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Anime group!

Anime group!

Our thread for Make a Friend. You seem to be on a lot, can't wait to start talking to you!

I have some questions for you!

1) What characters have you cosplayed as?

2)Would you want to have some of our AEs meet? I think they would get along!


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:0 Hello there!

I have some answers for you!

1) I usually cosplay as my own OCs that I created! I'm most talented with working with the fur and foam used for animal characters, so it's usually those, although I've made some cloaks and a little armor in the past.

2) I would love to have our AEs meet! They would totally get along! Who are your AEs, by the way?

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top top top to the TOP

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WOw! That's really cool that you cosplay as your own characters! I only cosplay at FanEXPOs or other Comic-Cons. And on Halloween. So I try and go with a well known character. Last year I was Himiko Toga from MHA, but so many people called me Sailor moon on Halloween and I frogging hate Sailor moon.

i want to cosplay as my character Willow from my book, but I may not.Nobody will know who I am. And making a cosplay is expensive for me...


i have.....a  ...few AEs. I'm a complicated person...and each AE is supposed to represent a part of yourself..

I've got:

Strawberry, she/her (currently shipped with Five, red starlights AE)

Hour, she/her (Shipped with my AE Agua)

Agua, he/him (Shipped with Hour)

Lore, he/him (Shipped with Aster [formerly Carneilian] Sterlings AE)

Mhaya, she/her (to young to be shipped)

Kamryn, she/they (Shipped with Eryx, Echo Hollowswift 's AE )

Cori, They/them (Shipped with Oliver, Writings AE)

Fern,He/him (open, interested in guys)

Tigerlily, she/thay (Shipped with Lumani Jaybells AE)

Rin, she/her (to young to be shipped)

Clem,she/her (open to anyone)

Crawaline, xe, xer, xem (open to anyone) 



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Yeah, cosplaying is pretty expensive, especially with fake fur. But I've got a job, plus me and a friend are planning on opening up an etsy store where we can sell some stuff to make a little extra money to fund our CONSTANT REQUIREMENT OF COSPLAY! Plus, that way we get to make a lot of cool things, but since we sell them we don't wind up with piles of extra cosplay stuff that we won't use.

I love it when I meet other people with way too many AEs! Here are all mine, in order of creation:

- Jam, cis male he/him (shipped with Cheese, Chaser's AE)

- I Scream, Skree for short, cis male he/him (open to anyone with a preference for guys)*

- Friendo, cis male he/him (gay, shipped with Barnacle, pangolin's AE)*

Torch lily, female/nonbinary bigender (don't call her girlflux, she is
very firmly Not Girlflux and considers it another form of misgendering)
she/they (fine with either pronoun. Some days she prefers one or the
other but she generally doesn't care. She doesn't like it when people
switch back and forth  because it doesn't make sense to her and she says
when you're talking about her, to pick one and stick with it for the
whole time you're referring to her.), currently 'dormant,' as in fully
developed but in hibernation until I decide whether I'm just going to
start using her or if I'm going to retire some of my other AEs first so I
don't wind up with a whole lot (I'll probably just start using her and
end up with more AEs than I know what to do with) (when she's active,
she'll prolly be up for shipping with everyone but boys)*

Danteberntdaldorthorghans, Dante for short, boyflux he/they (he prefers
it if people switch every sentence), dormant & not fully developed
(they will probably be omni or aroace)*

- Rowan, nonbinary or agender they/them, dormant & not fully developed (might be aroace?)*

Cease, cis female she/her, dormant & not fully developed (lesbian,
shipped with Desist, who is another one of my underdeveloped AEs)*

- Desist, cis female she/her, dormant & not fully developed (bi, shipped with Cease)*

- Octothorpe, will probably be trans but I'm not sure yet, dormant & not fully developed. (might be aroace?)*


*Any AEs with an asterisk after their name means that those AEs were partially developed/are being partially developed by my friend who shall go by Interrobang, who (currently) is not on CB but takes great interestet in it's goings on. All of these AEs belong partially to them.

Oh wow that  was more AEs than I was aware I had, heh heh. And Torch took a whole paragraph to explain (she would say that is as it should be, she is worthy of a whole paragraph). If they were ever to all be active I would use no more than two, maaaaaybeee three on any given thread/activity/whatever. I am fully aware and I accept that I have Too Many AEs and I do my best not to have toooooooo many.

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Huh, the formatting in my last post came out really weird.

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Huh, for some reason the formatting came out really weird on Torch's entry. Whoops.

I feel like I already made a comment saying that but I can't remember if I did so I'm saying it again just to be sure.

I'm pretty sure I already did.

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I would love to sell stuff on etsy, but I barely have enough money to buy supplies to make sell. I was thinking of making prints and selling them at the FanEXPO. But a boot is like..700$. That's alot. And to sell enough to pay that back. That's a no right now. I want to..but not rn. Besides, I would want to walk around the FanEXPO and do stuff.


I really like your AEs. I think Skree would get along with Rin. Mainly because the word "SKREEE" is her favorite word and battle cry.

Anyway, what kind of music do you like? 

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Idk if you saw what I posted. Which AEs should meet?

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Skree would totally get along with Rin. They would cause so much cHaOs together.

aLsO, I do really want to go to fanEXPO, but I probably won't be able to, sadly :(. I think it would be fun to sell stuff at a con someday, but I agree with you that I would want to walk around and not be stuck in a booth. Also my parents would prefer for me to wait until I'm older to go to a con, which is one of the reasons I probably won't go. But there's a rennasaunce fair in a town not to far from me next year, so I might go to that. It's not quite the same but it's still got some cosplay opportunities.

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Ok, want me to start Rin's POV tomorow?

It's very likely I'm going to the FanEXPO this year, I went last year and it was...awsome. I met some of my favorite VA's. I had people ask me for pictures, every time I saw someone else cosplaying as the same character I was I would wave and ask for a picture! It was amazing!

I'm probally going to cosplay as a group with my friends this year!

I'll be going as Tsukasa from Tbh. Still not a defenite, but it's a pretty high chance I will. But cosplays are expensive, so I'll try and get my family to buy it for me. Because my b-day is right before it. OvO

And a renesance fair!!!! I want to look into this. I actully have a dress that I used for my Little Red Riding Hood that killed the Big Bad Wolf cosplay. I think it would look cool! That would be fun!


You know, ever scince you said you lived an hour away from boston I was like: "Omg....the chances that we could actully meet each other......are could happen."

But....prolly not. Knowing my 

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Kinda-close-to-Boston gang! Imagine if we lived in the same town or even went to the same school! That would be :0. The problem is even if we actually met we wouldn't recognize each other...

Yeah, you can start Rin's anytime. You want to do it on AE diaries?

Rennasaunce fairs are really fun! I went to one when I was five-ish, and I haven't been to one since, but I've got friends who go regularly.

Questions for you!

What kind of music do you listen to?

If you play video games, which ones?


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It would be really cool if we lived in the same town, but I'm homeschooled. But, yeah. We prolly wouldn't recognize each other...that's why I was like : "if we met up a con, we could describe our cosplay. But..that idea is out the window...

And I'll put up Rin's later today.

I was looking at the sight for it, the fair looks really cool. I've always wanted to go to one, but didn't think there were any close one!



I like to listen to KPOP, Lofi, anime ost's, rock music, video game souns and sometimes heavy metal.

I do really like videogames. I mainly play stuff on my WII U, I don't have a switch. Witch sucks. But I mainly play Zelda BOTW. Sometimes Pokemon games. and when I'm at my uncle's Hollow Knight and The Untitled Goose Game.

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Yeah, the nearest rennasaunce fair is a few towns away, but I'm planning on catching a ride with a friend.

I listen to a lot of random music, including AJR and a lot of other random things. i do listen to game OSTs sometimes. I've got a Switch, which is great. Switches are the best. I do a little Hollow Knight, some Minecraft, and some online computer games.

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