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Hey!! i'm so happy you wanted to do this. And no problem! I try to pay attention, and I've decided that I can most definetly reach out, so that even if the answer is no, then I'd know! 


You say you post a ton at once? Believe me, I've noticed lol, and I love it! It just means you have lots to say, and it makes it a lot of fun <3 I, for one, don't really do long posts like you, but yeah... Sometimes

What are some of your favorite authors or books? Share some (or all, and I'm assuming you;ll do the second) Some of mine are Wings of Fire, KotLC, anything by Rick Rioridan, anything by Brandon Mull, Story Theives, The lunar chronicals, Warriors, Morrigan crow, Land of Stories, Sisters Grimm and many, many more. I currently own over 270 chapter books, with tons on my wish list :D

Do you have any pets? My family has a dog, his name is Bailey, and he's a boxer/lab mix. He's gettin on in years; he's 12/13 in human years 

Any sibs? I have two younger brothers, and a 34 year old stepbrother- he's already got a son, so I'm an aunt- talk about strange! My nephew is like, 1 1/2, I think now. I haven't met him yet, my brother and fam live in a completly different state

Bye for now!! oh, and just a warning, I might not get back right away, since I have to use up most of my screen time for school nowadays. But I'll try and responed ASAP! 

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Whewf, that's a relief, thanks! I always feel bad about posting so much, but then when I think about deleting something I just. Can't. As in it feels like, uhh this sound weird, but I brought my thoughts into the world and showed them light and I just can't take that away from them after! It feels like a crime worthy of a thousand years in jail. Sometimes I feel like I sound really self-obssesed, who knows, maybe I am. Maybe we are all! I mean, self over others is how you survive! BUT ANYWAYS,

haha you got it, I'm going with... the latter choice! But not all right now as for some reason I have nocturnal hours and I can not think of everything I know I want to say currently. Anyways, SOME FAVORITE AUTHORS (for now)!!!! Rick Riordan, Tui T Sutherland, Kate DiCamillo, Katherine Applegate, Lindsay Stoddard, Sy Montgomery, C.S. Lewis, Shel Silverstein, Chris Harris, Terry Pratchett, L.M. Montgomery, all the CBers (I mean, is this technically published?), Allie Brosh, Grace Lin, Dusti Bowling, Kate Milford, Thanhaa Lai(?), Jason Shiga... ackk Ik there are more but they refuse to come out of the depths of my mind right now... shout out if you recognize any of these names! Or if any of them sound interesting and I will proceed to rant about how awesome they are (they're all pretty awesome) :)    And then... BOOKS!! If you aren't aware, I have my favorite books, and then my favorite favorite books, so... ONLY A FEW FAVORITE FAVORITE BOOKS NOT HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE AUTHORS ALREADY MENTIONED!! The Door of No Return, Orange for the Sunsets, The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy, The Girl Who Drank the Moon, The Midnight Children, Pity Party, The Phantom Tollbooth, A Little Princess, Ban This Book, The Line Tender, The Glass Sentence trilogy, Under the Broken Sky... just a few, again, pls tell if you recognize any of these names!

anyways, YESSSS WINGS OF FIRE LOVE IT!!! I was literally reading a book per day (courtesy of the awesome school library and the awesome librarian who let me borrow books even past the official end of borrowing books and hosted the awesomest (and my only) book battle ever thank you!!!), and started the series right as the 16th book came out so I think I was pretty lucky cause no waiting! The WoF coloring book was literally the only thing I got when we went to comiccon for the FIRST TIME!!! I've already mentioned somewhere, but I love love love Tui T Sutherland's blog, if you don't read it already, READ IT!!! She hasn't posted in, like, a few years, but I love her enthusiasm and she's funny and wings-of-firey and posts adorable pictures of her dog (and tons of her kids/toddlers but humans aren't cute according to me sorry) and recommends so many good books and her recommendations are always so fun to read and unique!!! Also, she's the reason I have adopted saying "ACKKKK"! :) Have you read The Menagerie? It's pretty good, also! Who's your favorite WoF character? I love Moon, Qibli, Blue, and Cricket, and Freedom's not as lovable but I still do (assuming you've read everything bc spoilers)! Oh, and can't forget Wren and Sky (did you think Dragonslayer (actually my first wof book ever) ended on a bit of a cliffhanger?) and Whiteout and Clearsight and was it Pearl(?)! Actually, I love everyone! HOW are her characters all so amazing and different and distinct?!? And the relationships are so well written too (Moon, Qibli, Winter and Glory and Deathbringer and Blue and Cricket and Wren and Sky and Willow and Sundew and Pineapple and Jambu and...)! I loved seeing/finding all the connections between all the books, if you've read everything (I haven't read winglets though) I'll go on (if you want)! AND ACKK IT'S ALREADY PAST MIDNIGHT HOW I'LL RESPOND THE OTHER BOOKS LATER!!!

awww, Bailey sounds adorable (yes, Ik you didn't really give much information besides he is a dog, but that is enough for him to be called "adorable" for me)! We had a dog, he was the cutest sweetest gentlest most loving thing ever, it was actually very recently the first anniversary since he passed! He was actually my parents' first child, a big brother to us all, lived till 14 years old! He was a rescue. He was a Great Pyrenees Mix, you can get a sense of how ginormous he is. Yet he's never bitten once, even when my brother used to perform "surgery" on him and I used to try to pony-ride him. And even so, he is a viligant watchdog, and has had one or two good coyote chases! He thinks he's small and tries to squeeze into the tiniest spaces ever, and LOVES to be petted! (Btw, I'm not that sad, he had a good life and we got to say goodbye and control when it happened and I got any closure I needed in a semi-lucid dream where we just curled up like we used to and it was happy so just saying, just so you know (ppl say I must be but I don't see a reason to be) (oops I realized I switched to present tense unconsciously but oh well)

and, yes, you heard that, I have a younger brother (and an older one counting the dog), who is wayyy more popular than me at school and thinks he's cool and hangs out with kids like 4 or 5 or 6 years older than him when not with his friends his age (meanwhile, I'm hanging out with kids 4 or 5 or 2 years younger than me when not with kids my age, but I love the really young ones' innocent honesty without menace, also they're just really fun to talk to, as friends, not as younger kids. Because they are friends (some are best friends!)! :) But my brother's pretty decent as far as brothers go (don't tell him I said that!), we are pretty much opposite in every way though (hot and cold, soccer and basketball, books and video games, love school and ugh school... I could go on)! Woah, that's pretty cool that you're an aunt! Sad you haven't met your nephew yet though, a whole different state, wow, hopefully you guys can plan a get-together or something sometime! I'm certain you'll be a great aunt to him!

And it's totally fine about your screentime! Speaking of school... ackk gtg bye! I shall return with questions later, thanks for making this thread! :D

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Ok, SOME MORE FAVORITE FAVORITES!!!: Lost in the Sun, All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook, The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine, Six of Crows, The Land of Roar (I've only ever really read the first one), The Golden Compass, Finding Junie Kim, Rainbow Magic holds a special place in my heart cause it was my favorite for a long time and how can you not like fairies?, Spilling Ink... oh and for more authors also Stuart Gibbs!

anyways, I LOVE RICK RIORDAN!!! I actually started with HoO, went to PJO, then TKC, MCGoA, ToA I think... but I've read all the HoO books so many thousands of times to the point where I can just flip to a random page, read one line, and know exactly what's happening and what's going to happen! But it's still so rewarding rereading because of all those little details and unique voices! Favorite characters/books/series (spinoff or other mythologies)? I've gotta say the all time favorite character for me has to be Leo because I love funny characters and The Lost Hero holds a special place in my heart also, seeing as it's the first book I've read and got me into this whole thing in the first place, and anyways I can understand how Leo feels left out in all those couples (or just left out in general)! Annabeth is a REALLY (really really really) close second though! I also like Piper, Frank, Zoe, Calypso (more so later on), Small Bob, Festus, Bianca, Buford (especially Coach Hedge Buford!), Selena, Phoebe, Athena, Hecate, Keto (her enthusiasm!), Reyna, Sally Jackson, Emmie and Jo and Georgie and the Waystation and the elephants, Sadie Kane, Sam Al Abbas, Stanley (the horse), Blitz and Hearth, chocolate (yes, I count chocolate as a character in Magnus Chase, it made me appreciate each and every bite so much more for which I am very very grateful (meanwhile, my parents as I'm savoring one of the many chocolate bars that we have from easter a few years ago that we never got around to eating until now: .... she suddenly loves chocolate just because she read a book?! What?! What kind of weird magic is this and how can we manipulate it for our own uses? I wonder if we can get her a book where the main character loves time management...)), Jack... I could go on. Daughter of the Deep was pretty good too! What did you think about the movie if you've watched it? And your thoughts on anything and everything Rick Riordan I haven't yet mentioned? Have you read the Sun and the Star yet? I've been meaning to but I'm not sure if I want to revisit Tartarus so soon... it seems a bit more dark... do you know?

Story Thieves was also awesome (so meta! And I also loved Half Upon A Time! The thing is that I started with the 2nd book and read a bit of the 5th book and didn't finish though bc sometimes my mom buys books for me and so that's what she got...), I love Land of Stories (been a while though... have to reread that one), and Morrigan Crow was amazing too (except I waited so long to borrow the second book that I lost interest which was sad... add to rereading list too!!), and I've been meaning to read some Lunar Chronicles and Brandon Mull (have to say that I'm not much of a Warriors fan though... I get why people like it, it just took me a while to get into the writing and.. well.. I'm trying again for the book club though! And lots of my friends are HUGEE fans!!)

I'll end here and continue later... some questions for now though! How did you discover the CB? Do you get Cricket (if so have you gotten the September issue yet?)? Favorite songs? What are you really proud of? Opinion(s) on bugs?

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Also, name ideas?

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I read how much you wrote... and I was like- BACK TO BED EVERYONE *hides under covers* XD *skims through authors and books*
I love The Girl Who Drank the Moon! It's such a sad and happy story~ I cried and smiled more than once- 

I have not read Tui's blog- though I actually haven't read ANY blogs of authors I know... I probably should. Favorite characters! Hmmm, that's hard, but I'm going to go with Glory, Moon, Kinkajou, Qibli, Wren, Sky, Cricket, Fathom, Turtle, Sundew, Indigo, Clearsight, Clay, and Thorn. But, I generally like all of them. And I think you mean Indigo, not Pearl? Pearl was Fathom's sister, and Indigo is his best friend, protecter and love

I haven't read Menagerie, I saw the third book at the library last time I went, so maybe they'll have the first when I go again..? I would be going tomorrow, but my friends are having a pool party, so I had to sacrifice one or the other.... I choose pool :\ I hate missing out on friend advents, so I'll just be rereading my book shelves for the next three weeks ANYWAY GOTTEN OFF CHOURSE

I haven't read the winglets books yet either, but they are waiting on my wish list. And yes, I've read all the WoF books besides those (many, many times over) and I own the entier series, including the Legends ones. and yes, Dragonslayer is such a cliffhanger- I hate those- KotLC has them EVERY BOOK

Bailey thinks he's a lap dog too! although, in his grumpy, old age, he growls whenever my younger bros go near him- even when they're just walking bay. I love our dog, but two things annoy me about him. 1- He will walk behind me, then he'll bump my leg with his nose, and then my leg is WET in that ONE SPOT and it's so annoying-! 2- he'll lay right in front of the fridge. 20. 4. 7. SO ANNOYING AND THEN HE WILL NOT MOVE FOR THE LIFE OF HIM

I kinda think that if I still went to school, I probably be the odd one out, which doesn't really bother me TOO much? We- my family and I- are NOT mainstream in the slightest. For example, we don't even have a TV hehehe
I started being homeschooled after first grade, because stuff was too easy for me. My parents didn't want to move me up a grade, so my mom just taught me at home. I mostly do my school by myself now, which is history, math, writing, science, and ASL (american sign language) What's your favorite subject? Mine's probably ASL or writing. Are you learning a language?

I love, love Rick Rioridan toooooo!!!!! I'm pretty sure I've read all of his stuff, and I'm finding Rick Rioridan presents stuff, so it's a bit like what he already writes anew-
My favorite series is probably HoO too, and I LOVEEEEE <333333 Leo so much <33333 a friend of mine loves him too. I also like Magnus, Alex, Annabeth, Nico, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Percy, Grover, Coach Hedge, Chiron, Apollo (y'know, when he stops being a jerk, although he can be so jerk-y it's hilarious) Rachel, Sadie, and lotsa more I'm sure, blanking on who... I haven't watched the daughter of the deep; didn't even know it was a movie! Is it acurate at all to the book? I actually just finished reading the sun and the star :D and it was really good! it's not super terrible, Will goes with Nico, and they _______________________________________! Arg spoilerssssss. Definetly a should read follow up with stuff that happened down there after HoO

I discovered the CB from Cricket mag, from the Letterbox area, and perswaded my mom to let me try- Now it's been a year yaaaaay!!! As you can see, yes, I get the Cricket, and my mag arrived just yesterday, it was really good. Do you get it? and have you entered any contests if you do? I have three times, and the second time I got third place- It was the poem prompt

Hard to say favorite song! Right now, (actually, ever since end of April of this year) I have been in love with BTS songs (and maybe a eensy weensy love with the memebers becuase ahhh they are so cute) (btw, this is like the ONLY time you'll see me acting like a normal, crush on every boy in the universe teen) They are a korean boy band with English/Korean songs- though they have three English songs- you might know them- Dynamite, Butter, and Permission to dance
I pretty much like any music, except for most country, most rock and roll, and heavy metal, and some rapping. Some songs I like are I'm Blue, Can't stop the feeling, Careless Whispers, Into the unknown, Speechless, Happy, That's what makes you Beautiful, and many, many more. ....YOU?

I'm really proud of the fact that I am nearly through with my first ever book, and I am proud of learning ASL, and I am proud of who I am. What about you? Bug oppion... Whelp, they can be helpful, pretty, destroyers, ugly, and, well, buggy. But, I respect that they all play their part in the world, even though I grumble about fire ants and other bitey bugs

Name ideas... hmmm. What veiw are you looking for? I am VERY GREAR at thinking up names, I just need some idea of what you're looking for. If I had to change my name, I'd do Crystal Snow or Lore.  

How many AEs do you have? I have 7- but have you SEEN how very crazy long this is (You are a BAD influence) I'll intrduce them in a different post, starting now-

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/Justin, he/him, hi./ (shipped)

*Hellloooo, I'm Daisy, she/her* (Open for shipping with boys only)

{greetings, dear, I am called Rose. She/her} (open to shipping with boys only)

[Alyssa, hiiiii she/her] (shipped)

^name's Victor, but I go by V. He/him^ (maybe shipped?)

~Ali. She/her. My real name's Nathali, but don't call me that.~ (never to be shipped)

>ONLY if you want to get on her bad side! heee heee, I'm Staaaacyyyy, she/herrrrr> (she's basically like a 10/11 year old, so never to be shipped) (but best friend spot is, like, forever open lol)

<Kwani. Tretz?> (that's my CAPTCHA)

Some more books, sorry if I repeat- Charlie Bone series, W.I.T.C.H., Explorer Academy, How to Train your Dragon, Emily Windsnap, The School for good and evil, Caddie woodlawn, Little house on the praire series, Nancy Drew, The Mysterious Benedict Society, InkHeart trilogy, Dragon Rider trilogy, Castle Glower...

IF you had the choice between (and you haddddd to pick one) would you eat chocolate covered ants or live grubs? 

Bye for now! I love talkin with you already :) 

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Haha... is it bad to say I love being a bad influence? Should probably try (key word: try) to keep this short because ACKK I have homework then tennis then soccer then more homework to get ready for so...

YESS I LOVE TALKING WITH YOU ALREADY TOO!! And, oops, sorry, I didn't mean Daughter of the Deep movie (though it'd be cool if they did have one and it was good!)! I meant PJO (my tangents... even I can't follow myself sometimes!) Ooh, I'll have to read Sun and the Star then! Let's see if the local library has it... they probably do I'll post a rant about how awesome my local library is later because yes it is just that. Awesome.

Anyways, yes, XD, you just described every single one of my friends, family, and teachers!!! ABORT MISSION OVERLOAD OF INFORMATION!!! b r a i n  s h u t t i n g  d o w n . . .  sorry, captain, we were stopped by the unnecessarily large brick wall of words and had to take a break for a minute! And yess, The Girl Who Drank the Moon is soooo awesome and poignant and sad and perfectttt!!! I recommended it to the family a few years ago after reading it first so we all read it they loved it too!!!

Tui's blog is the only blog I read actually... OH WAIT THAT IS NOT TRUE! I also read Allie Brosh's blog Hyperbole and a Half (I loved her books Solutions and Other Problems and Hyperbole and a Half, so how could I not??), but she tends to get a bit inappropriate and says bad words at times (though I suppose they're not really bad words... just really strong)... she's so ridiculously funny though!!! And her drawings are awesome! And expressions! And animals! And ahhh! But, anyways, Tui's blog is so awesome I could not recommend it more she's very kid-friendly and genuine and positive!!! And, yess, I meant Indigo thank you!!!

and, whewf, you've read the Legends yay (impressive you have the whole collection)!!! Some of my observations cause I love looking for easter eggs...

Dragonslayer has a "Murderbasket" NightWing and Wren knows she's interpreting the dragon's name wrong and WoF has a "Deathbringer" NightWing ... hmmm.....

You probably already know that Oasis is the dragon on the cover of Dragonslayer and that her death by Heath(?), Stone(?), and Rose started the whole SandWing Succession War, and that Sunny was the dragon in the cage and the dragon flying through the window and the dragon taking the treasure, right? And that Clay was the dragon who picked up was it Wren climbing that cliff and that the encounter was also in both books too right?

And Sky and Peril... plus the coloring book basically confirms it... I didn't find this one though, stumbled upon it while looking if there were any new WoF books on the Internet (speaking of the Internet, also found PerCY JackSON! Do you see it? Say the two out loud as two separate words)!

And have you noticed any other easter eggs? I can't remember them all right now... 

Getting off course... yeahh that's me too! And, yes, I definitely recommend the Menagerie but also yeah I don't really like missing out on friend events either, especially when new to the group like I am currently... hope the first book is there the next time you go to the library (soon) and hope you like it and HAVE FUN AT THE POOL PARTY!!! :D 

awww.. and, yes, my dog used to weigh like 90 pounds and when he refused to get up, well.. not much you can do! Once he ran out the door just to go across the street and lay/lie on the neighbor's lawn, and we couldn't get him to budge and had to run to get someone to help us!

ooh, that's awesome you guys aren't mainstream! However, as from a family who LOVES our TV (and our other TV. And our other TV. And our other- DON'T YOU THINK THAT'S OVERKILL MOM AND DAD?!? Apparently not.), I can't help saying... sorry if you don't like it and awesome for you if you do because our brains are probably already mush (and if not mine, DEFINITELY my brother's!). 

It's cool that you're homeschooled! That same situation happened to one of my friends but two years ago she came back! And that's awesome you're learning ASL!! I want to learn braille so I can read at night w/o my parents/brother coming to investigate why the lights are on and so I can read in the car (I get carsick, do you?), but so far it's not going so well.. it's also so cool you're doing your own school! Sometimes in summer I beg my mom to do history lessons/other school related stuff and we'd spend the first few days reading articles on Cleopatra, but then eventually forget to do it and give up... and remember when there was covid and no school? I gave myself a bunch of random points to plot and then drew myself a graph then graphed everything and connected it to form a picture and used my imagination to make it a wolf howling and write a story... just goes to show you how much better and not-lazyer I was when I was younger! Can you believe I didn't procrastinate at all before?!? I would right after school do homework, then spend the rest of the day reading!!! Now, I do the opposite...

I actually am learning a language! Mandarin for the past... well, my whole life. It was my first language but then school started and I started using more and more English and I became less and less fluent so then I went to Chinese school in Kinder with a bunch of my friends... let me just tell you that like 8 (aka all) of my friends dropped out early (except for 2 siblings who are awesome at Chinese and went way above my grade and they're not close friends really), and me and my brother have still been going this whole time... I remember my parents saying we'd thank them one day though (when we were in like 1st) and now, I am indeed grateful for this chance to embrace my culture and try to save my ability to speak and write and read mandarin (I fear it is beyond saving though). And I'm not fluent.. at ALL now by the way.

I love ALL THE SUBJECTS!!! Before this school year, I had math, science, history, english, PE, and Orchestra, occasionally art, and loved them all! This year I transferred and now have math, history, science, english, art (rotating between drama, visual art (painting and drawing), photography, and dance), PE, creative writing, probably others I'm forgetting, and indeed still love them all too! I just really love to learn! Anything interesting you're learning?

I got my magazine yesterday too! And, it's awesome you won a contest! I would ask which issue but then there'd by your name and location and stuff, right? I wanted to enter the bug poetry contest but then forgot... so nope I've never entered any Cricket contests! And, ackk, my dad is calling gtg answer the rest later bye nice talking to you!!!

(also AE introductions later because I have... a LOT also. Despite only being here a few months.) 

*reading through and seeing how many ellipses I use* do you use anything way too much? Do you have any quirks? Are you writing any books right now? And actually do have to go now bye!!

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wow, that's a lot really fast! Thank you admins!

ANYWAYS, turns out I just have soccer and cello, not tennis so I can still talk! Do you play/want to play any sports/instruments? I discovered the CB though Kyngdom through Cricket because I read about how sometimes clues from Kyngdom were hidden in Cricket and have I mentioned how much I love easter eggs (yes, I have, but I'm doing it again!)? Little did I know they stopped doing the hidden clues a while back. And at the time I also didn't know it took a while for admins to post something and, after multiple tries, thought that it didn't work, chalked it all up to technical difficulties, and moved on! And yes, I did forget about this whole place for a few years! Fast forward to this summer, I really want to do some D&D, not because of the movie that came out, but because the characters in my books were playing it (I read Posted!) and I really really wanted to reconnect with my imagination again (I think I mentioned The Land of Roar is one of my favorite books... I tried to create a land with my mom (bc she had the most time and, as I've said, my brother was totally "cool" at the time (yes, he is younger than me btw), and the only times he would play make-believe with me was when I did something for him and.. that quickly went downhill fast cause he was commanding me to do all these things and I couldn't say no cause I wanted to play so badly... ANYWAYS!) but so basically my mom has literally no imagination (she says it herself) (and anyways I gave her some really easy prompts like "The pig wants to escape his pen. Why?" and the best she could come up with was "because he wanted to see the world around him," which admittedly isn't bad until you ask "why" again and she just keeps on saying variations of the same thing (my whole family's awesome though btw) AND BASICALLY WHAT I MEAN IS THAT IT DIDN'T WORK) so I decided to search out D&D/rpgs! Hence, I suddenly remembered Kyngdom! From Kyngdom I found the links to first Inkwell, then PP, then DTE, and... the rest is history (actually, all of it was history, but you know what I mean)! And ACKK ACTUALLY DO HAVE TO DO GO NOW I'LL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS LATER THANK YOU BYE!!!

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All right, here I am... AGAIN with ANOTHER super long post without even giving you a chance to reply to the other two! Hide under the covers if you need to (which you almost certainly will need to) because this is the fate you have subjected yourself too (but tell me if you want me to summarize all these posts into sections so they're (hopefully) easier to read, I'd be happy too!)!

Favorite songs... I love all songs! Truly, everything, with only three exceptions, the three being: Bedwars is so fun (trust me, after you hear that song being played in that monotone voice over and over again without cease by your brother so that even when it's not playing it's stuck in your head and especially if you don't think Bedwars is "so fun" because you're against video games and it feels like your brain's betraying you by singing that it is again and again... you quickly learn to hate it), Old Town Road (many years ago, my BFF and I developed a hatred of that song after hearing it... EVERYWHERE WE WENT ALWAYS AND AFTER SCHOOL ENDED THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE SUMMER!!! So.. yeah), and U.F.O. (by Coldplay. I just heard it one day a few months ago and decided I didn't like it). So yeah. I guess some songs that have been very much on my mind right now though are:

Sofia by Clairo (thx Peri! And really cool music video!)

i guess that was goodbye by Lyn Lapid (thx again Peri! And awesome music video!!)

Mozart's Sonata no16 in C Major K545 1st mvmt (thx Sine! I am probably way too proud that I memorized this... anyways, my favorite sonata! You? )

Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody Friska (thx Sine again! And I like everything but Friska's my favorite! )

Apple Jack (I think it was called?? Dolly Parton or something?? It's been on my mind bc I feel like it was really good but I can't remember how it goes )! Anyways, thx Poinsettia(I think?)!) 

Wild Angels (cause it's really good and really cool lyrics and fun to sing, thx Poinsettia and other Martina McBride fans here!)

Speechless (Natalie Lloyd, it's just really good and I love the lyrics and I love singing it)

You Can't Stop the Beat (also good and one of my favorite songs to sing since forever (I replace the "bad word" part with, "cuz that's just, the way I ammm") even though I've never watched Hairspray,)

I Just Can't Wait to be King (also really fun to sing, I love the powerful parts but especially love the "kings don't take advice from little hornbills for a start!" part cause I get to throw a little sass(?) into it (same with You Can't Stop the Beat) and sass is fun to sing)

Don't Rain on my Parade (also fun to sing, I don't like the story as much but the lyrics are also cool and also good song)

Doo Wop (That Thing) (because Ms. Lauryn Hill is awesome and that's an awesome song also)  

I COULD MOST DEFINETELY GO ON BUT I'LL JUST SAY- I love classical and EDM and rap and ballet music and show tunes/musical theater and pop and hip hop and rock and traditional/not Chinese songs (especially Teresa Teng!! In English: Sweet on You, The Moon Represents My Heart...) and BASICALLY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF I CAN JAM TO!!! :D I like music. I have a book called Music Is My Life, it's really good. You know Kesha, I think she wrote that song Tik Tok? And I think she also has Timber? (Both are so catchy and GOOD!!) She also has this really good, way more serious song called... Praying? Or something? Anyways, despite all this, I don't really listen to music in a casual way, like daily life. I just listen to it as it comes, maybe do it intentionally when reading my book and the characters listen to a song/a song is mentioned (e.g. Genesis Begins Again, From the Desk of Zoe Washington, Music is my Life), or when for a project/playing some good songs for other people so they can also appreciate them. But yeah!

I love Explorer Academy (I think we talked about it on Random Thoughts about Books), Emily Windsnap (though haven't read it in a while), Karen Cush (Ik you didn't mention her but I think she's a bit like Caddie Woodlawn, Caddie's still on my list though), The Mysterious Benedict Society (have you read Perplexing Puzzles, Elusive Enigmas, and Curious Conundrums yet? If not, I highly recommend!), and I've been meaning to read/now want to read all those other books you mentioned thank you!!

Hmm.. I think I'd actually struggle between which one to pick cuz I'd want to eat both! I guess I'd say the chocolate covered ants though bc since the grubs are live I don't want them to get eaten alive! I've been wanting to eat bugs ever since I read Chirp! which reminds me...

Another favorite author: Kate Messner!!! Some more favorite favorites... later! 

I respect your opinion on bugs! Very reasonable. However, I, personally, LOVE THEM!! Sure, sometimes I also fear them, but it's called healthy respect, for both us and them, and I still love them while slowly backing away (usually from a hornet, the other ones like snails and slugs I love to let crawl on my hands (the only kind of slime I like!), and I literally can't kill mosquitoes... but I basically don't fear them anymore bc I just spit on myself and it works very efficiently and quickly and consistently and awesome and scientifically and I could tell you everything about this method if you don't already know how it works and stuff but then more rants...)

I shall try BTS. You know how I said how I thought you being not mainstream was cool? That's cause I don't want to be (sry if I repeat), and so I have automatically been biased against BTS (which always makes me think of bacon turkey sandwich though I know that's not what it stands for) like my whole life. It helps that my family genuinely doesn't like them. Yeah... But I have to admit Butter is catchy and lots of ppl are recommending Permission to Dance on here and they have lots of Korean songs too (so sad they had to switch to English!)... so I will open my mind and try them!

AEs... so I'll assume you've read my earlier comment and get on to it! The majority of them have actually been at a weeks-long AE dance party but I'll see if I can get them to say hi!

***HELLOOO!!!! :DDD I'M CELINE (not the CBer), OR CECE/CE AND I'M A CHINESE WATER DRAGON SO I CAN SHAPESHIFT LIKE WATER YAYYYYY!!!! (Ce's also really high on sugar from being at the party and gulping down all the almond tofu right now so... yeah. She's super way-more-than-usual-if-that's-even-possible hyper. Hence all the all-caps. Sorry bout that.) HEY! (It's true!) FINE. OH, AND ALSO MY PRONOUNS ARE SHE/THEY AND I'M OPEN FOR SHIPPING AND HAVE A VERY COMPLICATED HISTORY FROM KYNGDOMM!!! I'M CELI'S (to distinguish) MORE ENTHUSIASTIC INNOCENT PASSIONATE IMPATIENT MAYBE A BIT ANNOYING SIDE!!! :DDDDD*** 

<Hi, I'm Tumblebug, Celi's down-to-earth, sensible, grounded, defensive, grouchy side, pronouns she/her, open for shipping. And yes, I am a dung beetle/Madagascar hissing cockroach mix. Deal with it. Like I have to deal with CeCe shouting into my ear every day since we both live in Kyngdom and she's just discovered how to reach the outside world from their isolated island. *death glares at Ce* *Ce doesn't notice* I CAN'T EVEN PROPERLY DEATH GLARE HER!!!>

::/This is Sapphire, she/her, and CeCe's older, more-of-a-parent-than-a-sister. I can go by Saffy, and am open for shipping. I am Celi's more responsible, straightforward, get-things-done, tired, will-this-ever-end, reclusive side, and you probably won't see much of me around.\::

§«I'm Myriad, though I prefer to be called Myri, and I'm ALWAYS angry. I'm Celi's criticize-everything, untamable, unafraid, make-a-splash, question-and-argue-with-all-and-always-have-the-last-word side. She/her and open for shipping, not that anyone would ever want to be shipped with me!»§

&Hi. I'm Paradox, and Celi's quiet, soulful, polite, softspoken, hate-to-make-conflict, loves-to-learn, sometimes burning and passionate side. My pronouns are she/her, and I'm not open for shipping. Thank you.&

¥+Howdy all! Ember here, though you can call me Em, and I'm Celi's nature-loving, hiker, resourceful, unapologetic, spunky, take-a-risk, always-happy-to-help-and-super-friendly side! I go by they/them and I am open for shipping!! (Ember, if you can't tell, is also my more approachable side... by a lot)+¥

learn more about them all here (as if that wasn't enough):

And now for the captchas!!

But later bc I have to go to sleep. Ttyl! :)

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Alright, captchas!

NCIBD... North Carolina I Best Describe?? You'd best describe North Carolina or you're the best at describing North Carolina?? Feiya, could you just say hi please?

IFEXF... if ex: f?? No, Feiya, could you just say hi please? 

ECONC... eco North Carolina? Electric con, see? Economic Sea?? Nvm, I give up! At any rate, this is Feiya! They said it once and I thought it was so pretty, I was like, alright, now your name is Feiya! :) sometimes she's a salamander, sometimes she's a cat (like pussywillow!), and her pronouns are she/they (kinda randomly, idk). Has your captcha ever said a real word? Once Feiya said "woven ". WOVEN!! Yay Feiya!! :D and once while I was topping something she said "uppzy"!! Anyways, she talks in either all caps or all caps and bold.

I have another captcha who's a Siberian flying squirrel (thx Moon Wolf!), who doesn't really speak that much, but.. well.. I explained her best when she first came into being:

"I was actual going to introduce another captcha bc of some difficulties so in doing so Feiya will still be able to talk in their natural state like THIS and sometimes like THIS, and so my new captcha's name is Mishap, though she also goes by Misha and occasionally Mishka or Meesh or Meeshk or Meeshks if she's feeling particularly cute (NEVER Mimi though!), pronouns she/her or they/them depending (like Feiya, mostly she/her though), and she talks like <this>! She's a Siberian Flying squirrel, so thank you so much for that!! :)

Meeshk says <hyecy> for her first words ever! Hye=hi, cy=see ya! It's nice to meet you too Mishap, and read you later! We're excited to have you! (And wow thank you for giving me something that I can actually understand for your very first time unlike SOME PEOPLE I KNOW...)"

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Uhh, Ik I said last post.. but forgot to say.. when I said names I meant names for the group chat, just to clarify. We don't need a name, oc, but I might have a bit (alright, maybe more than a bit) of an obsession with naming ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!, so if you want, do you want a name? 

Some things in common... *reads through form* yay you like going around barefoot too!! I love walking on concrete/pavement, especially hot concrete/pavement, barefoot (my brother is DISGUSTED), which I don't think is that odd but oh well! Actually, we went to an air show at this military base and I was walking around everywhere without my shoes... which Ig is kinda bad bc I'm just la-di-da-ing in public and stuff, but.. there's a kind of freedom I think to being barefoot (considering you don't step on anything sharp)! Why do you like it?
Also, NO. WAY. You dislike soda too?!? How did I not notice this before?! Y'know how parents are always trying to get their kids to drink less soda (coughcoughmybrothercoughcough)? Well, mine are the opposite! They're always like, drink more soda!! Try this 7Up cake!! You NEED to have some root beer RIGHT NOW (prob not soda but that's what they said 2 days ago)!! (btw, they LOVE root beer. With ice cream. Do you? Also, I did not drink it, thanks very much) :)
what do you like to daydream about (if you want to say)? And do you like chocolate partly cuz of MCGoA (that made me savor and appreciate each bite of chocolate SO MUCH, did I already say that? At any rate, it did and I'm grateful). Do you have any favorite words? I love your "music that, makes my heart soar" btw!! Mythical animals? Favorite words?
Do you have any ideas/questions for names?

And, I totally forgot sorry!! HAPPY BELATED HALF-BIRTHDAY!!! :DDD  *blows confetti*
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