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Hi Everyone! ...

Hi Everyone!

I feel like Blab About Books has been a little underloved recently, so I thought about threads, and I'm not sure if this one has been done before, but I'm doing now, so, AHEM.

Favorite lines/quotes from books! Have you ever felt like an author just pulls you in with the first line of a book? Or like there was an AMAZING quote that you just wanted to remember forever? Or one that you love because it's so true for you? This is the thread for you! Please post your quote, plus the book that it came from and the authors name (If you can remember it.)

'Now for those of you who know anything about blind children, you are aware that they make the very best thieves.'
First line of Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier 

'Reader, I married him.'
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte 

'Call me The Giver.'
The Giver by Lois Lowry. 

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BY Suzanne Collins*

(Sorry for my mistake.) 

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Hello everyone!

I love fantasy and magic books, and all of them have a lot of fantastic quotes in them. Some of my favorite current series are Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas and Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

A Throne of Glass quote that I love is "Libraries were full of ideas- prehaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons." The one that the two main characters have between them, though- that might be the best one of all. "To whatever end." I love that.

A Court of Thorns and Roses has many quotes too, like "You do not fear, you do not falter,  you do not yield." and "Only you can decide what breaks you." The most well-known one is "To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered."

Haryy Potter has the most amazing quotes! It's near impossible to choose. "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." "I'm going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed- or worse,  expelled." I love Hermione Granger, but one of my most favorite characters is Luna Lovegood. "I think they think I'm a bit odd. you know."

But I do love this Ravenclaw quote... "Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed..." 

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“Now get thee away, young man so fine; Now get thee away, I say; For my true love shall never be thine, And so thou hadst better not stay. Thou art not a fine enough lad for me, So I’ll wait till a better young man I see. For it’s hark! hark! hark! To the winged lark, And it’s hark to the cooing dove! And the bright daffodil Groweth down by the rill, Yet never I’ll be thy love. He “Then straight will I seek for another fair she, For many a maid can be found, And as thou wilt never have aught of me, By thee will I never be bound. For never is a blossom in the field so rare, But others are found that are just as fair. So it’s hark! hark! hark! To the joyous lark And it’s hark to the cooing dove! And the bright daffodil Growth down by the rill, And I’ll seek me another dear love. She “Young man, turn not so very quick away Another fair lass to find. Methinks I have spoken in haste today, Nor have I made up my mind, And if thou only wilt stay with me, I’ll love no other, sweet lad, but thee.”


--- Robin hood, Howard pyle.



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"Curiosity and books."

--- Dan.


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”Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Albus Dumbledore 

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I find this to be true. And yes, I'm the weird kid who comments on everything because she wants people to talk to her. That's me.

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" "Get your honking great claws off my wings before I bite you." " -Glory

"Sunny seized the salad cauldron and shoved her nose into it."

" "He deserved it," Tsunami said, settling her wings. "Arrogant blowfish-head. When I'm queen, I'll make him go sit in a lagoon and grow seaweed." " 

Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir by Tui T. Sutherland


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OH MY GOSH!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE WINGS OF FIRE SERIES!! I have read all of the main books so far, and I'm excited for the fourteeth book to come out in September, an activity book next month, and the graphic novel version of The Dark Secret in December!

Anyway, here are my favorite character quotes in the series (I know, there are a lot. I couldn't help it!)...

"Mwa ha! That's me! Intimidating! Roar!"-Clay

"EVEN Sunny? What's that supposed to mean? I'm brave! I'm brave all the time!"-Sunny

"We are NOT calling it magical death spit!"-Glory

"You'd better learn some respect, squid-brain. We're the dragonets of destiny."-Tsunami

"I am saying it to your face. Or was I saying it to your rear end? It's easy to get the two confused."-Starflight

"You have to take that gift and do something with it, not run away from it."-Moonwatcher 

"Because happiness isn't where I am, it's who I'm with."-Winter

"You can be the idea dragon and I can be the WHAM BAM SHOVE A PINEAPPLE UP HIS SNOUT dragon!"-Kinkajou 

"I wish I'd done it, everyone would take me seriously...but I wouldn't hide it, I'd roar it to the world..."-Flame

"Yes,[...] I'm Queen Scarlet's notorious death monster."-Peril

"Winter, you need to seriously cool down! Get it? Because he's an IceWing? I know, I'm hilarious."-Qibli 

"I am a scientist. Sometimes risks are nescessary."-Cricket

"Aha! Devastingly handsome."-Blue

"You seem surprised. I thought you were 'expecting us.' Didn't your precious book tell you I'd be a LeafWing?"-Sundew 





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Darn. I just read in the Wings Of Fire wiki that they're not releasing the activity book until next year (May 4, 2021)Cry Sorry about the misunderstanding.

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I love Wings Of Fire!!!!!

All of those quotes are amazing. I especially like Glory's and Starflight's and Peril's and Kinkajou's.

Peril and Kinkajou are some of my favorite characters. :) 

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*Grinning like a maniac*

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Sorry, but just can't help it:


"Squid-brain." -Tsunami, Wings of Fire #2 The Lost Heir by Tui. T Sutherland



You'll understand why I just couldn't help it if you know the Wings of Fire books.

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This is one of the best quotes from one of the best books in the whole history of the universe. 

“True love is the best thing in the world, except for cough drops.”

― William Goldman, The Princess Bride 

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I love the picture this quote evokes:

”At last they reached the crest of the gray hill, and a sudden breeze blew in their hair and stirred their cloaks: the chill wind of dawn.”  — from The Two Towers, The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R.Tolkien

This one is from a book in my favorite series:

”His elder brother John had said only that morning that steamships were just engines in tin boxes.” — Swallows and Amazons, The Swallows and Amazons Series, by Arthur Ransome

These quotes are from Our Castle by the Sea by Lucy Strange:

”I knew that the ancient magic of our cliffs was real and present and that I was destined— somehow—to become part of the legend too.” 

“Mags suddenly locked her eyes upon him, and I saw that they were as cold as pebbles.  'You threatened my sister?' she whispered.”

This last quote is from a sad but beautiful book:

””You don’t have to be brave”, he says, real quiet.  “Neither of us does.  A man’s life is not so much about courage.  You just have to keep going.  You have to do what you’ve promised, brave or not.””

What book is this last one from? 


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Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to include the title of the book the last quote was from.  It’s from Heart of a Shepherd by Rosanne Parry.

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I love Our Castle by the Sea!!! 
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