October 2009

Can a magical True Being fit in among Normals? Find out what happens when Starchild Wondersmith discovers his special Talent in this magical October issue of Cricket!

You'll read about a sultan's son who marries a tortoise (Will she ever come out of her shell?), and learn about a scientist who studies the migration of  Florida's gigantic loggerhead turtles to find out how they find their way home after swimming across the Atlantic Ocean. (You can even track migrating turtles online!) There's a true  story of a girl who survived the sinking of the Andrea Doria, a spooky story about a ghostly knight, and the first part of a new serial about the Long Walk of the Chicasaw, who were forced to leave their home in Mississippi to relocate in Oklahoma in the nineteenth century. Cricket shows you how to collect stardust--real micrometeorites--in your own backyard. And, of course, there's an Ugly Bird puzzle, a contest you can enter, and the antics of the bugs. This month Cricket Country answers the question, What is Ladybug's special talent? 

Cricket League

  • Story Contest: A Magical Talent

    For this month’s contest, Cricket wants to see Cricket readers’ stories about someone who has a magical or unusual talent.