MCU Prep Thread?

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MCU Prep Thread?

MCU Prep Thread?

So we were talking about bringing back the MCUs a while back, and the mystic wolf made one for February, but maybe we should be starting on the March one? I can host if no one else wants to, but I'd rather not because I don't know if I'd have the motivation - I have several other projects on hand right now :/ Anyway, I thought we should have a thread for discussing tHe ReTuRn oF tHe MCUs, so this is it!

submitted by Poinsettia, age immortal
(March 4, 2023 - 5:24 pm)

I love making month-themed playlists so I could do that! Feel free to reply here if you have other suggestions :)

New Season by Nadiiife

Dandelion by Florence + The Machine

The Seed by AURORA

Kalmia Kid by chloe moriondo

Would You Be So Kind by dodie

As for name suggestions, I was thinking maybe the Pickwick Club (it's the name that Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy use for their little group in Little Women, where they also made little newspapers together)

submitted by Lupine
(March 28, 2023 - 8:37 pm)

Um...sooo...which playlist will be in the MCU? We could have a really long one with both of our playlists, or just do yours but add Beautiful Day by U2 and Wildflowers by Tom Petty.

In the future, though, maybe we could alternate the playlist? Or you could do it and I could do something else, though I'm not sure what I'd do. 

submitted by Avara, she/her
(March 29, 2023 - 11:57 am)

We could do both! It's not that many songs.

@Lupine: I love the Pickwick Club as our name :D

@Poinsettia:  thank you so much for the book review! 

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(March 29, 2023 - 2:43 pm)

Sorry! I think your post hadn't posted when I did mine. Why don't we combine them and I'll take off Would You Be So Kind and The Seed to shorten it a bit? I think it is more fun to have multiple people's music tastes in a playlist anyway :) I like your song choices too!

submitted by Lupine
(March 30, 2023 - 9:16 pm)

Maybe next time, we could each choose 3-4 songs for the month's playlist?

submitted by Avara, she/her
(April 3, 2023 - 11:30 am)

Good idea!

submitted by Lupine
(April 4, 2023 - 4:54 pm)

Arg, sorry I went AWOL on this thread. Never finished compiling the quotes section, my bad :(. Life's been a bit hectic recently, but that's not excuse as life is always a bit hectic. Should we start planning for next month? After all, April showers bring May flowers, but April planning brings May MCUs.

submitted by Scuttles
(April 6, 2023 - 3:10 pm)

Sure! I can help with the playlist.

submitted by Avara, she/her
(April 10, 2023 - 12:41 pm)

well, Writing_in_the_Dark was going to host, so we'd best wait for him to start the planning thread and tell us all what to do :)

submitted by Poinsettia, age immortal, gone adventuring
(April 11, 2023 - 6:40 pm)

Yes! I'll start the planning thread soon, hopefully today or tommorow! And I'm cool with people mostly doing whatever they want, though I kind of don't want to do the CBer awards this month, if everyone's okay with that? It just felt like someone might feel left out if they aren't nominated for a while. I'm very excited to work on another MCU, it's been a while!

submitted by Writing_in_the_Dark, age 13, School, lol
(April 12, 2023 - 1:28 pm)

I can do important dates or threads to check out!

submitted by pangolin, age she | they, Outskirts of the Galaxy
(April 15, 2023 - 5:45 am)

I can do anything for the MCU. I'm happy to do LMWAY, or anything else.

submitted by Scuttles
(April 19, 2023 - 3:49 pm)

Hello, I was wondering if I could possibly do June's MCU? Of course, if I was to do it, you all could contribute. I've just been wanting to do one for a while, and I know Writing has this one covered.


submitted by Bluebird, ~TOP of the tree~
(April 27, 2023 - 1:57 pm)