Chatterbox: Pudding's Place

A Ski Lodge

You flop down onto your bed, exhausted from another long day of school. Is it really necessary for your teacher to assign you to write three essays this week? You have other stuff going on. Life. And you can’t afford to fail this class. Your academic success is hanging on a precipice, and one nudge will send it falling into an abyss so deep that it will never be found if it is lost.

The computer is open in front of you, the white, electronic pages of your word processor beckoning to you. You sit down at your desk.

And then you stand up again and go to the kitchen for a glass of water. You can’t work with a dry mouth. Then, once the water is drained, you grab an apple. It’s slightly withered, but you slice it and slowly eat. You glance over toward the counter where a digital clock squats, its red numbers blinking threateningly. 9:48. If your parents knew you were up this late on a school night, eating old apples, with three essays to write, they would go completely out of their minds.

But your parents aren’t here to boss you around at the moment, so who cares what they’d say? It’s not as if the essays were due tomorrow. At least, not all of them are. Just one.

The apple is gone, and you can no longer think of any stalling techniques. You are fighting a losing battle against yourself. It’s past ten at night, you have school tomorrow, and your teacher is expecting a nice, long essay from everyone’s favorite student.

You walk slowly back to your room and sit down at your desk. You type a few words, yawn, type a few more, open up a web browser, surf Wikipedia for a couple of minutes, yawn again. So far you have only twelve words.

You open up the CB. It’s late, you know, and no one will have posted a thing since you checked last, but maybe you can read an old ski lodge or two.

You click on Pudding’s Place, intending to look for Lake Lelilo or something, when a new thread catches your eye. A Ski Lodge, it says, in those red letters you know so well. You click on the link, and start to read.

“You flop down onto your bed, exhausted from another long day of school. Is it really necessary for your teacher to assign you to write three essays this week?”


You keep reading, watching your own movements of that night laid before you in second person, right up to this very moment.


I’ve got your attention now.

My dear CBer,

You are having trouble at school. You have unwritten essays, and you don’t know what to write.

That’s okay.

We are offering you the chance of a lifetime, the chance to fix everything. Come to Camp Juniper, where you have the chance to be freed from the bonds of school. You will no longer have to study late into the night in order to pass a test. You will no longer have to struggle for hours on end in order to write a good essay. In short, we are giving you a Get Out of Jail Free card. And, if you choose not to accept this card, you will be given a free college scholarship.

There will be competitions throughout the days of camp. Each camper will have the chance to earn juniper branches. Anyone who is able to weave their branches into a wreath by the end of the camp session will earn this freedom.

Sounds nice?

We thought so.

All you have to do is fill out this form. And be prepared to die.


CBer, AE, CAPTCHA, or CAPTCHAE? (Note: CAPTCHAs, and CAPTCHAEs are not allowed):



Companion(s) (up to 2 companions per person) (please fill out a sheet for them as well) (AEs only):


Personality in five words. (Any more or less and you will no longer have the privilege to eat popcorn):



Brains or Brawn?:

Envy or Empathy?: 

Reverie or Realism?:

Luggage, in order from most to least important:

Choose a number:

Choose a color:


We are excited to see you. And yes, we WILL see you.

Your obedient servants,

L. Reine & B. Ambrose

P.S. The popcorn is free, as well.

P.P.S. Please be prepared to participate fully, whatever this may mean.

P.P.P.S. Obviously, this is a ski lodge.

You read over the letter again. Is it worth it? You could die. . . but people always come back to life after a ski lodge. You could be a murderer. . . but who cares about that? It’s just a story. And how hard could it be to weave a few branches into a wreath?

Yes, you decide.

It’s definitely worth it.

And so, you fill out the form.

And then, you press submit.

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(Also, I loved the writing on this part!)

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Day Two— Morning

“Liberté, do you realize how expensive this is? And what about our reputation? It’s going to be ruined! What if her parents sue? We’d be done for!” Snow says.

“Oh, Snow, it’s a funeral! Our first one in fact. Relax and have fun. People die all the time, and it wasn’t our fault anyways.” 

“Are you two insane? Someone just died. You both are acting like emotionless pinpricks!”

They both look at me like I’m the insane one. I shy away from their intense gaze and fiddle with the sleeve of my shirt and reluctantly let them continue.

“Is everything prepared for the funeral? It starts in about…” Liberté pauses to check her watch. “...about an hour. Oh, and we must tell the children it is mandatory. We don’t need any more accidents.”

“The snack table is set up, awaiting the lemonade and cookies, the stage is set, what else is there to do?”


She ignores Snow’s question and walks out of the office space, haughtily. I offer Snow a sympathetic shrug and follow Liberté out the door. We end up in the Mess Hall/Courtyard, gazing out at the sea of upturned faces and vibrant sweatshirts. Our campers.

I recognize a lot of them. Ydris “Masquerade”, Freak, Adrian, Sterling, AutumnArtist, Pine, and Ari. The people I am supposed to be counseling. At the moment, though, I feel as if I am the one who needs counseling. I could tell Hot Coco didn’t want to be here, yet she was the first one to die. There will be more deaths. I just know it. But Hot Coco was young. She still had a whole life in front of her. She has to miss Camp Juniper. I swallow the lump in my throat. It’s so strange how a human body and flesh can be turned into such a simple material. I could never—

Liberté’s loud voice interrupts my thoughts as she shouts the morning announcements through the area. 

“Good morning, campers. We know there was an unfortunate event yesterday evening, but we hope you all can rebound from them and enjoy the rest of your stay here. Today, each cabin will get to explore the activity of archery. Scarlet Cabin will go first, then Chartreuse Cabin, and finally Lilac Cabin, each turn intermixed with lunch and cabin time. Any questions?”

I search the crowd, glancing at each camper individually, waiting for a hand to go up, when suddenly, a blue-sleeved arm shoots above the crowd. I think it’s Kitty Cat, the person I saw with Hot Coco the other day. 


“Will t-there be a f-funeral for H-Hot C-Coco?” Kitty asks, stuttering.

“Yes, actually. There will be a mandatory funeral for the girl after your breakfast. There is no need for the normal black colors, as your sweatshirts are more important. Meet us at the stage on the left side of camp and we will explain in further detail. Anyone else?”

I take notice of Nightfall and Inari whispering intensely, my guess is they’re arguing about the corn thing, still. I get worried for the sake of their health when I see the look on Liberté’s face. Someone’s got to stop her, I just wish it wasn’t me. I put my hand on her shoulder awkwardly before she can storm over.

“Leave them.”

“But Basil, they’re talking when I’m talking!” 

“They’re children!”

“Fine.” She stops trying to resist and looks out to the group.

I scan the courtyard for any more questions and just as I’m about to end the speech, Summer puts her hand into the air and I call on her. 

“I, um, uh-” She begins before dissolving into tears. 

Poor girl. I think. Before I know it, my legs are moving towards her spot at the table she’s at, and I stand there, awkwardly towering over everyone there. I sit down in the small gap between her and Luna-Starr. She wipes her face with her hand. 

“Sorry. I shouldn’t-”

“No, no. It’s okay. Someone died. It’s okay to cry.” I say, cutting her off. 

Summer nods and begins to compose herself, so I stand and resume my spot near Liberté.

“Please meet us at the stage at 9:05 am sharp to begin funeral procedures. Enjoy your food.” 

Liberté stomps away and I head for Miss Palenia’s kitchen. Everyone’s got to eat.


The first murder went perfectly. The girl didn’t even see it coming. The murderer thinks to themselves as they eat their breakfast. But who next? And how? They ponder this as they listen to the meaningless chatter from their table-mates. And then the perfect idea strikes them. They begin to plan…


I lean against the empty door frame that leads to the kitchen and watch the campers. Breakfast is close to ending, which means the funeral is about to start. I realize I should probably go help Liberté and start to head for the courtyard exit. As I do, Masquerade comes to join me. I keep walking, but he doesn’t let up. 

“What do you need?” I snap, rather annoyed. 

Stop it. He is one of your campers. I tell myself. 

“Is the funeral really mandatory? I don’t want to go, and I figured…” Masquerade asks, letting his sentence trail off.

“You figured what? That I’d tell you that you could skip the funeral? And why me? Because I’m nice? Well no, I’m not going to let you. It is mandatory. Someone died. You are going to go. We don’t need any more deaths here at Camp Juniper, and don’t you think you should pay at least an ounce of respect to the child who was robbed of her time alive? What else is there for you to do? Sit in the cabin alone? No. You will come.”

He looks at me in disgust and I smile. No wonder Liberté likes this so much. 

“So much for this conversation.” He mumbles before stomping off to the other campers. 

I smile again and continue to the stage area where Liberté and Snow are already there, waiting for me. Which means they have finished all preparations and are ready for the funeral. Sometimes I love my job. I approach them and take a spot on the stage. Liberté’s watch beeps madly, signifying that it is 9:00. Only five minutes left. 

Campers begin to slowly pour into the area, and eventually, all twenty of them are staring up at us. Liberté assumes a spot in front of the podium and taps the microphone, sending an ear-splitting screech through the speakers. I wince. 

I check my watch impatiently and watch the neon green digits blink on and off. The numbers disappear and rearrange to show 9:05. I look out to the crowd hesitantly. Snow takes a spot on the other side of Liberté. Liberté leans forward towards the microphone and prepares to speak...


Dead: 1 (Hot Coco, may she rest in peace in the glory of Camp Juniper)

Alive: 20

Suspects: Felix, dreamii, Kitty Cat, Sterling, Icarus

Enemies of Snow: Zachary 

Juniper Leader: Summer (with one juniper branch) 

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Masquerade, you heartless-

Sammy! I'd expect that from Freak, but not you!

Boy! I was going to say boy.

:( *Sips tea* Mhm. ):

That did get his character on point though! I think it's really cool to see him act more on his 'Masquerade' side then 'Ydris' side!!! Magnificent writing, per usual!!! :D

{ Zachary isn't going to be remotely happy with him. }

Eh, who cares Christopher. *Calling over shoulder* GRAB THE POPCORN YVES!!!

{ *Enters post with a bowl of popcorn* I GOT IT! I GOT IT! }

• Y-ves no ne-ed to be so loud... •

{ You can judge my lifestyle when your brother isn't the only one on the 'Enemies of Snow' list. }

< *Watches as the boys continue to argue, which leads to a wrestling match* ...They remind me of their brothers!!! :D >

Wha- Even Arc is here!?! How many-

:( Pretty much all of us. We're trying to match Sojo's chaotic personality since he decided to take a break. ): 

I- Just- Just hit submit.

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This is wonderful! I love the work you put into the bulletin board. Also, could I add myself to the suspect list? I don't trust how quickly I identified that poison. :p

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This is later than I wanted, shorter than I wanted, and not edited by Liberté, so it's probably not that good haha. Anyways, here you go.


I stand at the exit, handing out packs of tissues to those who want them. Almost everyone has a tear-stained face. Even Liberté who is close to emotionless. But there is one who has stayed cold. And that person is Masquerade.

“I don’t cry for people I don’t know.” He says to Pine, who is standing next to him, fighting back his own tears. 

“Okay, whatever.” Pine replies, taking tissues from the bin I hold.

They continue on and I miss the rest of their conversation. I hear Liberté herding her campers into a group before I even see it happening. They have to go to archery now, as it is the next activity. I check my watch and a wave of understanding hits me. It’s 10:05. Liberté is running late. No wonder she is herding campers. To be honest, it is quite amusing.. The last of the Chartreuse and Lilac Cabin campers pass me and I am left with the seven Scarlet Cabin campers, Snow, and Liberté. 

My eyes drift over to where Liberté is stomping off with Scarlet Cabin in tow, each camper visibly hating themselves for signing up for camp. Sammy and Felix try to brighten up everyone’s mood by starting a traditional campfire song, but Liberté shuts it down immediately. Nightfall and Inari have dropped the corn argument and have now switched to contemplating what the easiest way to hit a target in archery is. There is no argument there. Obviously, you just aim and shoot. Luna tries to strike up a conversation with Liberté about her favorite musician, but that also is shut down rather quickly. I pick up the slight humming of the Hamilton extra, First Burn, coming from Icarus. I sigh. Now that song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

The group gets too far away and I can no longer hear or see anything they are doing. Snow tugs on my shirt.

“Basil, let’s go do something. She’s gone now.”

There’s a devious smile on her face and I laugh. She’s only seven and has more influence over my actions than I do.

“Okay, sure.”

As we begin to walk away, NerdFace and dreamii come up to us. Snow tsks loudly and I pat her head rather firmly. 

“Basil, Snow, will you come play a game with us and the rest of the campers? We’re short two players and everyone from Scarlet Cabin is facing Liberté’s wrath- I mean they’re busy.” Nerd asks. 

Snow flinches and I know she badly wants to say no. But we are supposed to be the children’s counselor. I don’t care what she wants to do. We are going to do it. 

“Yes.” I say. 

I look down and am greeted with Snow glaring rudely at me. I shrug and begin to follow the two girls wherever I need to go. Snow hesitates at first, but she eventually comes with. Once Kitty and Nerd join the rest of the children, there are thirteen campers. There are supposed to be fourteen. 

“Okay, everyone. We are playing Mafia.” Freak announces.

Great. Just great. I think as he launches into how to play.


If only I could really kill the people during this game...


Time flies by quickly and eventually it is Chartreuse Cabin’s turn to do the daily activity. I quickly round up everyone and we make our way to the open field where the archery supplies are laid out. AutumnArtist excitedly runs over to a spot with a pale teal bow and the rest reluctantly find their bow and arrows that should match their sweatshirt. 

“Okay, Chartreuse Cabin, today, as you can see, we are participating in an activity called archery. We will practice a couple shots first and then have a competition. The person who can shoot the most bullseyes in this cabin will be compared with the winners from the other cabins. Whoever has the most will earn a juniper branch. Don’t worry if you aren’t good at archery, you still have eighteen other chances to earn juniper branches. Does anyone want to demonstrate?”

Everyone stares blankly at me. I sigh. This must be how teachers feel in the neighboring dimension. I keep glancing around desperately, as I am not skilled in the activity of archery. I silently beg for A.A’s hand to go up, and it eventually does. 

“I guess I could.”

I gesture for her to go ahead and she picks up her bow, attaches an arrow, stretches the bow back, and releases, sending the arrow flying, piercing through the air, eventually nailing the middle of the target board. Everyone claps violently and she smiles. 

“Now that’s how you shoot an arrow, people. Do you think you can start your practice now, or do you need more demonstration.”

The campers shake their heads no, and I just assume that they are ready. 

“When you run out of arrows, wait for everyone else to finish, and I will tell you all to collect them. Try not to hurt yourselves and I will announce when the competition will begin. Good luck!”

I shut up and leave the campers alone. People begin to shoot their arrows at the targets and I stand there awkwardly, hoping that our cabin can take home the win for today.


Dead: 1 (Hot Coco, may she rest in peace in the glory of Camp Juniper)

Alive: 20

Suspects: Felix, dreamii, Kitty Cat, Sterling, Icarus, and Luna-Starr

Enemies of Snow: Zachary 

Juniper Leader: Summer (with one juniper branch) 


Hello again, I am here, and I have brought you another challenge. This week, you must guess a number between 0 and 20. The person who gets closest or guesses the number, will hit the most bullsyes for archery. This is not a complicated challenge, so please participate to the best of your ability.

We will accept one submission per CBer/AE, we will not accept re-submissions. Please have your submission in by Saturday, January 2. (2021!!)

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I tried to start a conversation with a scary lady about music. How brave of me. XD Anyways, this is wonderful! I'm choosing #13.

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