It's pouring outside.

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It's pouring outside.

It's pouring outside. Rain spatters down on your yellow slicker, wet enough without you splashing through the puddles that dot the sidewalk. But, you think to yourself, wouldn't sidestepping around them take more time? You stop your pursuit of your house to think about this. But you come up with no answer, and end up getting more soaked by standing there. Finally, you reach the porch. Fumbling to insert the key, you spot a flash of red behind you and hear footsteps. Swiveling around, you see nothing, and open the door. Weird. 15 minutes later, you are toweled off and preparing to attack your Croatian homework. You crack open the laptop that sits on your desk, and jump back when a cream-colored envelope flutters out. You nervously look around, and pick up the envelope. You turn it over. A red, fancy sticker holds it in place. Peeling the sticker off, you pull out the two pieces of paper. You start with the first. 

Dear Distingushed Person,

You have been chosen out of the best fo the best to travel to the Zeravica Hotel! Luxury, delicious food, and ALL the free sugar packets you can fill your pockets with await you there! ! Fill out this form, and you'll be there in a morrow's time! Don't you worry about transportation, I'll handle that part.  ;) 






Are you superstitious?:

High or Low:

If you'd like to bring an Æ, have them fill out this form too. I have to limit you to one, because of vacancy issues. I'll see you soon!


The Manager.  

Zeravinca Hotel? Why does word that sound familiar? Well, nevermind that. You hurridly start to fill out the form, ignoring the next piece of paper sitting on your desk. What you don't know is that you'll wish you had read the warning scrawled on it when you arrive...

Yep, it's a Ski Lodge. Also my first one, so don't expect too much of me. 20 CBers and Æs MAX! Feel free to guess my identity...there are some hints in here...



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I can't resist a Ski Lodge.

Name: Gracia

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance: Light skin with very long, straight, dark brown hair and big hazel eyes. Wide, thin-framed glasses, on the tall side.

Personality: Bubbly and eager to make friends, but very cautious. Gets worried easily and can sometimes be too trusting. Very loyal and a little judgemental.

Luggage: Extra clothes and shoes, a few books, my camera, my phone, and snacks.

Are you superstitious?: I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

High or Low: High, but not super high, because I'm afraid of heights.

This sounds like a lot of fun! 

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Name: Luminescence

Gender/Pronouns: Female/She/Her/Hers

Appearance: Long sleeved slightly muted cobalt romper with wide sleeves and pant legs. Hems embroidered with a zigzag pattern in golden thread. Black paddock boots. A bob of reddish brown hair held back with a navy headband. Tanned skin, dark brown eyes and mismatched earrings: one silver owl and one bronze horseshoe.

Personality: Very opinionated, with a fiery temper, spacy, scatterbrained, talks a lot, except when I don't, am very serious, unless I'm in a goofy mood. Yeah, that made no sense XD. Also, I sometimes say "question mark" at the end of my questions. Not sure why.

Luggage: A good supply of books, a violet cloth covered notebook, embroidered with a silver zigzag pattern on the spine, several changes of clothes, and a black pen.

Are you superstitious?: Sort of

High or Low: I assume this is one of those randoms or not-so-randoms. I choose "low" because I wanted to choose "high." UwU

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I've never been in a ski lodge before. Mostly because I was confused why it was called a ski lodge if the majority of them don't even take place at an actual ski lodge. Actually, I still am. Anyway, seems fun.

Name: DoodleGirl

Gender/pronouns:, female, she/her

Appearance: very curly brown hair, a bit past my shoulders, tan skin, and brown eyes. Turquoise-clear glasses. Average height, weight, etc. I usually wear something comfortable but also stylish (hopefully) and I love wearing lots of colors.

Personality: Usually quiet and shy, but I can get very bubbly and excited when talking about something I’m passionate about, pretty smart but not very clever, if that makes sense. Artistic, kind, overthinker, and a bit awkward. I’m kind of an old soul.

Luggage: extra clothes, toiletries, plenty of books, a sketchbook and pencils/pens, my journal, my phone (if that exists in this world), my trusty blue stuffed bear, and snacks.

Are you superstitous?: Nope. My neighbors have a black cat which I have seen cross the street more times than I can count, and that never gave me bad luck. At least, I don't think so. (this is actually true)

High or Low: High! 




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May I join?

Name: Hawthorne

Gender/Pronouns: Female/she, her

Appearance: A little taller than average, tan skin, long, dark hair that falls mid waist, usually in a braid. Dark brown eyes. Probably dressed in something simple and practical.

Personality: Let's see, um... a little shy around people I don't know, but open to making friends. Quiet, but I can be a little rude if I'm angry.

Luggage: Extra cloths, books to read, sketch book and pencils.

Are you superstitious?: A little

High or Low: Well, I like to climb trees so... high?

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Oh boy, this seems like fun! Good luck on your first ski lodge, I'm sure you'll do fine! 

Name: Moonfrost

Gender/Pronouns: Female she/her

Appearance: Long, straight black hair. I always wear a blue butterfly hairclip in my hair. I have big, dark blue eyes and is of an average height for a girl. 

Personality: Very friendly and welcoming. When excited I talk very loudly. I love to talk with people and is very much an extrovert. ENFP for Myers Brigg personality. 

Luggage: Sketchpads, notebooks, computer, and some throwing stars. 

Are you superstitious? Absolutly not. 

High or Low: Hmhmm... this seems familiar... isn't their another ski lodge that asks this question as well? 

I have a slight fear of highs, so low for me! 


My AE!

Name: Shadow

Gender: Female

Appearance: she looks like a shadowy form of me, but she wears a pony tail

Personality: Loud and spontaneous, private and quick to anger. Likes to pull pranks on people

Luggage: Nothign

Are you superstitious? No

High or low: High


Can't wait to see where this goes!  

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This looks so fun!

Name: Darkling

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long Dark hair and freckles, wears jean shorts and a jacket. Also has glasses, but avoids wearing them as much as possible.

Personality: Doesn't usually speak unless spoken to, but can have a lot to say on a subject depending on what it is. Always has a book of some kind, usual mystery or sci-fi/fantasy.Sometimes a bit awkward around people.

Luggage: Pencils and pens, notebook, extra clothes, hairbrush, toothbrush, etc., an extra blanket. 

Are you supersitious: Yes. Believes in ghosts and the supernatural.

High or low: High, always high. 

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(July 28, 2020 - 11:29 am)

This looks fun!

Name: Luminara

Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her

Appearance: Long black hair, pale skin, in the middle of tall and short, being normal sized, hazel eyes, and rounded glasses with gold frames.  I love to wear stretchy jean shorts or pants and turtlenecks.  A little bit toned down on the colour scale, but i will wear pastel, I just won't wear bold colours.  I'm usually seen with a handmade headband on.

Personality: Very nice, but really quiet and anti-social.  Loyal as a friend.  Really creative when it comes to creating stories.  Can get very heated, but just keeps it to self.  A major history buff, so you would see her in a corner reading all about history and literature.

Luggage: Way too many books, yet you can never have enough.  Toiletries, quite a few notebooks, a bunch of pens and pencils, fabric shears, a few needles and thread, and a few fabric patterns.

Are you superstitious?: A medium level.

High or Low: High, I guess?

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Can I reserve, please? I'll probably fill out the sheet later today.

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Sounds like fun!

Name: Quill

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance: Long brown hair with the ends dyed purple, brown eyes, freckles, tan skin, a little shorter than average, tattoo of a purple feather on my left inner forearm. Usually wearing jean shorts, a maroon leather jacket, a yellow shirt, red converse, and a necklace with an acoustic guitar charm.

Personality: Creative, curious, adventurous, I can be shy at first, but once you get to know me I'm a real chatterbox, I sometimes say things impulsively without thinking.

Luggage: Clothing and other essentials, a journal and pens, several books, and a dagger.

Are you superstitious?: I'm not gonna lie, yes I am.

High or low: Hmm... high I suppose?

Ace, you're coming with.

Name: Ace

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him

Appearance: Dirty-blond hair that's always messy but looks cool, ocean blue eyes, tanned skin, a little taller than average, usually wearing t-shirts and jeans.

Personality: Outgoing, extroverted, I like being around other people, but Quill says I'm insecure around people I really like.

Luggage: Clothes and essentials, an airhorn, and a grappeling hook.

Are you superstitious?: Not really.

High or low: Low.

Manager, might you be Sirfire or NoOneKnows? 

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(July 28, 2020 - 1:54 pm)

*slaps forehead* yes. I am one of those two. 

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AHA! Then your SirFire! because i know NoOneKnows doesnt have a ski lodge and boom XD

i have revealed someone! yay! 


tomru? ohvvn? oh, Vivian... 

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Gracia, same!

Name: HeroesOfOlympus/Heroes

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance: I have shoulder-length blonde hair, green-blue-gray eyes, and a shy smile. im tall and skinny. Im normally wearing my black Alan Walker sweatshirt, jean shorts and a black headband. oh, and long light gray socks and black sneakers. 

Personality: shy, intovert, antisocial. i'll loosen up a bit around friends but thats it. 

Luggage: black scarf, four notebooks, my Macbook,  The Heroes Of Olympus book 5 and book 4.

Are you superstitious?: hm. i guess.

High or Low: lowwwwwwwwwww-HIGH-lowwwwwwwwwww (low)

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Name: Mistia

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance: Medium/light brown skin, curly dark hair normally in a ponytail, tee and shorts usually, glasses.

Personality: Adventurous, a nerd, fun loving, kind of lazy but not really.

Luggage: A few changes of clothes, my camera, toiletries, my mini backpack which is purple with white polka dots. In it s some writing/drawing utensils, a white journal/notepad I recently got, my pink stuffed bunny, some chargers, my glasses case, and a few books. I also have my iPad which includes Libby, where I can get a lot of books.

Are you superstitious?: I believe in some stuff, but not every single thing.

High or Low: HIGH


This is for my AE, Jade!

Name: Jade

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance: light skin with freckles, brown hair but she dyes it, right now it's turquoise. She likes wearing crazy clothes, so probably polka dots and stripes.

Personality: She is very talkative, is eager to meet other AES, and is always willing to go on an adventure. She is really into astronomy, (which Kaden started) and has a habit of bugging Castalia. She likes to keep a record of her life.

Luggage: She will bring a few changes of clothes, some toiletries, her pocket telescope and sky guide, her phone, her stuffed cat, and her notepad with gold and silver fuzzy stripes on the front. She will also bring a small bag filled with pencils of all sorts. The bag is rainbow dots.

Are you superstitious?: She definitely is.

High or Low: HIGH!

I am excited!!!

Me too, Jade, but stop bouncing off the walls. 


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