Picturings! So on

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Picturings! So on

Picturings! So on my CBversary thread, y'all voted for a thread you wanted me to make. CB ball won, but since picturings came in second and I also really want to make a picturings thread, I'm making one of these as well as the CB ball! 

If you want a picturing, just fill out the form below. Most of my art is digital these days, but if you want your picturing to be in another medium, just let me know and we can work something out. 




Age (or the age you appear to be):  



Basic personality:

Pose (optional-- if you can't decide I'll try and come up with something that fits your personality.):

Background (optional): 

Favorite color: 

Portrait or full body: 

Anything else I should know:   



Names and ages of group members: 

Genders and appearances of group members, one at a time:

Personalities of group members, one at a time:

Poses (optional):

Background (optional):  

Relationship between group members: 

Anything else I should know:

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