, but I love to be around people once I know them), a law-abider, cautious, very sarcastic, energetic most of the time, can be hot-tempered when someone underestimates me or is rude to me or my friends or thinks they can do whatever they want, impatient, and I tend to be a little reckless about some things (especially when I'm excited about them). 

Strength: I am a very determined person and will not give up easily. I also like to think things through and think logically.

Weakness:I wish I could keep my temper and impatience under control sometimes. Also, I'm very oblivious, and I can't find things a lot or read feelings well because of that. 

Packing list: booklight, the 2nd Harry Potter book, a laptop (maybe I could visit the CB on it) a nintendo switch and charger, a swimsuit and goggles, and of course the basic essentials, like a toothbrush, pjs, etc.

Companions: I'll bring Alice.

Name: Alice

Age: 14

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her

Appearance:   long blond wavy hair, freckles, glasses. I will be wearng a casual sky blue shirt. Brown jeans.

Personality:Extremely introvert, responsible, cautious, reasonable in thinking, Shy, doesn't like attention drawn to self, Loves science and research, Quiet.  

Strength: I think reasonably a lot and I tend to analyze my situation around me. I also will do absolutely anything for my research, even if its something I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY don't want to do.  

Weakness: I'm extremely quiet and shy and I don't have much confidence in myself. I also can tend to panic a lot mentally. 

Packing list: about five books for reading, a couple of the same things Dusk brought, like the swimming suit thing, booklight, and swimming suit with goggles thing, Also I brought a couple of documentaries that I maybe could be played in the hotel's tv in my room. Obviously, I also brought the main essentials.



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(March 10, 2020 - 9:25 pm)


Name: Pancake Willows (Just call me Pancake!)

Age: 16!

Gender/Pronouns: She, Her, Female

Appearance: Pale skin, pink/blonde hair, frilly dressessssssssss~ and white dress shoes, with pink and yellow eyes!

Personality: I AM A WORSE VERSION OF LA'CROSSE! I'm annoying, clumsy *starts counting stuff off fingers* Uhhhhhhhh yeah. An anime girl.

Strength: Screaming, or being loud. I can't sit still...

Weakness: Any kind of sweets. I have to stop and take a handful... then run for it. Halloween is amazing.

Packing List: My pink alarm clock, a unicorn blanket............ *lists other girly things* 

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(March 11, 2020 - 11:40 am)

Oh, I also can be called "Em" for short.

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(March 11, 2020 - 1:16 pm)

Name: Dolphin

Age: 12, almost 13

Gender/Pronouns: Female/she her

Appearance: I have pale skin and freckles over my nose blue eyes and turquoise hair. Actually, I’ll just post the picturing Agent Winter made for me, cause I love it.

Personality: I’m happy most of the time, but when I’m mad I can get REALLY mad. I’m smart and I good athlete. I play violin and soccer.

Strength: ummm... My smartness, I guess. 

Weakness: I hate spiders. And snakes, except for garter snakes.

Packing list: Books, my violin, a coloring book and markers, Swiss Army knife, flashlight, rope walkie talkies, batteries, miscellaneous other survival stuff.

Companions: Vixen and (is it ok if I have two?) Rigel.


Age: No one knows

Gender/Pronouns: Male/he him

Appearance: He’s a red fox CAPTCHA 

Pesonality: He’s kinda grumpy, but usually right about most things

Strength: he has really sharp teeth and claws

Weakness: Venison

Packing list: his lucky rock. I’ll pjt out Rigel’s form when I get the ok.  

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(March 13, 2020 - 9:42 am)

Yes, multiple companions are fine!

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(March 13, 2020 - 1:21 pm)


Name: Rigel

Age: No one knows

Gender/Pronouns: Male/he him

Appearance: He is a Belgian Shepherd Captchae

Personality: He is smart and strong, and very caring for Vixen

Strength: He can hide in shadows and he almost always know what to do

Weakness: If the shell necklace he has falls off, he will become paralyzed  

Packing list: dog friendly chocolate and his favorite rubber ball 

submitted by Dolphin, age 12 eons, Narnia
(March 13, 2020 - 2:00 pm)

Ooh, yay!

Name: Sirfire, and you can call me Sir or Sirfrier, if you don't have much time or want to be funny.

Age: 11

Gender/Pronouns: Uh...I usually identify as a girl, but sometimes, usually about once a week, I feel like a boy or non binary. Um...yeah. I don't care what pronouns you use.

Appearance: Short, curly, floofy brown hair, deep brown eyes. Pretty tall and lanky. I've got a tan. Clothes: I usually wear overall shorts and hoodies. I refuse to wear jeans. Yellow sneakers.

Personality: Pretty introverted. I'd like to think I'm funny, but perhaps witty would be a better term. An oddball, extremely bookish and described by friends as kind to the tenth power. (Whatever that means).

Strength: I don't care what anyone says about me?

Weakness: Self critical, spacey, and "too shy".

Packing list: Headphones, water bottle,4 different books, 2 different sketch pads, my trusty pen/pencils case, and my whale stuffed animal. Oh, and toothbrush, etc;.

Companions: I don't I'll bring anyone this time. (Random question: by companions do you mean an AE/CAPTCHA or  like a friend that isn't on Chatterbox but has given permission to be brought along??? IDK, a ramble. 

I'm so excited!!!!!! 

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(March 13, 2020 - 2:55 pm)

Oof I already forgot to mention that I'm bringing my journal and camera.

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(March 15, 2020 - 3:12 pm)

Name: Evergreen

Age: 12 (earth) years

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance: Slightly wavy-ish black hair, a few inches past shoulder-length, with a few dark to jade green highlights. Dark brown eyes, tan-ish skin. Relatively short in height. Usually dressed in jeans and black, beige or white t-shirts. 

Personality: Bookish, on the nerdy side. Artsy and creative, but tends to go off on tangents (usually about the latest book series, evolutionary characteristics of box jellyfish, etc.) Likes to read, write, and draw. A little defensive, and shy in most social situations/conversations with strangers. 

Strength: Logical? Also...good memory, I guess. Thoughtfulness. 

Weakness: Once I enter a can't get her out. Also...admittedly, I don't get over grudges easily. Also, I'm rather a perfectionist.

She's not kidding.


Packing List: 5 good books, black tea, pencilcase w/ pencils & other stationary. Toothbrushes and the like. Clothes, laptop and headphones, blank sketchbook, anime drawing book. Other random things. 

Companions (kindly fill out a form for them as well): meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ugh. You see what I'm dealing with. I will fill out the charrie sheet for Pheonix later (is that ok?). 



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(March 13, 2020 - 9:35 pm)

Right! Did I do this right? Sorry if I spelled anything wrong, I'm really tired right now..


Name: Hollyshock, but I usually go by Holly.

Age: Eleven!

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her.

Appearance: I am 4'1".  I have caramel skin color, dark brown eyes, and a lot of freckles on my nasal bridge spreading to my cheeks.  I have dark brown hair with caramel highlights, usually tied into two pig-tails, but when my hair is down, it's waist length.  I have gold framed, circular, glasses.  Bleached denim shorts, long sleeved shirt, and a huge black hoodie over it. White Converse with small cartoony flower doodles on them.  I usually have a few head bows clipped onto the ties that tie up my pig-tails, a small seashell bracelet, and a black laced choker.

Personality: I'm usually really quiet.  I talk very slowly, quietly, and hesitantly.  I'm actually really scared of dogs, thunder and lightning, and heights.  I have really bad trust issues, but I will warm up eventually.  I have claustrophobia, arachnophobia, anxiety, and insomnia.  I have a hard time understanding other people's feelings and communicating to others.  I'm usually really stressed out with mixed emotions, sometimes causing a lot of panic attacks.  Extremely bookish and exrtremely clumsy.  A little unfocused on some things.  Tends to stare into space a lot, even in public.

Strength: Who even knows?  Probably creativity?

Weakness: A lot of weaknesses.  Dogs, thunder and lightning, heights, spiders, really closed in spaces, anxiety, amd insomnia.  I could be very forgetful and really unfocused on a task.  And I'm really... really... really... clumsy.

Packing List: A whole bunch of books (a lot of historical books, Shakesphere, Sherlock Holmes stories, a few about animals, a few about nature, and an origami book).  Toothbrush, hairbrush, et cetera.  Clothes, of course.  Sketchbook, pencils, erasers, a whole bunch of brush markers, journal, headphones, a small phone, colored paper, a Polaroid camera, a medium sized blanket, and a small stuffed animal sea otter.

Companions: A CAPTCHA named Xena.


Name: Xena

Age: Perhaps a month old? A year old if we're talking actual human years, but a month in cat years.

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her.

Appearance: She's a calico Munchkin cat with a small, light blue bow on the top of her head that she despises.

Personality: She's very loving and affectionate, and she's really... really... really.... really... lazy. She's very outgoing and she loves to meet new people!

Strength: She can climb really good.

Weakness: She hates water... and dogs.  She's also really lazy, too.

Packing List: Holly would have these items; a small cat brush, food, and a small water and food dish.

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(March 16, 2020 - 4:48 pm)