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AE Support Group


*Hello everyone, this is Quinn, Chai, Rogue, and--hey, where's Indy?*


/*laughs nervously*\


Chai lost her. 


*CHAI! You promised you'd take good care of her!*


/I know! But then she got all nervous again and apparently nervousness is contagious, so I turned around to get her the emergency hoodie and myself some emergency chocolate, and then she was gone!\

[Quinn and Rogue look at each other and sigh.]


This summer project was a stupid idea.


*Chai, go find Indy. Rogue, stay here and help me start up this project, or we'll be in big trouble with Periwinkle.*


Fine. Take Two. 


*Hello everyone, this is Quinn and Rogue. Periwinkle, our CBer, is making us do a summer project, so we created this... Support Group... To...*


... Share our feelings. 


*AEs are not required (or really expected) to join by choice. CBers, this is something you can force your AEs to do. I know because Peri is forcing us to do it.*


Fill out the form below. Sorry if there are any typos. Chai made it.


AE Name:





*Alrighty, AEs, confess and complain here, and we'll all take turns offering advice, or something.*


Worst. Summer. Ever. 





Because Quinn and Rogue spent most of the time complaining and very little of it explaining, I will do the explaining. This is a fun idea I thought could help develop our AEs and characters more, because from my experience my AEs grow the most in conversation with other AEs. This is not a place to ask for actual advice, more a place for AEs to complain about small problems such as annoying siblings, annoying CBers, too-small bedrooms, ect., ect. I'm excited to see where it goes!

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Oh, just to clarify, AEs can only complain about their annoying CBers, not other CBers, because that could hurt people's feelings. I'm pretty sure you got that but this is just to be cautious as I did not word that well in my post, sorry!

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This sounds cool! I'll be glad to join it once I make my AEs..........

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*throws AEs into thread and bOOKS IT OUT OF THERE*


Name: #*long sigh* Tempest*#

CBer: #Sadly, my CBer is Writing_in_the_Dark# 

Dilemma(s): #mY GIRLFRIEND LEFT THE CHATTERBOX AND NOW I'M SAD AND LONELY *sobs*#  [ t e c h n i c a l l y  that's about another CBer so he also has an alternetive problem--] #Also, I really don't want to be here, so that's something, I guess...#

Other: #*groans*#


Name: -Cassidy-

CBer: -My CBer would be Writing_in_the_Dark :D-

Dilemma(s): -I have no drawing ideas! My hand must draw, but my brain does not cooperate. The last thing I drew was a horrible portrait of Aria and then I swore I saw her eat it later. D:<-




Name: Oliver :DD

Cber: Mx. Writing_in_the_Dark!

Dilemma(s): The Owl House is on hiatus again D: and Amphiba endedd- Is this heartbreak? BuT ON THE PLUS SIDE IT ENDED WORDERFULLY, BOTH OF THEM *laughs through the pain*

Other: I'm technically not introduced yet, but Writing is writing my post right now!

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*Yanks Ellerie in*

:I'm back:

Continue. Now.

:And I'm really sorry for leaving so suddenly :( :

|She is. She feels really bad. She told me.|

:I should've said something but my CBer left and I guess with that I forgot I'd be leaving too.... Im sorry, Tempest. But I'm back and if you forgive me... I do still want to date you. I really still want to date you. But I get it if you're upset and don't want... j- just let me know:







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#OH MY GOSH ELLIE- I- I- I forgive you?? I was never mad at you or anything, sure, but I still want to date you- *hugs her really tight* I missed you so much, it's crazy...#


[Also, Starli, I hope how Tempest posted this didn't seem like I was mad at you or Ellerie for leaving, I know you need(ed?) it, and if you are back for good that's GREAT, but if you aren't and just visiting, I know that's fine too :) Oh, and I never got to tell you this, but after you left I may or may not have cried because of it-] 

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[OMG WRITINGGGGG- <3 I think I'm back for good, I thought I'd be gone but I couldn't leave it made me too sad and I missed the CB and all of the wonderful people on here. Also don't worry, you didn't make it seem like you were mad! Ellerie's an overthinker who won't admit she overthinks anything bc she's weird like that.]

:*hugs back just as tight* I missed you, too. So, so much.:

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Let's pretend that had bold and italics (it did but ig it didn't go through)

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Great! Would it be fun to do this like an actual rp? Sorta like the AE Party you did, Writing, a few months ago, except none of the AEs are having fun? That might be cool. In that case, we can start in a week. Okay here's my AEs' forms, I am now fleeing before Rogue can throw cupcakes at me--


AE Name: *Quinn*

CBer: *Peri*

Dilemma(s): *My life is actually pretty chill. I guess my main problem is that Chai painted my room pink while I was out with Wanderer.*




AE Name: /Chai\

CBer: /Peri\

Dilemma(s): /I'm running out of candy, and I can't afford to buy any more! What am I supposed to eat now?! I'm going to starve to death D:\



AE Name: Rogue

CBer: Peri

Dilemma(s): My siblings are SO annoying. What do I do?



AE Name: *~Indy~*

CBer: *~Peri~*

Dilemma(s): *~I'm shy and running low on art inspiration~*




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Oh yeah that's a good idea :0

Also I'm signing up my other AEs lol

Name: >Dawn<

CBer: >Writing_in_the_Dark<

Dilemma(s): >I... Ah... Don't have many friends... Writing says I should know at least three people outside of his other AEs... I only really know one...<


Name: Aliza

CBer: Writing_in_the_Dark

Dilemma(s): I can't do anything by myself >:[ Supposedly, I'm "To young". And now that Writing's school is out, xe aren't going to have any fancy math for me to work on, so I'll just be bored ALL DAY. Bored bored bored. AND THERES THIS NEW AE WHO IS ALWAYS BLASTING NO BIG DEAL FROM AMPHIBIA AND JUST MAKE IT STOPPPPP


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AE Name: |Sun|

CBer: |Red Starlight|

Dilemma(s): |Lots of stress and work, I guess.|

Other: |Not really|

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Can't write their parts now, but I'll add more AEs. And also Sun's pronouns are he/him

AE Name: :Ellerie:

CBer: :Red Starlight:

Dilemma(s): :Not much, really. Just the fact that Yang keeps asking me for "Exotic pasta recipes" and I don't even know what he's talking about but he won't stop... it's mildly scary but funny:

Other::My pronouns are she/her:


AE Name: -Yang-

CBer: -Oh ew her I don't like her... Starli-


Other: -Pronouns are he/him but I'm good with any as well-

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Oh my stars, iPad, we CANNOT keep doing this. I type up a WHOLE thing, and then you just get rid of it.

*realizes I am literally talking to an iPad*

...nevermind. Anyway, I'm starting early, sorry, because I forgot I'm going on vacation soon and won't have that much time to start and write my AEs' POVs as much. Anyone can join in late. I forgot to add this but can you guys please specify your AEs' pronouns? 





/I found Indy and calmed her down, which is actually really easy. All you have to do is give her the emergency hoodie, which is a soft, comfy hoodie that she loves, and a pretzel stick. Then you just ask her the meaning of life, and she's fine. Why does that strange question that throws many people into existencal crises calm her down? I do not know...


Anyway, I bring Indy back to the main room of the Center, where Rogue and Quinn sit in the circle of chairs surrounding a round table with a plate of stale cookies on it. Cookies! I run over and shove one in my mouth. As I'm doing so, a bunch of AEs appear. They don't walk in the door because there is no door because if there WAS a door, Quinn and Rogue would have broken it down and ran away. So the AEs fall out of the sky instead, or ceiling, or whatever. But I see Dawn! And Oliver! And Dawn and Oliver are my BEST FRIENDS! And so I go hug them and give them cookies. "/DAWN! OLIVER! BEST FRIENDS! HAVE A COOKIE!!!!\"


"*Chai, we talked about this, remember? Personal space. Some people don't always want to be hugged, remember? You have to show respect and consent.*" 


Respect and consent. I think back to when Quinn tried to explain those to me a few days ago. I remember tuning her out eventually and wondering if Respect and Consent would be a good name for a band. Hmmm...\




Also, I, um, drew Chai with Dawn and Oliver. I'm not really a great artist and it's not super good but I'll post it anyway I guess, I can't attach it here though because if I leave to take a photo my iPad will delete everything I just typed...

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Here's Chai, Oliver, and Dawn. Like I said, not amazing, but I had fun making it and I hope you like it :]


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>Ah! thank you! :)<

Now I'm going to draw them, lol- 

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