MCU Prep Thread?

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MCU Prep Thread?

MCU Prep Thread?

So we were talking about bringing back the MCUs a while back, and the mystic wolf made one for February, but maybe we should be starting on the March one? I can host if no one else wants to, but I'd rather not because I don't know if I'd have the motivation - I have several other projects on hand right now :/ Anyway, I thought we should have a thread for discussing tHe ReTuRn oF tHe MCUs, so this is it!

submitted by Poinsettia, age immortal
(March 4, 2023 - 5:24 pm)

I can't exactly host but i will make sure to help!

submitted by Luna silvermoon
(March 4, 2023 - 8:25 pm)

Yeah, I'd love your help! See my reply to Poinsettia below for suggestions of things to do :) 

submitted by pangolin, age she | they, Outskirts of the Galaxy
(March 20, 2023 - 9:07 am)
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(March 5, 2023 - 9:40 am)

Sure, I'd love to help! I can host if no one else wants to. I can do Threads to Check Out, the Quote section, or anything else that needs to be done! 

submitted by pangolin, age she | they, Outskirts of the Galaxy
(March 6, 2023 - 6:27 pm)

It's fine with me if you host! :) What should I do?

submitted by Poinsettia
(March 8, 2023 - 7:49 pm)

Ok, great, I can definitely host! 

Hmm, you can do whatever you want, but if you need suggestions (or if anyone needs suggestions)~
- LMWAY (Last Month We Asked You) or Advice Column question (something related to April/Spring, I guess) (speaking of the LMWAY/Advice Column, we should probably try to get out a post asking for submissions sooner than later)
- Book of the Month (short review of a book you'd like to recommend to others this month) (can or can not be related to the month itself)
- or, if books aren't exactly your thing, Song Recommendations/April Playlist (compose a short playlist [five songs or so] related to April!)
submitted by pangolin, age she | they, Outskirts of the Galaxy
(March 20, 2023 - 8:51 am)

Those are all great suggestions! I'll choose the Book of the Month review. I'll try to have it done in a few days!

submitted by Poinsettia, age immortal, Narnia
(March 20, 2023 - 8:15 pm)

I'd like to help as well. I was thinking perhaps we could bring back Floof Industries? 

submitted by ~Echo Hallowswift~
(March 13, 2023 - 8:37 am)

I'd really appreciate your help! Is there anything in particular you'd like to do? If not, you can refer to my reply to Poinsettia above for suggestions! :D

Floof Infustries was Ella Starburst's name for posting the MCU, so it isn't really a thing we could bring back. But that does bring me to a good point -- we do need a posting name ourselves. Anyone have any ideas? 

submitted by pangolin, age she | they, Outskirts of the Galaxy
(March 20, 2023 - 8:57 am)

Yessss, I'd love to help! It's a little late, so I guess we might not be doing it, but I can do quotes, or anything else! It seems the Crimson Pen Society had plans to do the MCU, but... welp, we haven't heard much from them about February, so...

If I'm doing quotes, I'd appreciate some suggestions! The book quotes thread (in BaB) and the guess the quotes threads (BaB and DtE) will definetly be helping out here but it would be nice to have some ones that aren't in those threads, if possible, and if you've seen any good CB quotes that would be nice too.

If we don't end up doing March MCU, maybe we should start planning ahead for April?

submitted by Scuttles
(March 13, 2023 - 3:16 pm)

Welcome to the MCU, Scuttles :D

Yeah, if you could do Quotes, that'd be great! The Random Thoughts and Things thread has a ton of great quotes -- when I used to do quotes, I'd just go to a random page in that thread and see if there were any funny CB quotes. 

Book Quotes...hmm, if you read a lot of comedic books, those would be a good place to start.

and you can probably find tons of inspirational quotes online?  

submitted by pangolin, age she | they, Outskirts of the Galaxy
(March 20, 2023 - 9:03 am)

I'll help! I could do threads to check out or the list of weird and interesting holidays (I think that that was once part of MCUs, but I'm not supersure)

submitted by Seadragon
(March 17, 2023 - 4:10 pm)

If you could do Threads to Check Out, that'd be awesome! 

And for the "weird and interesting holidays," I'm gonna assume you mean Important Dates? If you did Important Dates, that'd be super helpful!
submitted by pangolin, age she | they, Outskirts of the Galaxy
(March 20, 2023 - 9:06 am)