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Lunitaria School of Magic RP Reboot.

Ok. This was the first RP I ever made. was not good. Here's the link for the first one:

Here's the intro.

The air is warm, and soft. The flowers in full bloom. Sitting in your back yard, looking at the stars. You notice, one is bigger that the others. I begins to move, shining brighter. It lands infront of you. It bursts into a flash of white light, blinding you for a moment. What was left, were sparkling letters hanging in the air. And a white piece of parchment. A form, and a letter.

Dear Reader.

I am writing this, to invite you to our pristene school. To enjoy the magical teachings of Lunitaria.We hope you'll come. If you want to. Please fill out this simple form below.


Appearance (please add typical clothing.): 

Family and Friends: 




Room Asthetic/Appearance (Like to color of your walls, posters, ect. It wil give me a better idea for what the dorms will look like.) 

Teacher or Student: 

Familiar (Magical assistant/pet): 





CBer or AE:


There will be dorms, so please number your character. My charrie, Wendigo, will be taking number one. Right before this starts, I'll pair three of you into a dorm. 

This will start the second week of Febuary. I would be most obliged to doodle you character if you want. I'll post the Lore of the World and my character sheet soon. 

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what is up question; at the end it says "cber or ae?" so is this a roleplay, a solo write or a ski lodge? and are OCs allowed?

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Ah, sorry about that. I forgot to change that. It was ment to say "CBer, AE or OC." and yes OCs are allowed. This is a RP.


Name:Wendigo Webb

Appearance (please add typical clothing.): rich, brown skin, bright, firey orange eyes, thick, waist length, curly white hair, thick eyelashes,very pretty, a tiger tatto spaning her left shoulder. Wears earthy tones, along with oranges and whites. Likes sweaters and leggings.

Family and Friends: Her moms work a flower shop, and her younger sister goes to a privete school. She's quiet and keeps to here self. So she only has one friend. Aspen. He's a very nice boy, who she hangs out with alot. 

Personality: Quite calm, her voice is soft, small smile, she often blinks very slowly. Her demener is sweet, but she can talk fast and get agressive quickly when she wants too.

Age: 15

Pronouns: She/her

Room Asthetic/Appearance (Like to color of your walls, posters, ect. It wil give me a better idea for what the dorms will look like.): Orange walls, frames filled with pressed flowers, the bed is a four poster, a gauzey white fabric covering it. Fuzzy, warm blankets are rolled on the end. Pillows with fringe.

Teacher or Student:Student. 

Familiar (Magical assistant/pet): A calico cat, named Manderin. 

Faults: Not a quick speaker, and has a hard tikme lieing.

Strengths: Baking, acrobatics, talking people into things, listening and running, 

Shipping?: With girls.

Other: N/A

CBer, OC or AE: OC.

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could you bring this to the top Admins? Please.

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