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Hunger Games RP!

Hunger Games RP!

All right, I'm sorry, I know the Inkwell is rather overcrowded. But none of those RPs are really to my taste, and this has been nagging at me for days.

May I introduce.... the 35th Hunger Games!

So, yes, nothing really special about this. Just a normal Hunger Games, with normal tributes, and a normal arena. If we want to do a rebellion, we can, but please be willing to sacrifice your characters.

Quick few rules:

-OPS ARE A NO. Seriously, it's no fun when one of the tributes is an eighteen-year-old person from District 7 who can kill you with one throw of an axe or just with brute strength. Realistic. Please.

-Don't say you killed someone unless the character is not controlled by someone. Maybe the creators of the charrie had a special death all planned out, and we don't want to ruin it. This is a form of god-modding, which I would prefer to be kept to a minimum. A bit of it is okay, just to keep your RPs from becoming one-liners, but those big descisions, wounds, killings? Leave that to the creator, please.

-Make sure you can see all posts before posting. Just to make sure we don't have two female tributes from District 1 or something.

-Two charries max. Considering, one might be better, but if you have a special pairing planned (like me) that's okay. And I would prefer that they were both from the same district...

A bit of other stuff:

THE ARENA: The Cornucopia is at the tip of a small but very steep mountain. The tributes are place farther down around it. On the left is a deep woodland, on the right a field with a creek running through the middle-- the woods has creeks, too, though.

I was thinking we would start the RP the day of the reaping.

Okay! The boring stuff is over! Charrie sheet:





District: If it isn't well-known or defined well, such as District 6 or 5, mention it here.

Weapon of Choice:

Skill: Just briefly describe your charrie's fighting abilities.




My charries:

Name: Lucelle Marvinforth

Age: 13

Appearance: She has red hair down to her waist and a few freckles on her nose. Her hair is up in a ponytail when doing work, but down the rest of the time. She's about average size with green eyes.

Personality: Sweet, she gets distracted a lot. A very determined and hardworking person.

District: 6, transportation

Weapon of Choice: She'll find she's all right with a sword, but heavy stuff like hammers and wrenches are better.

Skill: Not very good. She has okay upper body strength from a lot of working and (willing) labor, and good with heavy things that could be weapons, but not much else.

Gender: Female

Backround: Her mother (dead) was an Avox, and she inherited the muteness, although she does have a tongue. She grew up in a one-story house with her father, where she developed a love for trains, which was what he did for a living. When she turned ten, she started to help out in the factory where he worked, and was soon welcomed as a full-fledged member. She was homeschooled, because one who couldn't speak wouldn't do so well in a public school. That, and the fact she had been determined "mentally unstable," although she only retreated into her own dim wispy world when she was alone.

Other: One of her only friends is Rick, featured below...


Name: Richard (Rick) Thompson

Age: 15

Appearance: Short black hair and olive black eyes. His eyebrows are unusally thin, with a rather soft face. He's stocky but not very tall.

Personality: As kind as he looks, and quite patient, but with a nasty streak for revenge. It's hard for him to get over a grudge...

District: 6

Weapon of Choice: Something heafty, like a club or axe.

Skill: Moderate. His natural build gives him the upper hand, but he doesn't have experience like Lucelle.

Gender: Male

Backround: His parents were on the poorer side but old friends of Lucelle's father, and he pretty much watched her grow up from birth. While he didn't have the natural talent of engineering like she did, he tried to help out at the factory with her when he could. 

Other: N/A

Okay! If I missed anything, let me know!
Let the 35th Hunger Games begin!


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Hi I just read The Hunger Games ( book 1) so don't telll me what happens in the second book or the third. I will join.

Name: Lark Anders


Apperance: Long brown hair in a pony-tail, Green eyes, tall and graceful, kind of beautlful.

Personality: Thoughtful, kind, fast, tough, smart, brave, she is scared about whats is ahead for her because she is sure she will die....

District: 11

Weapon of choice: Daggers or a spear. OK with a bow. Doesn't do well with hand -to-hand combat. 

Skill: throwing stuff, speed,  how to heal minor wounds with plants and find edable plants. Sorry if that is to much  I can take some stuff of.

Gender: Female

Background: Ummmmm she is an orphen. Is that enough?

I can't wait to start.  

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please top now. 

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I mean please top NOW!!!!!!

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I'll join!


Name: Caitlyn Owens


Age: 14


Appearance: medium-length carmel hair, gray eyes, tall


Personality: lots of energy, friendly, talks without thinking


District: 9, grain


Weapon of Choice:  lighter weapons that are easier to swing; shes not very strong.


Skill: Experience grinding grain and cutting it, probably not very good skill.


Gender: Female


Background: Grew up the youngest child in a family with four kids. She watched her oldest brother go to the Hunger Games and die, so shes very determined to win. Always being looked after when she doesn't need to be, just bevcause shes the youngest.


Other: Her district token is a glove that belonged to her brother before he was in The Hunger Games and died. (dont know if that's allowed) 

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That's allowed.

Elvina: Would you mind mellowing your charrie down a bit? I think her preferred weapons and skills are a bit too high on the spectrum... in all honesty, I don't see how someone from the harvest district would be able to use daggers, spears, and bows and arrows. The skills are okay, but I'd suggest each one was minor-- for example, she knows about plants in her district but no other, or something.

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Sorry I haven't posted here, St. Owl... 


I can't believe I've been chosen... I wonder if that's really a good thing. I think, then try to brush that thought off. But it stays. I'm starting to get a bit annoyed now. I need to suceed where Weyne failed. My family's counting on me. My district's counting on me. I'm counting on me. I need to win these so- called 'games'. I need t- I'm startled out of my thoughts by Lucinda, my stylist. "Darling, we need to find your outfit for the parade," She says in a overly- cheery voice. "Here's the choises." Inwardly I groan. I've been through this before, when we were 'finding the perfect dress' for me to wear to the party. But I say, without much real inthusiasm, "Oh, yay. That's just perfect, honestly." Lucinda beams. "I knew that you'd be excited! You can be a horse," She points a long, dull brown dress. I immediately think No way. "A firefly," The firefly dress is a shimmery, sparkly deep green. Sparkly isn't my style, but I could wear it if there isn't any other good choices. "A flower," The flower dress is dazzling. It's a buttercup yellow dress that flows into a beautiful jade green. There are small shining glass butterflies to acompany it in my hair, and jade green twining high- heeled sandle shoes, but before I can say, 'I want to go as the flower' Lucinda presents me with a horrid sparkly hot pink dress. "Or you can go wearing the traditional Distict Seven dress." Uhg. NO WAY. Lucinda beams at me expectantly. "I'll be a flower." I say inthusiastically. "Okay! A flower it is!" Lucinda practically shouts, infinity times infinity more inthusiastically than me. Somehow I'm almost exited about the games. Almost.

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I probably shouldn't do this, but I have an old Hunger Games OC simply demanding to be fully characterized!

Name: Gena Silver

Age: 17

Appearance: Very dark brown hair, kept in a neat bun with a narrow braid on either side of her face. Pale skin, slate gray eyes. Slight build- on the short side, and thin as a rail.

Personality: Severe, cunning, uptight, logical, primarily self-interested. Does things by the book if at all possible, but isn't afraid to improvise or take risks (only after she calculates the odds, of course). Has conflicting passions in her choice of attire: she prefers elaborate, sumptuous, and perfectly poised ensembles, or else ruthless simplicity. Is a closet online gamer, first-person shooters mostly.

District: 5 (power)

Weapon of choice: Whips, electrical equipment of all sorts, and trickery.

Skill: Moderate to high, in a few very specialized areas; otherwise low. Good with anything resembling a power cable, can climb and swing on things like nobody's business (but not jump from tree to tree like Rue unless there are hanging vines or something), but doesn't have much brute strength or experience with nature. If she's caught by surprise, she's basically dead.

Gender: Female

Background: Firmly in the middle class, an only child, she's worked with power lines all her life. This past year was the first time she took tesserae; her middle-aged parents got into a huge fight over it.

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Elvina: Thanks. :)

Curio: I've used Lucelle and Rick for years! I just edited Lucelle this time, as an experiment (she used to talk).

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Sorry I wasn't thinking. SO she can't fight at all. She is good at running and finding food and healing plants. 

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NO. No. Don't die. Don't you dare die. TOPTOPTOP. TOPTOP. I mean it. TTTOOOOPPP.

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Yes to pand when do we start?


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Can I join? I have not read any of the books, or seen any of the movies, but this looks like fun! If I can join, can someone explain the districts to me?

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